11/15/16 2:11pm
Transportation Alternatives supporters march. down Fifth Avenue. Photo by Konstantin Sergeyev via Facebook.

Transportation Alternatives supporters march. down Fifth Avenue. Photo by Konstantin Sergeyev via Facebook.

Solidarity is trending right now in this tough, weird new world order and we’re already seeing all sorts of people come together to fight back in the coming months and (gulp) years of the next administration. Here’s one issue we didn’t expect to see come out of last week’s election: the intersection (pun not intended I SWEAR) of racial justice and traffic safety. Yesterday, Transportation Alternatives, the pro-cycling and pedestrian advocacy group that fights against the ugly tyranny of cars on our streets, issued a statement aligning itself in support with Black Lives Matter.

“Transportation Alternatives stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement,” the group’s statement said. “Because we fight to protect New Yorkers in every community, our fight for Vision Zero must also be a fight against institutional, individual and implicit racism.”

The data on traffic crashes back this up: People of color are disproportionately harmed by traffic violence. Research has shown that drivers are less likely to yield to pedestrians of color. For the group, this means identifying that racism has long played a part in the transportation planning of the city, and fighting to correct those inequities. But some of its members are upset at the stance, and are stating they’ll cancel their memberships over affiliation with a “violent hate group.” (more…)

07/22/16 12:10pm
5 slices, 5 boroughs, zero cars: Eat pizza across NYC to raise money for Transportation Alternatives

Cut across the city on your bike, for pizza and charity. Photo via @mikeyrx on Instagram

If you love to eat pizza, explore NYC without a car, and get competitive in the name of a good cause, here’s an adventure for you: the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge. Described as “like competitive eating had a baby with the Amazing Race,” the all-day event, held July 30, entails traveling via train, foot, bike, or ferry — the only restriction is you can’t commute by car — to eat a slice of pizza in all five boroughs. It’s a way to both eat well and be active—which, really, should be the goal of any healthy New York weekend.

And while it sounds like a fun, slightly absurd way to spend a Saturday, it’s in support of a cause relevant to every New Yorkers’ interests: a fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives, the nonprofit dedicated to making it easier to get around this city by improving bike, pedestrian and public transit, in the pursuit of car-free living in NYC.

“My wife and I both bike to work, and we have a two year old son,” organizer Joe Cutrufo told Brokelyn. “We want him to grow up in a city where it’s safe to cross the street and ride a bike.” Can’t argue with that. (more…)

05/26/15 9:39am
We've got a good feeling about this one. via Devo

We’ve got a good feeling about this one. via Devo

1. Hear from several community art events organizers in our fair borough at the monthly Art Talks Brooklyn. (Tuesday, FREE)

2. Look over your shoulder to see if Tynan DeLong, Marcia Belsky, Mike Abrusci are creeping up to make you laugh (Tuesday, FREE)

3. Celebrate 10 terrifically literary years with Europa Editions (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

05/19/15 1:18pm
It's nice to be rewarded for cycling. via Facebook

It’s nice to be rewarded for cycling. via Facebook

May is usually when things start to warm up around here, so of course it makes sense that May is also Bike Month, when people suddenly try to rekindle their relationships with the bikes they neglected all winter (not that you had to). Whether you’re just hopping back on the bike or you rode it through our awful winter, you deserve a reward and Transportation Alternatives is giving it to you by setting up some bike commuter stations tomorrow in Brooklyn, with free coffee and snacks. (more…)

08/11/14 1:47pm
bicyclists' ball

You don’t HAVE to show up like this, but it’d be kind of bad ass. via Flickr user Hugger Industries

If you were too cool to go to your high school prom, congratulations on sticking to your story, but also, here’s your chance to make it all right by heading to the first-ever Bicyclists’ Ball (and Pedestrian Prom), hosted by Transportation Alternatives, the organization that supports cycling, walking, and public transportation in our fair city. (more…)

06/30/14 1:19pm
transportation alternatives

This group of road warriors could use some support. via Facebook

Safe streets are the hot new thing in New York City, what with Vision Zero and bike lanes and desperately trying to get the NYPD to start looking at people being run over as something closer to manslaughter instead of accidents. If you want to combine your a need to be on the forefront of do-gooder trends with your need to also pay the rent, Transportation Alternatives needs a Brooklyn organizer and a policy director to join their team. (more…)

05/01/14 3:13pm
national bike month

Get out there and ride. On the street though, not the sidewalk. via Facebook

May is National Bike Month, which gives you every excuse to bust out your deluxe ten-speed tandem penny farthing. While we’re excited for all the upcoming bike events around Brooklyn, we recommend really committing to the commemorative month lifestyle by celebrating some of the other great causes May represents, like Jewish American Heritage month, Celiac Awareness Month, South Asian Heritage Month, National Pet Month and Asthma Awareness Month. So in addition to checking out these great bike events, we hope you take your Indian grandmother biking on Mother’s Day, and remember to bring your rabbi’s gluten-intolerant puppy for the ride. And please don’t ask when White Men in Cars will finally get their month. (more…)

12/17/13 7:06am
TK. via Facebook

Do you know how to teach people about pandas beyond, “Cuuuuute”?. The the Prospect Park Zoo wants you via Facebook

It’s Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa shopping & SantaCon season, which means it’s office par-tay time. But if our No Office Party didn’t fill the cubicle-shaped void in your social life, or if you can no longer look Phyllis from HR in the eye after this year’s holiday rager, you may find yourself looking for a new job. You may also have just realized the tremendous financial toll of your raging candy cane addiction, especially if you’re currently unemployed. Luckily we’re here to help you find some cool ways for you to put panettone on the table. (more…)

11/19/13 2:05pm
neighborhood streetup

The scene at a previous Streetup in Manhattan. Let’s get even more people at this one, BK. via Facebook

Today is a good day for thinking about the kind of city you want to live in in the future. Of course, that can be depressing and overwhelming if you’re thinking about it on your own, especially if you’re staying sober while you’re doing it. So lucky for you then, that Transportation Alternatives is coming to Bushwick bar we love duckduck to gather activists in one place to meet each other and drink free beer courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery. (more…)

07/29/13 2:03pm
Even when they aren't handing you free coffee, Transportation Alternatives is handing you something

Even when they aren’t handing you free coffee, Transportation Alternatives is handing you something

One of the weirder parts about Dorothy Rabinowitz’ dementia-laced ranting about Citi Bike was her insistence that an all-powerful “bike lobby” was secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes. We all had a good laugh about it, but there is an organization in favor of transportation options that don’t involve cars: Transportation Alternatives. TA fights for pedestrians, public transportation and yes, cyclists, and right now, they’re holding a membership drive. Membership comes with an awful lot of benefits, so should you part with your paycheck to join up? (more…)