02/14/17 11:35am

Perhaps you’re finding it hard to feel much in the mood for lurve today, seeing as the state of national politics presently falls somewhere between wilted three-week-old-bodega-flowers and a heart-shaped box full of carob-covered bed bugs and chlamydia. So if you’re not in the mood to make DIY chocolate treats, no one would blame you. Instead you might just want to consider the activity that truly matches what’s in our hearts right now: drinking heavily in a dimly lit dive bar.

Last year, Bushwick’s Bootleg Bar celebrated its second anniversary by releasing a truly amazing and outrageously bonkers retro-style commercial mashing up 80s-style car dealership spots and local TV ads. This year it’s back to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the above video, which it describes as “Eraserhead meets a 1-900 commercial.” It’s disturbing and dark and a little unnerving, making it the perfect video to watch on Valentine’s Day 2017. Damnit, I need a drink already. (more…)

01/25/17 9:01am

I haven’t seen La La Land yet but from what I understand it’s a movie about how great Hollywood and L.A. are targeted to people who want to be like “wow look how great Hollywood and L.A. are.” This seems to be a good way to get nominated for awards, the equivalent if you wrote a book being like “ah the life of a writer in Brooklyn” that was then lauded by the entire Brooklyn literati class (wait, this is definitely most books already). But hey, L.A. ain’t so bad, and we can argue for days if the trade off of beaches, burritos and idyllic weather is worth sitting in endless traffic every moment of your life.

Comedian Tyler Fischer, whom we dubbed the Nathan for You of Brooklyn last year, today released a parody video the critical-darling movie, transplanting it from sunny L.A. to grimy Williamsburg. It’s a spoof of the first meeting of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, except interrupted by the daily noise and realities of New York City life. (more…)

01/11/17 2:06pm

We are coping with the upcoming Trump administration by using an alternating mix of activist rage and absurdist comedy, because if we can’t spend an entire news cycle making pee-pee jokes about the president-elect on Twitter, are we even really Americans any more?

Comedian Scott Rogowsky today brought back his hilarious Taking Fake Book Covers on the Subway series (which we last wrote about in April) for a special Trump-shaming edition. This version features book titles like Wet Dreams From My Father by Ivanka Trump and Horton Smears a Jew by Steve Bannon. And it takes place on the L train too. Give it a watch and feel good having a laugh instead of being full of rage for a few minutes: All proceeds from the video will go to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. (more…)

01/03/17 2:41pm

We have all at one point or another attended a performance or a friend’s play in New York City only to leave scratching our heads in a collective “well huh that was surely …. something” sort of attitude. Abstract art is weird, on purpose, and you’re forgiven if you never quite get it or if it doesn’t quite tickle your artistic pickle all the time.

Our own Sam Corbin may have been behind a few of those abstract performances herself, but she gets that the scene isn’t for everyone. So she wrote and filmed this rap video, parodying the absurdity of abstract, post-modernist art, where none of the references make any sense and the actors don’t explain shit but tickets still cost $35. If you’ve ever been to a performance that’s so weird it feels like the actors are trying to make you walk out, you will definitely appreciate this.  (more…)

09/07/16 12:01pm

Oh New Yorker, we love you, we truly do, but maybe you should leave Brooklyn parody jokes to the professionals. The esteemed Manhattan magazine has many bouts of greatness to fall back on — including finally featuring Brooklyn hero Jo Firestone this week — but falls on its monocled face with a video posted yesterday mocking a “Brooklyn breakup.”

The New Yorker trips on the obvious and falls into the same trap many before it — including SNL, Jimmy Kimmel and countless web series filling our tips inbox every week — have fallen into: Instead of crafting a clever dig at the precious trends and idiosyncrasies of Brooklynites, they instead just find a way to list a bunch of sartorial and mason-jar related stereotypes about Brooklynites (and of course by Brooklynites, they mean that certain subsection of  young creative types, not the diverse borough overall). Typewriters! Butterfly curtain! Rushmore VHS tapes! Don DeLillo AND Elena Ferrante books! Fancy coffees! The New Yorker, which always stays fresh with its relentless weekly assault of new issues in your mailbox, comes off real stale with this video. (more…)

07/06/16 11:48am

It is a matter of fact that the only decent non-Onion parody websites are Reductress, The Hard Times and Breitbart.com. While Reductress spoofs women’s magazines and Breitbart publishes bonkers fake headlines no one would actually believe like “Big Bang Actress Takes Heat for July 4th Photo of Dogs Sitting on American Flag,” the Hard Times is all about fake news that slam dances into the punk, hardcore, headbanging side of our heart. Headline highlights of late include: “Neftock, Master of Darkness, Agrees to Cover Shift at 7-11” and “Local Punk Would Like to Direct Your Attention to Even Bigger Tragedy.”

The site, which was founded by two West Coast writers and comedians, yesterday released one of its first videos and it’s a funny look at punk speed dating (and basically, dating in New York overall). It was filmed right here in Brooklyn at heavy metal dive Saint Vitus in Greenpoint, with external shots at Angry Wade’s in Carroll Gardens. You may want to make sure you’re vaccinated before watching.   (more…)

06/08/16 3:41pm

On this, the day of the complete and total Bernie Bro meltdown, when we realized the true limitations of meme-based politics, let us bring awareness to a very important topic: Awareness. Awareness has had a lot of champions lately, from ice buckets full of awareness to Macklemores who sing anthems of awareness while donning aware-hair. Remember when the Black Eyed Peas brought awareness to chemical gasses? Our lack of awareness on that issue luckily stopped right there. We have keep raising awareness with our tweets because awareness is always too low.

Today, Bedford + Bowery brings us the latest awareness hero in today’s society, Brooklyn-based comedian Catherine Cohen, who made this video “Be Aware (Millennial Anthem)” under the so-apt-it-hurts name Imogen Dragons. It pokes fun at low-investment awareness campaigns plaguing our generation. She’s parodying the point that the most important thing to be aware of is, of course, her. (more…)

05/12/16 3:00pm

The G train is the skinny jeans of the subway system, the artisanal mayonnaise store of public transit, in that it’s the butt of easy Brooklyn jokes, all the good ones of which have been made about eight years ago. Two videos about the G appeared in our inboxes today: The above is a faux-History Channel documentary take on the mysterious G train. “In the history of railroad travel, there is no train more elusive than the G,” the video goes before cutting to person-on-the-street interviews with people making the sort of comments about the G train that they make about a sasquatch. The video is cute and funny enough, as is this other one featuring Brokelyn faves Jo Firestone and Tyler Fischer on a date, which ends abruptly when Tyler realizes Jo lives off the G.

But the time of making fun of the G train needs to come to an end. It’s never been as bad as you thought, it’s not leaving you like the L train is and, unlike your job, it doesn’t force you to go into Manhattan, ever. Let’s celebrate the G train, the tortoise of the subway system: She’s the Gowanus Canal of trains, the pre-2015 Mets of the underground. She might not look like much, but there’s a lot of sturdy potential there to appreciate. (more…)

03/15/16 11:30am

Remember when Banksy was nightcreepin’ around New York City and everyone was like “oooh anything can be art after all?” That was a special time in our lives and let’s never forget it. So everyone in the art world is constantly coming up with something new and fresh that will capture our attention as much as Banksy-style guerrilla art — or at least a Snapchat story about a high schooler wearing white vans. In that spirit, comedian Matt Barats of Brooklyn’s Annoyance Theater created a video about a “sound graffiti” artist who wanders the concrete-plant industrial wilds of Bushwick looking for “the ugliest sounds possible.” The video, made for IFC’s Video Frogs series, also features Brokelyn’s favorite human Jo Firestone, who desperately needs a muffin. Somebody go to Swallow Cafe and get her a muffin! (more…)

03/07/16 3:22pm

We get a lot of emails about bars and it takes a special advertisement to stand out in our flooded inboxes. Bushwick’s Bootleg Bar made this bonkers video for its second anniversary last week, mashing up 80s local TV ads, car dealership commercials and a reference to the most famous NYC local commercial of all time, Grand Prospect Hall. It’s great. We don’t even have much more to say about it, except that more bars should advertise themselves this way. Don’t take yourself so seriously all the time, guys. I haven’t even been to Bootleg! Now I definitely want to go! See, advertising works. (more…)