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Will Laird be there? We hope Laird is there

Girls may have ended their third season looking like Hannah would choose the “MFA” side of the MFA vs. NYC argument and and head off to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, but we all knew the show wouldn’t just be packing up and moving there. Especially with the University of Iowa saying “No fucking way,” to the show’s request to film on campus. And lo and behold, they’re coming crawling back already, but far away from the show’s usual stomping grounds, with Ditmas Park Corner noticing that the show will be filming in the neighborhood on Thursday and Friday this week. Bring your autograph books/noisemakers, depending on where you fall on the pro vs. anti Girls spectrum. (more…)

04/01/14 10:35am

It’s about James Gordon waiting for Batman to get to Gotham actually, but whatever. BATMAN

Has it ever been your dream to be part of an expanded comic book universe that doesn’t actually deal with the main character of a superhero tale. Or just to be on TV? Because in either case, we’ve got a great opportunity for you, with Batman-based TV show Gotham holding open auditions in Brooklyn today and tomorrow for women who want to be background biker gang ladies. (more…)

02/28/14 1:03pm
true detective

Silly Matthew McConaughey, that’s not a TV! via Facebook

If you want to keep up with what everyone is talking about nowadays, you have to talk to them about Important TV, especially if it’s on HBO. Sure you could try to talk to people about Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Archer, but all people want to talk about is True Detective or Girls. And since you don’t have HBO or someone’s HBOGo password, Williamsburg (and Beer Book) bar The Graham (151 Meserole Street) is rescuing you by screening the shows for free every Sunday. (more…)

01/27/14 12:53pm
Allt For Sverige

Approximate size of most Swedish houses

America is a land of immigrants, of people who came to these shores because they were chased out of their home or because they dreamed that one day their children could be insolent whiners wearing Buddy Holly glasses. If you’ve been curious about your far-off ancestors, a Swedish reality show can help you with that. Provided you’re Swedish, they want to cast you in a show where you compete to meet your Swedish relatives. (more…)

11/22/13 2:40pm
girls season 3

Oh you girls

After keeping us waiting for months to find out what happened to Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath, Dunham herself just dropped the season 3 trailer for Girls. You can throw out that porn parody, because the real thing is back!

What’s happening in it? Aside from Hannah having short hair still, Marnie doing Marnie things and Jessa in fact being alive, looks like the big news is that Hannah has an office job at some point. And it makes her cry. Which I kind of understand, although when I had an office job at that age I did more interesting thing than cry, like sleep at my desk and take interns up to the roof of the Bronx County Courthouse and almost get them and me shot by the NYPD.

11/01/13 2:33pm

Here’s a hint: don’t advertise it. via Flickr user Mike Smails

Look, we get it, you don’t have everything in life that you wish you had. But look at your friend Barney, that materially comfortable and well-adjusted jerk. Well, he’s still your friend, but it’s about time you used some advice from Lifehacker to subtly use your friendship to your advantage, by using it to keep up on your favorite TV show, get free booze and expand your media library. Because why should friendship be limited to just mutual respect and admiration among peers, when you could get stuff too? (more…)

08/27/13 10:28am
Is this a scene from your kitchen? Read on.

Is this a scene from your kitchen? Read on.

Do you carry on cooking despite the fact that last time you made a meal for your friends they all just up and died? Well, first lawyer up. But make sure that lawyer has some entertainment industry experience, because you could be the perfect cast member for the Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America, which is currently casting for their fifth season. (more…)

08/08/13 9:31am
Wipe that smile off Seacrest's face by winning all the money. via Facebook

Wipe that smile off Seacrest’s face by winning all the money. via Facebook

Brooklyn is more or less made of trivia events, being that it’s a place where everyone thinks they’re so damn smart. But aren’t you tired of using your trivia skills to win bar tabs, the envy of your fellow man and cheap meaningless post-trivia sex? Well, OK, probably not. But even if you’re not sick of that, maybe you want more from your trivia mastery. NBC is looking for sacrificial lambs contestants for their new quiz show, Million Second Quiz, and that contestant could be you if you go to their open casting call on Saturday August 24. Are you a bad enough dude? (more…)

05/24/13 10:55am

Young Jessica Walter could totally get it. It = Afternoon delight.

Before you go into a two-day long Arrested Development binge-watching cocoon super late tomorrow night, let’s take a moment to appreciate one of the show’s finest actors, a total pro in the business and one of the sexiest creatures we have ever laid eyes on: Lucille Bluth (her?). Jessica Walter, the actress who plays the wicked matron Lucille, is actually a Brooklyn native, born here on Jan. 31, 1941.

So we all know her as the witholding, curly fry hating, former Motherboy champ from Arrested, which makes its glorious return to Netflix at 3 a.m. Sunday east coast time. But Walter has given us so many more roles, and we love her for her crackling wit, her stellar timing and that kind of aged actorial wisdom you only get from slugging it out in the trenches of the industry for decades, making her one of the best on-screen mothers of all time. If you still ask whether she is truly a modern treasure after reading this, we don’t understand the question, and we won’t respond to it. (more…)