mario bros. brooklyn

A young Joe Sitt watched this and suddenly, had an idea

It’s a well-established fact that the Mario Brothers are from Brooklyn. And of course they are, because where else would two noble, resourceful Italian plumbers be from? In their travels through the Mushroom Kingdom in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, only once did the plumbers’ home borough face any blowback from the Kingdom’s tyrannical would-be ruler, King Koopa. But when he came to Brooklyn, he almost managed to pull a Thor Equities and ruin Coney Island. (more…)

Coney Island, 2015. via Flickr user Ashlee Catherine

Coney Island, 2015. via Flickr user Ashlee Catherine

Brace yourselves, Coney Island, hurricane Rita is coming, as in Main Street ‘Rita, that vaguely booz-ish beverage you ordered off the Applebee’s menu to dull the pain when your parents wanted to go to dinner in Times Square. Amusing the Zillion reports Coney Island is set to become a strip mall chain mecca copying all the authentic local charm of your average highway rest stop, with Johnny Rockets, Checker’s, Red Mango and an (blrgghgg) Applebee’s set to open soon, with others like Outback and Hooters in developers’ sights too, a rage-inducing proposition for which no curse word yet exists, so we will invent one: This is a mediocrifuck. A blanddicking. But really? It’s the Myrtle-Beach-ification of our once-beloved beach.

Myrtle Beach, for those who are fortunate enough not to have visited, is both one of the worst beaches in America and among the worst, soul-suckingly tacky places in the country: endless chains and theme restaurants, a never-ending loop of Jimmy Buffett blaring from every chintzy t-shirt shop, 40-story high rise hotels with frat-vomit filled lazy rivers in their basements and all the originality of a Disney beach-themed ride. Coney was once the anti-Myrtle Beach; is it now officially too late to go back? (more…)