06/12/14 2:58pm

Hint: It has something to do with these houses. via the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership

Brooklyn! It existed long before you were born, it will keep existing long after you’re dead. That being said, as long as you’re here, you may as well learn some cool and interesting stuff about its history, especially when that learning involves walking around on nice summer days. The Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership will help you do just that with four free weekend walking tours around Wallabout this summer. Learning guaranteed (provided you pay attention)! (more…)

05/03/13 9:10am
How DID Brooklyn Bridge Park survive Sandy?

How DID Brooklyn Bridge Park survive Sandy? via Facebook

As Brooklynites (and brokelynites) we’re all used to walking, because aside from living somewhere it makes sense to walk it’s also free. Until the last minute Bloomberg walking tax that is. But this weekend, instead of walking to get somewhere, the Municipal Art Society of New York wants to take you on some walks so you can learn something, or many things. (more…)

You should be so lucky to end up buried here. via Wikipedia

Murderers, Murder, Inc. mobsters, assassins and the Wizard of Oz (or at least the actor who played him):  these are just a few of the grave sites you’ll visit on the annual late-October walking tour of Brooklyn’s famous Green-Wood Cemetery this weekend. Dead men may tell no tales, but fortunately Jeff Richman, the cemetery’s full-time historian, does. Unlike other tours, this one “concentrates on murderers, mysteries, spirits and quirky stories for this season,” Mr. Richman, who has been leading these tours since 1990, said in an e-mail. (more…)

Flea, via Brownstoner

Hear the flea calling. Photo via Brownstoner

You all know the Brooklyn Flea pretty well by now, we’re sure: the lick-smacking tastes of Asia Dog, the free samples of McClure’s Pickles, the guy with the REAL zebra-skin covered trunk and so forth (and if you don’t, Martha Stewart is way cooler than you). But how much do you know about the beautiful neighborhood that surrounds the flea? And even if you do think you know it, do you really pay attention to all its sights and sounds? Elastic City, a new walking-tour company, is kicking off this Saturday, May 1, with the first in a series of Flea Walks, and it’s free this weekend only. (more…)