03/24/14 11:20am
Help these adorable baby turtles and you can travel cheap. via Facebook

Help these adorable baby turtles and you can travel cheap. via Facebook

Sometimes, like days when it’s late March and there’s a snowstorm on the horizon, you really feel like you’ve gotta get away. The problem with your line of reasoning there is that travel is expensive. Who knew? But, if you’re pure of heart, or at least you can fake being a good person, Matador Network has some cheap room and board options for you, like helping to protect adorable baby turtles in Mexico, conserve the Australian environment or building the Appalachian Trail. (more…)

03/11/14 1:19pm

You’ve already got way too many tote bags, so why not get involved on a deeper level? via Facebook

There are jobs out there to be had, but maybe you’re one of those lucky people who’ve found professional fulfillment. In that case, you might be looking to branch out for other forms of feeling fulfilled. Here’s one way: Help low-income New Yorkers and Americans get access to abortion by applying to be a board member on the New York Abortion Access Fund. (more…)

brooklyn bridge park

Gotta make it nice for summer. Photo by Sandy Soohoo via Facebook

We’re struggling through (what we hope is) the last dregs of winter. It is, after all, March. Still, once warmer temperatures arrive and we want to sit topless in the park, men and women alike, wouldn’t it be nice to have a cleaned up, spruced up park to hang out in? Yes, yes it would. So let’s do our part and sign up to give Brooklyn Bridge Park the spring cleaning it needs after this long, hard winter. (more…)

12/09/13 7:00am
big brooklyn toy drive

The Big Brooklyn Toy Drive is just one way you can make a kid as happy as this one this Christmas season. Photo by Kathryn Suellentrop, via Facebook

It’s easy to get sucked into a holiday spending bubble, especially when bombarded with shiny knick-knacks and long gift lists. But before we drink gallons of spiked seasonal beverages, make questionable decisions at the company holiday party and buy expensive electronics delivered to us via drones, let’s reflect on our blessings and do some unselfish things this season.

You can commit small acts of kindness to help the New Yorkers who are living on less than what you have. From donating coats, toys and food, to spending time with animals and humans who can really use the attention, here are a few ways you can give back. (more…)

10/29/13 8:37am
Sandy Red hook

Sandy came to Red Hook and made a hell of a mess. Photo by Craig Warga, via New York Daily News

A year after Superstorm Sandy struck the East Coast, many areas of New York and New Jersey are still struggling to rebuild. Many homeowners have been left to stop mid-renovation or to put off any efforts to rebuild due to insurance checks that have yet to arrive and FEMA assistance that was promised but never granted. Because of this, there are still plenty of programs in the New York area assisting families and neighborhoods affected by Hurricane Sandy, all of which are seeking volunteers. Here are some programs nearby that will help you rake in some good karma and bring New York back to its feet. (more…)

10/22/13 1:08pm
Fun fact: these folks are all interpretive dancers. via Facebook

Fun fact: these folks are all interpretive dancers. via Facebook

Despite the fact that life in the city has gone back to normal for most of us after Sandy, there’s still work to be done not only with cleaning up from the hurricane, but also in plenty of other aspects of civil life. Getting people excited about volunteering can be hard, which is why the Brooklyn Arts Council is set to launch an ambitious volunteering campaign asking artists to give 100 hours in six months. As a reward, you get access to opportunities that will make you a more famous artist. And all without having to through the Abramovic Method. (more…)

Can you handle the pressure of telling this crowd where to go? via Facebook

Can you handle the pressure of telling this crowd where to go? via Facebook

So well love beer. That’s just a given, especially if you’re reading this post. The only thing better than one beer is many, many beers in some kind of festival setting. Is there anything better than that? Well, we’re going to be a little blasphemous here and suggest there might be: tons of free food. And if you can stand volunteering at this year’s Brooklyn Pour, while people are drinking beer all around you, that’s exactly what you’ll get. (more…)

08/14/13 9:57am
Big K.R.I.T. surrounded by a posse of CMJ volunteers. That could be you! via Facebook

Big K.R.I.T. surrounded by a posse of CMJ volunteers. That could be you! Photo by Saidy Lopez, via Facebook

If this week’s rain has had you thinking about the swift approach of fall, you’re not a moment too soon: CMJ has announced that they’re looking for volunteers for the 2013 festival, to the delight of discriminating but broke as hell music fans throughout the city. And while there’s no lineup yet for the 5-day festival that takes over almost every venue in town, last year’s  highlights included Sky Ferriera, Ratking, Skaters, LE1F, Angel Haze, Metz, Icona Pop, Savages, Foxygen, Kilo Kish and Delicate Steve, to name a few.

If all that sounds appealing but the nearly $500 price tag on a no-holds-barred full badge isn’t within your budget, then volunteering might be right up your alley: according to the site, every volunteer who completes all of their shifts gets a full CMJ registration badge. (more…)

07/23/13 3:22pm
They could probably use a couple grand

They could probably use a couple grand

So, despite kinda lame videos declaring that everyone’s over Sandy hooray! we all know that places are still suffering and could use some help. Do you have an awesome idea to help that could just use a little cash to implement? Are you Occupy Sandy? The Citizens Committee for New York City wants to give you a $2000 grant to get your idea off the ground. (more…)

07/08/13 12:30pm
Yeah, you wanna keep this open

Yeah, you wanna keep this open

Like green space in Brooklyn but don’t quite have it in you to create your own community garden? Makes sense, that’s really hard work. However, now there’s a chance to get involved in one that someone else put together, and all you need to do is point out a sign. The Narrows Botanical Garden (Shore Road between Bay Ridge Avenue and 72nd Street, Bay Ridge) needs greeters on weekends to welcome people and make sure they know not to step on plants. (more…)