01/09/17 10:23am
Every subway station now has cell service and wifi, and a new era of bitching at the MTA has dawned

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As of this morning, all 279 NYC subway stations are connected with free cell phone service and wifi, wiping out one of the last service-free black holes of modern life. That news is being heralded by by go-getters who couldn’t stand to be incommunicado for even a few minutes of their commute, and mourned by those of us who live in a frazzled state of constant overstimulated and relished the few minutes free of app alerts and text messages when underground.

In some ways, wiring the subway, the crucial lifeblood of the biggest city in the country that millions of people use every day, seems long overdue, an oversight of planning that added an anachronistic to your commute. In other ways, with all the problems the MTA has every day — from overcrowding to delays to its vastly crumbling infrastructure — it seems like a lower priority: oh THIS is what you thought needed fixing? It didn’t help that commuters this morning were met with a tangle of subway delays that affected 16 (!!) lines. Having cell service on every station means you can tell your boss right away why you’re running late — and take to twitter to rage at the MTA without delay. Here’s how people are reacting to the first day of connectivity underground: (more…)

11/08/16 1:56pm
Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 1.39.12 PM

Pie voted! It’s a slice of politics at Vinnie’s, which created edible versions of the candidates today. Via @vinniesbrooklyn on Twitter.

Election Day in non-swing state America is like Christmas day when you’re Jewish: Sure, you can still appreciate the pageantry and traditions, but you know none of the advertising is really targeted at you. But of course New Yorkers are the best, so we all dutifully showed up for the polls in the morning, battling long lines and confusing polling places to get our voices heard. That’s ok, we’ve only had 240-ish years to figure out how to correctly hold an election in this country, that’s barely any time.

But before you sit around tonight waiting for the results to come while trying not to drink yourself to death, let’s take a break and look at some of the funnier things happening during voting in NYC so far today. We won’t know the results of the race for hours, but already Trump got humiliated on his home turf. (more…)

11/01/16 12:14pm
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These pumpkins are RIGGED. Via @marinaspindler.

Take a moment to remember that New York City does Halloween probably better than anywhere else in the world. It’s a holiday with distinctive lanes for kids and adults, both of which were lit last night despite the holiday falling on a Monday. Trick or treating in brownstone Brooklyn is basically kid Mardi Gras. Tiny skeletons, Elsas, Reys and Batmans tear through the sidewalks in pre-adolescent bacchanal, guzzling candy like they were channeling the spirit of a mini-Dionysus. Elsewhere across the borough, in DIY venues and the backrooms of bars, adults wearing pink dresses and clutching Eggos or donning baskets of deplorables/adorables listened to cover bands or embraced the true spirit (alcohol) of the season.

We must all appreciate that it is only the ghouls, undead creatures and sexy witches that create a bulwark stopping Christmas from bleeding into the summer, so before we go head long into two months of Best Buy commercials and reigniting the War on Christmas, let’s look back at the best Brooklyn tweets from Halloween 2016. (more…)