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Daly Pie is teaming up with Cafe Zarathustra to bring you a delicious all-vegan Persian Supper this Sunday March 5th!

Kashk e bademjan
Pistacho Rosewater Cake

$25 for 3 course meal + drink

12/20/16 4:41pm
Screamer's Pizza set about dominating the city with vegan pizza this year. Via Facebook.

Screamer’s Pizza set about dominating the city with vegan pizza this year. Via Facebook.

This article appears as part of Brokelyn’s “Year in Review” series, which will continue throughout the week. 

Here’s a joke for you! Why did the meat eater cross the road? Because they saw a vegan minding their own business on the other side and were FURIOUS. Bam! Roasted like a squash! Sam and I have published an all-time high #vegancontent on Brokelyn this year and have dealt with the occasional snide anti-vegan comment, because the personal decisions about what you eat definitely are anyone else’s business.

But dumb jokes aside, after many years of New York’s culinary scene fetishizing putting meat on every part of the plate (and charging a lot for it, too), vegan food is finally on the come-up. And it’s come a long way from the elder years of granola-peddling hippies and soy-based chicken substitutes — vegan food went punk, high class and down-home all in one year. And since we’re a budget-minded blog, we like to gently remind you the cost your dietary decisions have on the planet. Here’s the best of Brooklyn’s vegan food this year: (more…)

11/01/16 2:41pm
Bar Velo, a vegan cyclist's paradise.

Bar Velo, a vegan cyclist’s paradise. All photos by Sam Corbin/Brokelyn.

On the same unassuming Broadway corner under the subway tracks in South Williamsburg where the former Café Moto used to welcome patrons for new American fare and live jazz, now sits Bar Velo. On the outside, the trappings are the same: rusted metal front door with a kitchen-style keyhole window; neat chalkboard font promising live music inside; in place of a “BAR” sign, a cruiser bike, hanging about eight feet overhead and jutting out onto the sidewalk on the South side of Broadway.

On the inside, a flatiron layout pinches the space toward the entrance. Tour de France art and cycling paraphernalia lines the walls. Decorative taps sit next to real ones, and sprigs of fresh herbs poke out of glasses at the bar.

Does it get anymore Williamsburg than this? (Spoiler: It does.)

We got to chow down on an all-vegan snack menu, decidedly the standout feature of the bar (as per Brokelyn’s vegan-heavy editorial staff). $9 for lentil paté may seem steep — let’s be honest, it is — but with a dearth of cheap all-vegan bar menus in the borough, Bar Velo has pretty much “cornered” the market (get it? Because they’re on a corner).

Since Brokelyn is also your premier source for all things two-wheel friendly, this caught our eye. And in honor of World Vegan Day (a real thing), it ought to catch yours, too.  (more…)

09/13/16 3:33pm
Finally, Isa Chandra Moskowitz is giving Brooklyn our own fancy vegan restaurant

Drool over this Mac n’ Shews platter ($22). via Instagram

As you probably know by now, your Brokelyn editors are vegan. And even though our junk food dreams were answered earlier this summer with a vegan slice pizza joint, and we finally have a list of cheap vegan sandwiches in the borough, Brooklyn is still sorely lacking in the kind of upscale vegan dining options that can impress skeptical meat eaters. Manhattan has Candle 79 and Dirt Candy. Where’s our vegan omakase?

Well actually, it just got here.

Celebrated vegan chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Brooklyn-born hostess of Post Punk Kitchen and the author of some of the best vegan cookbooks out there,  is opening a local outpost of her Omaha, Neb., restaurant Modern Love on Sept. 21, and it promises a mouthwatering menu of fancy vegan fare that’ll make even the carnivores drool. Think cashew mac n’ cheese, curry fried rice with seitan pork, eggplant parmesan lasagna, blistered shishito peppers and more.

Brokelyn chatted with Moskowitz about the menu, how her Jewish Brooklyn roots inspired the food, and what we can expect to start modern-loving once the restaurant opens its doors.

“I grew up in Brooklyn and learned to cook here, so my very earliest dreams were to have a restaurant here,” Moskowitz told us. “My cooking is inspired by all the wonderful food I grew up eating in Brooklyn.” (more…)

07/28/16 1:15pm
Vegans rejoice! Clementine bakery expanded to a huge new space, with plans to serve booze too

Epically delicious cupcakes, baked by Clementine. Photo via Clementine Bakery

It’s rare that we hear good news about small businesses in Brooklyn, especially in the service industry, what with rising rents causing several eateries to shutter every month. While it’s tough out there for all food joints, we’ve noticed vegan restaurants having an especially tough time as of late, with Boerum Hill vegan restaurant M.O.B. closing last week. But maybe things are turning around for vegan businesses. Greenpoint became home to Screamer’s, the city’s first all-vegan pizza slice pizza joint, in June. Now another cafe that serves up delicious vegan baked goods and sandwiches is making a huge expansion too.

On Friday, popular Clinton Hill Clementine Bakery expanded to the much bigger space next door at 395 Classon Ave., taking over the former space of NeroDoro, the corner cafe that shuttered at the end of May, (R.I.P.). Clementine will hold onto its previous space at 299 Greene Ave., but use it for wholesale, while the new space will serve as the main cafe. We’re excited to see the popular neighborhood spot, which appeals to vegans and omnivores alike, able to expand its operation and become an even greater presence in Clinton Hill.

“The business was really growing, so we were happy to be able to use this space as a cafe and keep the old space for our wholesale business, which is also growing,” general manager Marcella Maki told Brokelyn. (Their vegan pastries and cakes, which include some gluten-free options, are available to order and can be found at cafes and storefronts throughout Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.)

The new iteration of the bakery was bustling this morning, filled with folks working on laptops, reading, or chatting with each other while sitting in front of the open windows, looking out onto Classon Ave. It gets better: Soon they’re adding beer and wine too.  (more…)

07/18/16 10:49am
Friendship savers you can savor: BK restaurants both vegans and stubborn carnivores will enjoy

The menu at Glady’s is a peace treaty between vegans and omnivores. Via website

A vegan, a vegetarian, a pescatarian and an omnivore walk into a restaurant. Just kidding, they’d never agree to eat anywhere together. We’ve all been there: You eat anything, Cindy is a vegan and Tom is a weekend-vegetarian who occasionally eats fish. Now try finding a restaurant that all of you are excited to go to.

But guys! Cindy is the coolest, and you don’t want to spend a lifetime not going out to dinner with her! Tom’s cool too, but more malleable on the subject. Is there a way to bridge the gap between the two worlds without sacrificing taste, paying way too much for a single meal or listening to each other grumble? Of course, all vegan restaurants are also omnivore-friendly but what about that stubborn friend who feels like they will die if they don’t eat a dead animal for every single meal? Brooklyn is home to many restaurants that can appease every diet without starting a civil war across the table, if you know where to look.  (more…)

07/12/16 8:00am
All the ice cream flavor, none of the interspecies breast milk.

All the ice cream flavor, none of the interspecies breast milk.

We may be ice cream aficionados, but we’re not purists. And it didn’t seem fair that our trusty vegan Brokelyn editors (and anyone with a lactose intolerance) were left out of the bracket. So we rated vegan flavors as a sidebar competition before embarking on the bracket, a non-dairy amuse-bouche to our ice cream bracket entrée.

“It’s like A League of Their Own but for vegans,” judge Eric Silver said. While some of these don’t stand up to their dairy counterparts, others became our favorites of the entire competition—regular ice cream included.

Technically these aren’t all vegan ice creams — some are sorbets — but they’re all summer treats for our dairy-less friends.  (more…)

06/16/16 9:00am
No bologna: The 9 best vegan sandwiches in Brooklyn for $9 or less

The vegan BLT at Little Skips won’t leave you achin’ for bacon. Photos by Sam Corbin.

Sandwiches are the perfect food. Why? Because they allow you to combine any number of ingredients and pile them as high as you like, so long as two wayward pieces of bread can hold the whole thing together. And though I admit I’m a kind of sandwich apologist — in my view wraps, burgers and even pizzas folded in half could be included in the category… it’s just dough on either side, right? — for the purposes of this article, a sandwich shall be known only by its more conservative definition. Two slices of bread, stuff inside.

It’s about as hard to find a vegan sandwich in Brooklyn as it is to find a vegan. In other words, not very, and more frequently in select areas. I’ve spent the last six months hunting for the best vegan sandwiches in this borough, just so you don’t have to settle for a dud. And I limited my search to sandwiches that cost $9 or less. Because the minute a sandwich costs $10, it stops being a sandwich and starts being some fancy bullshit.

With that, here are the nine best vegan sandwiches in Brooklyn, for $9 or less. (more…)

05/26/16 2:43pm
Whichever editor eats more pancakes wins the title.

Can Brokelyn editors consumer this many pancakes in one sitting? Tune in and see!

Even if you read Brokelyn every day, there are things you might not know about the two tireless editors who make it happen. Tim has two career-related tattoos, for example. And Sam is secretly Canadian, though maybe you knew that already. But the other thing you almost definitely didn’t know about your editors is, they’re vegan.

Yep, both Tim “No Beef With You” Donnelly and Sam “Does My Cat Feel Sadness” Corbin attempt to live lives of non-harm, opting for Trader Joe’s soyrizo and vegan queso instead of bacon and cheese on their nachos. We know way more about being vegan than BrooklynVegan! We also know that our lifestyle comes with a whole host of haterade, since no one really gets the whole vegan thing. People always wanna know where you get your complete proteins, or how you deal with pizza, or whether “you miss it.”

Well hey, we wanna answer those questions. So tomorrow (Friday) at 10am, Tim and I are going LIVE from Brooklyn on Facebook Live for a vegan Q&A. Ask us your questions! Maybe it’s stuff you’ve always wanted to know from a vegan but were too scared you’d offend them to ask. Maybe you’re vegan-curious and want to know about making a smooth transition without losing your BBQ-loving friends. Or maybe you’re also a vegan (nice) and you just wanna know where to eat in NYC without having to “just get sides.”

No matter the question, these hungry editors can handle it. We’ll be answering your questions while doing something else pretty excellent: trying to consume as many vegan pancakes as humanly possible. For a good cause, too, at vegan restaurant Champ’s Diner in Bushwick. Don’t worry, no one’s gonna vomit. That would be a gross thing to do on live television. (more…)

05/15/14 9:24am
This could be you at Bill Murray is Feeling Awfully Gloomy

Tear up on the dance floor at Bill Murray Is Feeling Awfully Gloomy. via The Atlantic

1. See Tokyo get crushed by Godzilla and ponder how their radioactive sea monster management strategy compares with New York’s. (Friday)

2. Scoff at Manhattan and show off those moves you may or may not have picked up at Zumba at Head On: Brooklyn vs. Manhattan DJ battle. (Friday)

3. Drink, dance and get it on to 90s make-out anthems at Videology’s Music Video Make-Out Party. (Friday)