04/10/17 10:25am

They also pay taxes, which the president… maybe doesn’t? Does? Who knows! (Gaby Del Valle/Brokelyn)

Tax day is looming on the horizon, and I mean, it kind of sucks to have to send your money to a government that will spend a lot of it on bombing people and on Paul Ryan’s health insurance, but keep in mind that your tax dollars also provide plenty of necessary social services for people around the country (and around the world! That’s great!).

That said, some people–i.e., the president of these United States–has a history of um, maybe not paying taxes? Or of definitely hiding something, which is why he never released his taxes, and maybe what he’s hiding is worse than the fact that he doesn’t even pay taxes. Anyway, get your taxes filed ASAP, come out to these local activist events, and on Saturday, top it all off with the Tax March.


04/03/17 10:01am

Photo by Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

Democrats have been losing seats for years, and a Trump presidency should be the time for a leftist resurgence. This week’s events include a fundraiser for Democrats out West, who need support now more than ever before, as well as rallies and protests, fundraisers, letter writing events and a few happy hour specials and parties that will let you support a good cause (and your fellow Americans) with a drink in hand. But remember: direct action is always the best course of action when possible, and nothing sends a message like thousands of bodies on the street defending their rights!


10/14/15 11:29am
Chow down on some comedy tonight

Chow down on some comedy tonight

Hey you know what’s great so far about the end of summer? It’s still pretty nice out there, all things considered. Forget “sweater season,” it’s barely flannel season out there. That’s good news for you if you wanna get out there and do something fun, and the Brokelyn Events Calendar has plenty of options for you to choose from. Still, don’t assume it’s gonna be like this forever. Get out there now, because one day you’ll wake up, it’s gonna be cuffing season and no one will want to go to a comedy show with you. (more…)

04/12/13 8:54am
Gp directly to space with the Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

Gp directly to space with the Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

1. Get together with people at LaunchPad and watch 16mm cartoons. Yeah, cartoons! (Friday)

2. Put a tear in your beer (which is a free Sixpoint if you get there early enough) at the Brooklyn Country Jubilee (Friday)

3. The Brain Cave Festival and it’s one-hour Radeberger open bar continue through the weekend (Friday – Sunday)

4. Get crafty, or actually buy craft things, at the Prospect Heights Craft Fair (Saturday) (more…)