09/27/16 1:17pm
Bork via @Barkbud on IG

Bork via @Barkbud on IG

With the changing season comes changing career moves, and Brokelyn’s got your back. We love to hook ya’ll up with the latest and greatest opportunities out there, because how else are you going to be able to afford all the new seasonal pumpkin beers coming out?

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you some rad Brooklyn-based job listings. Now it’s up to you, the reader, to fulfill your destiny. Whether it be as a dog walker or as a hot shot media director, your TIME has come to get hired (you’ll get that joke in a second). (more…)

06/30/16 5:12pm
DIY grows up: The Glasslands team is opening Elsewhere, a huge new venue in Bushwick

The Parenthetical Girls play at Glasslands, which operated in Williamsburg from 2006-2014. Via Flickr user Mehan.

2014 was a Red Wedding of a year for Brooklyn’s beloved DIY music venues. Death by Audio closed in November, 285 Kent shuttered in January and Glasslands threw its last party on New Year’s Eve. Those were more or less the Big Three of the DIY venue world at the time, and they were all felled by one common axe: Vice (plenty more spots closed for other reasons too, fwiw). Many other venues have popped up since then to fill the void, but the year marked a turning point for the DIY scene, which is classified by questionably legal venues, cheap concerts and a less profit-minded ethos. Even before Glasslands closed, the folks from PopGun, which ran the space, were looking ahead at plans for a new, bigger and more permanent home.

This week, PopGun officially announced their new project, and it’s going to be much larger, more ambitious and more polished than the lovably makeshift Glasslands: in the fall they’ll open Elsewhere, a 24,000-square foot, $3 million venue and art space built out of an old furniture assembly warehouse in Bushwick. It’ll contain an open rooftop, art gallery, loft bar and multiple performance spaces, with the goal of attracting both local up-and-coming artists and national acts. We talked with PopGun cofounders Jake Rosenthal, 29, and Rami Haykal, 28, about why they went big with their new project, whether they still hold a grudge against Vice and why DIY venues may be forced to grow up.

“It has become much harder to throw up some drywall, subdivide some space and start doing shows in a way that’s going to last more than a few months,” said Rosenthal, who lives in Bushwick. “There are spaces that are still doing it, but it’s been a pretty rough few years for those spaces. That is one of the things that we started seeing in the last few years: a lot of people are starting to realize they’re going to have to take a different approach.” (more…)

03/15/16 1:04pm
This venue might have been your life.

Sound man/venue manager Edan Wilber gets transcendent in a scene from the Death By Audio documentary.

After beginning with the suggestion that “This movie should be played loud,” (and with its frequent concert footage, it certainly couldn’t hurt), Death By Audio documentary Goodnight Brooklyn: The Story of Death By Audio opens on a scene you might recognize. DBA resident Stephanie Gross explains to the hopeful crowd, in a line stretching around the block, that they probably won’t be able to get in to the already packed last show ever held at the venue on Nov. 22, 2014. No one leaves though, holding out hope that they can say goodbye and take part in a small piece of Brooklyn history. What could possibly inspire people to stand on a line in the cold with almost no hope of getting into a hand-built music space? (more…)

03/04/15 9:51am

They came to levitate a building and chew bubblegum, and they were all out of gum. All photos by David Colon

As was promised yesterday, a group of protestors showed up in front of Vice’s Williamsburg headquarters, with the stated goal of levitating the building into the East River and sparking a creative rebirth in the neighborhood. Despite the goofy premise, despite the fact that it happened on a Tuesday and despite the snow that started falling about an hour before the attempt, a handful of spiritual activists (and their tiny children) showed up to try to dislodge 90 North 11th Street and lift it in the air with only their minds. Were they successful? Well, no.

03/03/15 9:45am
vice hq

Headed for the drink? via Flickr user Andrew Wiseman

Ever since it was revealed that Vice was the company taking over a chunk of real estate that houses DIY venues and other small businesses, there’s been a little bit of anger from the creative class towards Vice. Even given the temporary nature of DIY venues, it seems getting pushed out by a media company so closely affiliated with alternative culture was a bit much.

Not content with just ripping up old copies of Vice, a musical collective is planning on a concert/public demonstration outside Vice’s current Williamsburg headquarters today, with the stated aim of levitating the building into the East River. And just when we thought Williamsburg was getting boring. (more…)

12/10/14 3:42pm
death by audio vice

Apparently this was not appreciated. Photo by David Colon

Ever since the world learned that Vice was taking over most of the block that housed Death By Audio, Glasslands, 285 Kent, indiescreen and the Muse, there’s been a little bit of tension between the media company and the DIY world. That and 10,000 “Isn’t THIS ironic?” jokes. Vice has remained mostly silent in the face of people complaining about them taking over the block, but an interview on Bedford + Bowery with DBA’s Edan Wilber in which he claimed that the venue wasn’t bought out was apparently a bridge too far for Vice, who, along with DBA’s landlord told BrooklynVegan a starkly different version of events. (more…)

11/21/14 11:00am
Up yours, VICE. (via Flickr user Anne Helmond)

Up yours, VICE. (via Flickr user Anne Helmond)

Vice Media, the big bad Pulitzer & Hearst of the 21st century, hasn’t seemed to cease fire in the slashing and burning of South Williamsburg’s local businesses in order to make way for the expansion of their behemoth media megaplex. This time the victim is The Muse, the best place in Williamsburg to see fire-breathing, colorful scarves and aerial acrobatics. The acrobatic training space and multi-disciplinary performance venue on South 1st Street has to vacate to make way for Vice’s space-age utopia, and early construction is forcing the circus out even earlier than they’d planned to leave. It’s not the end yet though: You can help them finance a new home in Bushwick on Kickstarter(more…)

07/28/14 10:56am
It's all your favorite movies built into one!

It’s all your favorite movies built into one! via ComicsBulletin

1. We keep hearing awesome things about The Lego Movie, so see what the hype’s about at this Coney Island showing.(Monday)

2. See Fried Green Tomatoes, which got favorable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, at Red Hook Flicks. (Tuesday)

3. Watch American Psycho at Crown Vic and revive all your suspicions of well-groomed men. (Tuesday) (more…)

04/28/14 10:09am
vice hq

If you worked here, you’d be editing, and cooking, by now

Been spending some time as the editor at a pretty boring media publication. It’s OK, you don’t have to say it out loud and risk your bosses hearing you. But we know that you know where you work is boring. Want to know a place to work that isn’t boring? Vice. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re hiring an editor. You’ll need to be able to spot stories from a mile away, know social media and oh, have good culinary skills, because you’ll be working with the Editor-in-Chief for their food section, Munchies. (more…)

10/28/13 2:31pm
Andrew WK is starting to take the "party messiah" thing a little far. Photo by devious photography via Facebook

Andrew WK is starting to take the “party messiah” thing a little far. Photo by devious photography via Facebook

1. Check out the release party for a new atlas of New Orleans, because you can’t just keep passing off Treme trivia a your insider’s knowledge of the city (Monday)

2. See an adorable cooking couple, one vegan and one a French pastry chef, both talk about their new food books at powerHouse Arena (Monday)

3. Saw Her Stand Up There, the all-female comedy show at Spike Hill is celebrating their birthday, so why don’t you go help them celebrate by hanging out and listening to some jokes (Monday)

4. Editors from Vice will be in conversation with Bedford + Bowery about how Vice got to be where they are today and how they don’t give a shit if you think they’re cool (Monday) (more…)