01/12/17 3:12pm
DC for days: The Brokelyn guide to your Women's March weekend in Washington

You should protest, but you can go get a coffee, too. via Flickr user Paul Sableman

Even if you’re going to DC to protest the terrible, terrible thing that’s about to happen (and by a number of measures, has already happened) to America, it’s fine to enjoy the city while you do it.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re big believers in using your own two feet to send a message (and we’ll see you at the march!), but a city can also be enjoyed outside of its political mire, especially when the city is running so many deals to benefit charities during Inauguration Weekend. Yep, that’s happening.

We’ve put together a quickie city guide for three days in Washington DC, Jan 20-22. Like most of our guides, it’s full of cheap and free stuff, and includes a few worthwhile splurges. Whether you’re stuck there on 💀Inauguration Day💀  or the day after the Women’s March or all of the above, this guide offers food, drink and culture recommendations from a whole bunch of DC creative types as well as info about discounts, deals and other special happenings during the March. Go enjoy DC before Trump suffocates it in a coat of tacky gold paint. (more…)

07/09/14 1:00pm
injured cyclists

Nothing bad happens when you run someone over. Nope. Photo by Derrick Sanskrit

Here in New York City, we of course have our disagreements about the use of bikes and how they fit into the grand scheme of transportation. Whatever issues drivers and cyclists have with each other here though must pale in comparison to what’s going on in Washington, DC though, where the Washington Post‘s Courtland Milloy is pitching The Purge: Cyclist Edition to his readers:

It’s a $500 fine for a motorist to hit a bicyclist in the District, but some behaviors are so egregious that some drivers might think it’s worth paying the fine.

Your move, Steve Cuozzo.

05/16/14 2:15pm
district flea

Apparently their good taste wasn’t unimpeachable. ::rim shot:: via Facebook

Despite the fact that the Brooklyn Flea couldn’t work their curated magic in Philadelphia, things seemed to be going a little bit better in the outpost in the nation’s capital. Or so we though, since we don’t bother paying attention to DC except for the imaginary DC of Veep. As it turns out, things weren’t so hot at the District Flea though, because it just abruptly pulled up stakes this week. And in a familiar refrain, a resident claimed carpetbagging did the Flea in. (more…)

11/01/13 4:00pm
dc cool

DC is a very cool town. Cool. via Flickr user Ali Gold

We’ve just been over how Philadelphia found some local pride and rejected the Brooklyn Flea, but we can always count on other cities’ boosters to try to make their city Brooklyn’s little brother, probably to the annoyance of the rest of the population. Now, in a move that will allow Philadelphia and New York City residents to make fun of Washington, DC, together, Andrew Sullivan said this while announcing his return to the district:

I miss the increasing vibrancy of the city – which somehow doesn’t make it harder to live in. I miss the oases of quiet and the energy of a new emerging city that is both a second Brooklyn and a global hub of media and politics.


07/26/13 11:50am
You'll be able to find Mitch McConnell there, shopping for sad turtle figurines. via Salon

You’ll be able to find Mitch McConnell there, shopping for sad turtle figurines. via Salon

Washington, DC isn’t really thought of as a hipness capital, despite being the capital of God’s hippest country (America). But change is in the air: fresh off teaching the residents of Brooklyn’s little brother city how to be cool, the founders of the Brooklyn Flea are heading further down the I-95 corridor to start a spinoff version of their outdoor market in Washington, DC. Those clowns in Congress have done it again! (more…)

01/17/13 10:30am
This Metro experience could be yours! Photo via WTOP.

This Metro experience could be yours! Photo via WTOP.

President Obama is being inaugurated on Monday, and now that you know how to make the trip, it’s also important to consider what to do once you’re down there. Or rather, in a small city whose population is about to temporarily skyrocket, it’s more important to consider what not to do so as not to get lumped in with the huddled masses donning American flag t-shirts and cowboy hats (really). Here are three crucial things to avoid in our nation’s capital, brought to you by a former DC resident who was present at the last Inauguration.  (more…)