07/18/16 11:30am
A crowd in eager anticipation at a recent Rooftop Films screening. Photo via @Rooftopfilms on Facebook.

A crowd in eager anticipation of that night’s film at a recent Rooftop Films screening. Photo via @Rooftopfilms on Facebook.

If you’re an independent film buff who’s curious about the ins and outs of running a film festival, and you don’t mind a bit of manual labor, here’s an opportunity for you: Rooftop Films is seeking volunteers for the rest of its summer season, which goes until Aug. 20. You’d be working during the screenings, which are held Friday and Saturday nights with occasional midweek dates, which means you’d get to see the films for free!  (more…)

03/11/16 1:33pm
Help kids produce important work like "What Would Pizza Do?" by volunteering for 826NYC. Photo via Facebook.

Help kids produce important work like “What Pizza Would Do” by volunteering for 826NYC. Photo via Facebook.

We like to keep you posted on volunteer opportunities that are worthwhile, and one of our favorites is coming up tomorrow. If you’re a writer type looking to put some good into the world (besides your “Themes of intersectionality as seen in Fuller House” thinkpieceor just someone sitting on an English degree looking for some experience with real live humans, this may be for you. 826NYC — the nonprofit behind the Superhero Supply Company in Park Slope — is looking for new tutors for its after-school writing program in South Williamsburg.

You’ll help kids ages 7-12 with their homework in addition to daily writing and reading exercises. These might be the future St. Mark’s Poetry Project members and New Yorker short story writers of America too: The kids put out a quarterly chapbook with their favorite pieces, so they’ll be published before they hit middle school. There’s a training session at the library tomorrow you should check out if you’re interested.  (more…)

09/23/15 4:12pm
fort tilden

Help out, so that every picture of Fort Tilden is free of trash. via Flickr user Todd Shirley

Summer is only right around corner (provided of course you’re on a very long curve), and one thing that means is that we’re going to want clean beaches where we can drink non-alcoholic beverages out of plastic cups. The city does their best, but it’s also nice sometimes to give back to the beaches which do so much for you, and you can do just that this Sunday by joining up with other volunteers from the International Coastal Cleanup who are cleaning up Fort Tilden. (more…)

09/09/15 9:14am
Make it look nice. Photo by Katie Capri

Make it look nice. Photo by Katie Capri

How do you know it’s still summer, even as your Twitter feed is full of people pushing “adorable kids going back to school” propaganda? Simple: People are still willing to go outside and clean their neighborhoods. Once fall and winter hits, that trash can wait until spring. You can be one of those people, and get yourself a free lunch from some of Greenpoint’s best eateries, if you volunteer to pick up some litter with Curb Your Litter: Greenpoint this weekend. (more…)

06/26/15 11:45am
You want some falafel from Cachaco? Get to pickin. via Facebook

You want some falafel from Cachaco? Get to pickin. via Facebook

[UPDATE: The organizers have emailed us to let us know that bad weather has pushed back the clean up to a later date]

We don’t think it’s impolitic to point out that there’s a lot of garbage in New York City. You got a lot of people, you’re gonna have a lot of garbage. However, you can do something about some of that garbage this weekend, by joining up with the Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce for their Curb Your Litter: Greenpoint cleanup effort on Saturday. Is doing it for the sake of being a mensch not enough? That’s fair. Just know that you’ll also get free lunch if you help them out. Oh sure, NOW you’re interested. (more…)

06/24/15 9:10am
nyc street trees

First test: How many trees are in this picture. via Flickr user David Thompson

You might recall a couple weeks ago when we alerted you to the city’s need for volunteers to count garbage floating in the ocean off our beaches. Maybe it appealed to your love of counting, but you’d like to count something a little more vibrant. You’ve got that shot now, because the Parks Department is looking for volunteers to count all of the city’s street trees. (more…)

06/04/15 9:50am
nyc beach

Quick: count all the bottles. via Flickr user megananne

We love our beaches here in the city, but let’s be honest, they don’t always have a reputation as being the cleanest places to romp in the sun. You can help do something about the occassional mess though, and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty: per the Brooklyn Daily, the city is looking for volunteers to record beach garbage every week. We’ll start! This past weekend, we saw an abandoned baby diaper at Jacob Riis. (more…)

04/16/15 3:08pm
You could be a part of this. Via Facebook

Doesn’t this look like a good way to spend your summer? Via Facebook

Summer means sun, which also means boats. If you’re looking for a way to get out on the water when the temperatures reach sweat-stain level, look no further than the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, a volunteer-run organization that provides free 20-minute kayak rides around the harbor off Pier 2 during the summer months. This year, the BBPB wants to add a whole new fleet of kayaks and they need volunteers who can help run the program. No experience required, and the perks are well worth the labor. (more…)

03/18/15 9:22am
brooklyn bridge park

Get it looking more like this. Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

That sure was a rough winter we just went through, huh? We guess with the threat of snow hanging over us, we shouldn’t be acting like we’ve turned a corner just yet, but screw it, let’s say we have and that spring is on its way. After so much snow and ice and cold, you might be looking a little worse for wear, but at least you spent most of your time inside. Brooklyn Bridge Park didn’t have the option, so after being ravaged by winter, it needs a little spring cleaning, which you can help with this weekend and next week. (more…)

Volunteer and get rewarded in discounted books from an iconic Brooklyn staple. Win-win. (via Flickr user dwwebber)

Volunteer and get rewarded in discounted books from an iconic Brooklyn staple. Win-win. (via Flickr user dwwebber)

We love Greenlight Bookstore (686 Fulton Street) for their great selection and community involvement, so it comes as little surprise they are offering an awesome volunteer opportunity that will get  you a discount on holiday book shopping when you help out with gift wrapping — for a good cause.  (more…)