04/17/17 11:32am

Earth Day is this weekend, which is a great opportunity to remember that the President and his allies either think that climate change is a Chinese hoax or are too concerned with generating profit for massive corporations to care that we’ll all be wearing full-body heat repellant suits and /or living in underwater communes soon if they don’t do something about it. This week brings the Climate March, small, local meetings, a few sign-making events, and plenty of ways to make the world a better place. (more…)

01/10/13 5:08pm
The world has flipped and left us here.

The world has flipped and left us here.

Did New York get all cattywampus overnight? In the past 24 hours, Gov. Cuomo said he wants to legalize pot, Joe Biden is actually talking about doing something with the guns, Arrested Development is even closer to coming back, and now a judge blocked a restaurant from opening in Manhattan because it was … overpriced foodie bullshit??!

According to this item tucked in today’s NY Post, the judge said the proposed Chef Driven Market for the edge of Union Square Park and its $18 brunches would not serve the humble park-going masses. And if you ever doubted the effects of Occupy Wall Street, put this quote into your eye holes: (more…)