01/01/16 8:40am


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For years we’ve resolved to save more money, eat healthier and hit the gym more and each year come April, you’ll find us skipping our spin class to grab Brooklyn’s most expensive burger and fries with the rest of our resolution-breaking friends.

But not this year! This year we resolve to make resolutions that we’ll actually keep. Below are a few outdoor goals that will hopefully inspire you to give yourself a break from the old standbys. Just don’t go too crazy with the credit cards and maybe eat some more kale. (more…)

06/30/14 10:15am
bicycle roots

Learn to be safe while you ride at Bicycle Roots, (for free!) this month

If you hadn’t noticed, riding a bike is no longer just a cheap exercise option. What started out as a recreational trend has become the preferred method of transportation for thousands of Brooklynites due to its convenience and ease. The fact remains, however, that cycling in a city can be kind of terrifying, particularly if you are new to the streets. Luckily, Brooklyn has plenty of free bike safety classes, so take a look at a few of the best options for the month of July that will make you feel safe and secure in your (albeit hard, uncomfortable, and butt-numbing) bicycle seat. (more…)

04/18/14 3:36pm
broken bike

This might be beyond the help of the clinic though. via Flickr user Janne Moren

Has your bike barely survived this winter without falling apart, the same that the rest of us have? No shame in that, it’s been a tough winter for things being sentient and non-sentient. But if you want to give it some love, and you’re a lady or identify as one, WE Bike NYC invites you to Crown Heights’ Bicycle Roots at 6pm on Saturday evening to get a rundown on how to get your bike ready for spring and summer. Sorry, no boys allowed though. (more…)

04/11/13 1:46pm
Before you hop on, you might want to study up

Before you hop on, you might want to study up

More and more, people are reporting seeing bike share stations on the street. Great, awesome, we are fans of this news. Of course, just because one has the ability to ride a bike doesn’t mean they have the skill to navigate New York’s roads. It’s a jungle out there, in the sense that cars move as if someone gave a giraffe the keys to an Escalade after it’s had a few dozen beers. If you want to avoid resorting to an angry, desperate plea with New York’s drivers, Brooklyn Skillshare will teach you how to deal with the madness out there for free, this weekend. (more…)

10/09/12 5:08pm

They bike. Do you? Via Facebook.

Riding a bike in the city can be a dangerous and frustrating proposition, so it’s good when you have a support system. If that support system can also throw great bike-themed parties and give away kick-ass prizes, then all the better. To that end, WE Bike NYC, a riding group looking to get more women on bikes (and as far away from this dude as possible), is throwing a fundraiser party tomorrow (October 10) with the aforementioned kick-ass prizes, at the Grand Victory in Williamsburg. (more…)