02/20/17 11:00am
This week in anti-Trump activism in NYC: Not my President's Day edition

Photo from Sunday’s #IAmAMuslimToo rally in Times Square. (John Devanney/Twitter)

Let’s get a few things straight: #resistance should obviously mean more than Tweeting “hey, stop that” at the president, but it doesn’t exclusively mean attending every single rally and march outside Trump Tower, either. This week, we’ve compiled plenty of ways for you to get involved in grassroots activism at the most vital level, from letter writing to fighting against climate change. Local organizing may not be sexy, but someone’s got to do it (and that someone is you!). (more…)

06/30/16 11:35am
Forces of Nature Dance Theater ready to rock the International African Arts Festival (#1)

Forces of Nature Dance Theater will take the International African Arts Festival by storm (#1)

1. Get your culture on at the 45th annual International African Arts Festival, a four-day extravaganza with music, dance, symposia, workshops, a food and craft marketplace, and on and on. (Friday through Monday, Commodore Barry Park, $5)

2, Immerse yourself in “a light and sound environment” at Sight Unseen, an experimental musical work by Lee Ranaldo and Leah Singer. (Friday & Saturday, Issue Project Room, $15)

3. See some great moves at the SummerStage presentation of Maimouna Keita Dance Company, which is dedicated to preserving and sharing African culture and history. (Friday, Herbert Von King Park, FREE) (more…)

02/10/16 9:43am
The Big Quiet, photo via Unblinking Ear Records.

The Big Quiet, photo via Unblinking Ear Records.

Marisa Cerio, frontlady of Williamsburg-based Big Quiet says that the best way to get started in music is just to make noise on whatever you have, be it chains or a guitar or a flock of semi-aquatic birds. And she’s worth listening to: her band Big Quiet is releasing a special fancy colored 7-inch record this year on their label, Unblinking Ear. You can also listen to their jangly-poppy music on Spotify, which is pretty rad. Apparently, they also have a large Nova Scotian fan base (I hear they have great smoked salmon over there) and Marisa has had enough bras thrown at her while playing that she hasn’t had to go lingerie shopping in quite some time. As someone who also wears bras, I can attest that lingerie shopping is v. annoying. Cerio talked to us about how her band go to the bra-throwing point. (more…)

12/21/15 8:17am

Have a great night with some great apes at Videology

Haha, man oh man, who cares that it’s Monday? The city is gonna be shutting down by like Wednesday afternoon, so whatever, go to work today and don’t complain. Once work is done, there’s still a bunch of stuff you can find to do tonight thanks to the Brokelyn Events Calendar. It’s gonna be a good week for you, unless of course you work at a place that doesn’t respect your wishes to slow the hell down around Christmas. (more…)

12/17/15 9:08am
Whatever's going on here, you can get more of it at the No Office Party tonight

Whatever’s going on here, you can get more of it at the No Office Party tonight. Photo by Sarah Bibi Gainer

A wise man/squid/thing once spoke these wise words: “Let’s get crazy baby! Woo!” Tonight especially, I think you should live by those words. After all, you did it. You made it to the last Thursday contained in any week of consequence in 2015. Think about it, next week it’s Christmas Eve on Thursday and the week after that is New Year’s Eve. You did it. Time to look at the Brokelyn Events Calendar and think of something fun to do. I’ve got your back there. (more…)

11/30/15 8:33am
And you thought you had a tough time with your relationship

And you thought you had a tough time with your relationship

Yes, I know, it’s Monday. On this particular Monday though, you should really avoid all the “Ugh, Mondays amirite?” that everyone’s prone to, because come on, we just had a really short week. The good times where we didn’t work couldn’t last forever, but you can jump right back into your habit of having fun nights by consulting the Brokelyn Events Calendar. Or make it even easier and just consult this list of the best things harvested from it. You can do whatever you like. (more…)

11/20/15 11:13am
tk via Facebook

Your prayers for a great date spot near a lot of trains have been answered by St. Gambrinus. via Facebook

Looking for love, but can’t bear to give up the comfort of your closest train? Hey, we get it. But what will you do when you meet someone who lives in Midwood? Don’t you want to give that cutie from Long Island City a chance? Thankfully, there’s no need to schlep all the way to their hood until things get serious. Despite the head-scratching lack of fine dating establishments by some of our premier subway stations there are always those dive bars in the rough, so here are some places where you can meet up halfway and still have a great date. (more…)

10/09/15 11:58am
You can see Life Size Maps up close and life-sized, for free at CMJ. Photo by Narumi Iyama, via Facebook

You can see Life Size Maps up close and life-sized, for free at CMJ. Photo by Narumi Iyama, via Facebook

This year marks the 35th anniversary of CMJ Music Marathon, one of the best platforms for new music in, well, America. It just so happens to take place in New York City, and you too can own an access badge to the whole thing for the low low price of most of your rent for the month. Alternatively, if there’s a show on this list that really appeals to you, you can buy an individual ticket for that show. OR, you could check out OUR handy dandy list of shows, chock full of up and coming artists hand picked by CMJ, that are all totally FREE! You are reading Brokelyn, after all. We know our audience. So here we go! Free shows! Yeah!

Note: Some of these shows require an RSVP, so we’ve let you know which ones. We’re helpful! (more…)

08/26/15 8:10am
It's your chance to hook your friend up with someone else's friend by being that friend

It’s your chance to hook your friend up with someone else’s friend by being that friend

It’s nice on the one hand that you’ve made it to Wednesday and that in the summer Wednesday is closer to the end of the week than usual, but that gravy train is almost over. Soon, people will expect you to actually put in a full effort on Fridays and man what a bummer that’s gonna be. Don’t dwell on it though, instead get out there and have a good time at one of these fun nights out pulled from the Brokelyn Event Calendar, because nothing says “I value fun more than work” like a Thursday hangover. (more…)

07/28/15 7:40am

There’s big trouble on the horizon, but your old pal Jack Burton is here to take care of it

It’s Tuesday, which is fine, we guess. Certainly it means that if you’re just learning about Montero’s going away soon, at least that dread isn’t combined with Monday’s existential dread. Other than that? Eh, not a huge difference between today and Monday. Except of course that the Brokelyn Event Calendar has new and different fun things for you to do tonight, different things than last night. (more…)