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Dive headfirst into New York’s fetish scene with Annie, a recently divorced 20-something unicorn (a person who has sex with couples while not developing an emotional attachment), the star of Unicornland. Creator Lucy Gillespie derived inspiration from her own sexual journey after divorcing at a young age and realizing her passive ways in life: both personally and professionally.

In this tight eight-episode dramedy, we follow Annie as she entwines herself in a new couple’s life (only for a moment) and their sexual preferences. By jumping in head first, Annie is exposed not only to the good times of sexual exploration but to the burdens of sexual orientation and being seen as different or fetishized by her peers. (more…)

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John Early and Kate Berlant went from Brooklyn comedy shows to Vimeo's new 555. Via Vimeo.

John Early and Kate Berlant went from Brooklyn comedy shows to Vimeo’s new 555. Via Vimeo.

John Early and Kate Berlant are a comedy duo of odd and odd that add up to a perfectly symmetrical monolith of millennial anxiety. Often, two high-energy performers will compete with each other while sharing stage or screen, but not these two. One’s flamboyance complements the other.

For years, John Early has been honing his sharp comedic wit that often takes aim at the self-aggrandizing antics of the social media obsessed generation. He’s perhaps best known lately for his character Elliott in Search Party on TBS, a particularly manipulative and narcissistic Brooklyn hipster who joins a band of friends in their search for a missing person.

Kate Berlant likewise has been channeling her sensitivity to the human desire to be something, to be taken seriously into her stage persona, notably her monthly UCB (the one in LA, sorry New York) show Communikate and her memorable performances on the Netflix series The Characters, also featuring John Early.

Together they form a sort of Voltron of Gen Y frustration, finding themselves powerless against the current of time and the facts of life despite being incredibly smart and informed, perhaps too smart and informed for their own good, and making it funny. Really damn funny. I had the pleasure of seeing both of them individually back when they were lighting up the Brooklyn comedy scene. They’ve since relocated to Los Angeles but continue to convert 20/30-something angst into complex characters with equal parts ridiculousness and pathos. If you’ve been enjoying the Brooklynite-skewering shenanigans of Search Party, check out the duo’s new Vimeo series 555. (more…)

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Carly Hanson can't really keep her clothes clean in 'Single Blonde Failure.'

Carly Hanson can’t really keep her clothes clean in ‘Single Blonde Failure.’

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman in possession of a Twitter account, must be in want of a following. Such is the comedic premise for Single Blonde Failure, a web series released last week on Youtube that hyperbolizes the problem of social media influencing and how an online persona can eclipse IRL personage.

Co-created by Brooklyn comedians Carly Ann Filbin and Bobby Hankinson, Single Blonde Failure follows protagonist Carly Hanson (played by Filbin) through a series of misadventures in the borough as she becomes increasingly pledged to her personal “brand,” facing off against cranky clerks, topknot-sporting PR queens, and white men who aren’t her boyfriend along the way.

Brokelyn chatted with Hankinson — who, in addition to co-writing this series, has also written for us and currently works on the biz side of Brokelyn — about the journey to realizing SBF‘s unique take on social media addiction. Because despite the exaggerated humor, the series lands on a pretty real message about what it means to be less than the person you claim to be online.

“It’s about forgiving yourself for not being so interesting,” Hankinson, 31, told us. “For not being so put together, for not being this aspirational caricature that’s made in a boardroom.” (more…)

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If you live in New York, chances are you’re enjoying a comfortably blue news feed from your fellow voters this election day. Which is no surprise, since NY has long been about 99 percent for #Her in Five Thirty Eight‘s polls. If you do come across someone today who happened to vote for Trump or a third-party candidate, you should be kind; hard as it may be to “understand,” we’re all human, and we’re all trying. Besides, people already booed Trump at the polls today.

What’s more, we all have something fundamental in common: a love of New York City. And as the new election video above reminds us, a shared love of New York City comes with a shared hatred too, for the real Public Enemy No. 1. It’s not Trump supporters; it’s tourists. (more…)

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Our common experience of furniture as New Yorkers usually comes in two forms: 1) the kind you find on the street and hope beyond hope that it isn’t a Trojan Horse of bed bugs lying in wait to seize your apartment; or 2) the kind you get from Ikea, because it’s cheap and easy and they have those meatballs at the store and maybe if your relationship can’t survive a trip through the store it wasn’t destined to last anyway. The second one can either lead to a fun challenge if you like snapping together the adult LEGO set that is Ikea furniture, or can cause lose your mind and start stabbing things with an allen wrench while cursing in Swedish about all the goddamn pieces not fitting together.

Now imagine the fun/horror of trying to assemble that furniture while tripping your face off. That’s the premise of the new web series Hikea created by two Brooklyn-based filmmakers. The show gives willing participants hallucinogens, hands them a box of Ikea furniture to assemble and let’s them have at it. As you can imagine, it takes a lot longer than usual.

“It’s a struggle we all know,” co-creator Alex Taylor told Bushwick Daily. “And many people have probably attempted it under some mild influences like beer or weed. So it seemed naturally relatable to amplify the degree of difficulty with something a little stronger.”


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WATCH: New web series, 'Affordable NYC' uses actual humor to tackle the expense of living in NYC

The ‘precocious tyke’ had his own name changed.

Whenever we hear about a new web series these days, especially another one set in New York City, land of dreams crushed beneath the weight of a wayward condo crane, the first reaction we have is an exasperated one. It’s not that the subject of “Woe is me NYC” is ever closed, so much as that it’s been done poorly too many times to stomach another crack at it. Like if I have to hear one more joke about organic baby food I might just start eating it exclusively to spite everyone.

But Affordable NYC, a new web series about a queer couple of color trying to find suburban creature comforts in the big city, is actually pretty great. In just three sweet episodes, the series tackles the relatable challenges of finding a wedding venue, a suitable apartment and a good preschool for their kid, Daenaerys Stormborn. (more…)

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Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 7.45.20 AM

Every date is a third wheel when there’s only one bed on Full Disclosure, starring Katie Baker (left) and Corrie Nance.

All New Yorkers are familiar with small spaces. It’s a way of life; it’s a point of pride; it’s the most aspirational sections of Ikea stores. Plenty of us have experienced teensy, tiny Williamsburg studio apartments. But what if you shared that studio space with your best friend? Like, what if you shared everything, including a full-sized bed?

Writing and acting duo Katie Baker and Corrie Nance lived the above scenario for two months — sleeping in the same bed, accommodating each each other’s dating lives and taking on the challenge of trying to sleep through the impossible cacophony of sounds that are a woman getting ready to leave the house in the morning. They made it out alive, and they’ve turned the experience into Full Disclosure, a hilarious new web series out now that’s part Broad City and part Three’s Company.

“Every episode touches on something that really happened,” Katie told us. “There was one particular weekend when the stories were just too good, and we were like — this has to be written.” (more…)

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triplets of kings county

Setting up a scene on the set of The Triplets of Kings County. Looks pretty professional, huh?

If, like me, you graduated with a degree in the arts, you probably know at least one person who’s made a web series. Maybe they shot it, or they acted in it, or maybe they just made tiny quiches for it and got to add “craft services” to their resume. You probably also at some point wanted to dip your own hands into a web series. You thought “Why not?” or “Maybe this will help me get laid,” or “I made all these tiny quiches and no one is here to eat them.”

So, with the surge of made-for-internet TV and online content coming out of Brooklyn and New York City that actually looks and sounds praiseworthy (not to mention Broad City getting picked up on Comedy Central), we got ourselves to thinking that someone should find out exactly how it’s done. After all, Brokelyn is nothing if not a highly curated panel of experts posing as your local news source. Just kidding, we talked to real experts who made acclaimed web series, from The Better Half, The Outs, Drunk Girls in Heels, Roomsies and The Triplets of Kings County. (more…)

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Would you trust this man with your life? Your hair?

You could get on TV by selling your teen-mom, fake-tanning soul for a gig feeding MTV’s ever-hungry maw of reality shows. Or you could do something that might actually make you a better person. Let’s say you’re a mother who always wanted to start a restaurant, or maybe a restaurant owner who moonlights as a banker but secretly wants to be a mother. Ex-fast food junkie Morgan Spurlock wants to make your dreams come tr… well, at least make less afraid to fail at those dreams. Spurlock and his team over at Warrior Poets (the ones behind Super Size Me and Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold) are looking for New York City-based dreamers for their newest web series, The Failure Club, set to begin production this fall for the Yahoo! Network. The deadline to apply is saturday. (more…)