02/06/17 1:08pm
Photo Via Heights Players.

Hair turns 50 this year, but its messages resonate now more than ever. Photo Via Heights Players.

Looking at the internet lately has been like wearing a little doggie shock collar while you have the stomach flu. If you’re feeling similarly, it’s time to shut down the digital blitz and do something in the dark: Go to a play. Better yet, go to a Tribal Love Rock musical. Hair: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical opened on Friday and runs through Feb. 19 at The Heights Players theater in Brooklyn Heights. It has an important message for us as we step into each day of our strange new world: the resistance can be fun. Hair reminds us that every good revolution needs dancing, joy, a few joints and rock music. It is dark up ahead, but we gotta let the sun shine in.

The Heights Players are Brooklyn’s oldest self-sustaining community theater. Now celebrating their 60th season, the Heights makes its home in a church-turned-basement theater on a quiet street in Brooklyn Heights, just a few blocks from New York Harbor. Not only does the Heights turn out high-quality theater, season after season, it is a beautiful example of grassroots community organizing. The Heights is a theater of the people, by the people, for the people, and man could we use some of that right now. It’s the 50th anniversary of the show’s debut, and while the hippie musical has remained a perma-fave of the ’60s free lovin’ art genre, in 2017 it feels more than nostalgic: it feels necessary.

“The world needs Hair right now as a reminder of how free and how vocal people were about these issues,” actress Marley Nykole (who plays Abe Lincoln) told Brokelyn. “Go out and shout for what you believe in.” (more…)

03/30/16 4:15pm
These seats need filling! Via Flckr user Mark Lee.

These seats need filling! Via Flckr user Mark Lee.

This post is brought to you by Play-by-Play

Tired of being an artist in New York who can’t see art? Is that Netflix account finally not cutting it? Want to have access to theaters, comedy clubs, concert venues, sports stadiums, and expo centers without having to sacrifice groceries and a liver?

Here’s how: become a seat filler.

Play-by-Play is a seat filling service (or “papering” service as they say in the biz) that helps venues fill unsold seats. When a big show hasn’t sold out and needs bodies in seats, guess what? You could be that body. (more…)

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Wake up. Go to work. Check if you won. That's all it takes, with the new HamApp. via Facebook

Wake up. Go to work. Check if you won. That’s all it takes, with the new HamApp. via Facebook

Have you seen Hamilton yet? Everyone’s talking about Hamilton. I hear it’s even better than [insert long-running Broadway show].

If you’re as tired of the phrases above as I am, then you probably also haven’t seen Hamilton yet. And if you’re as desperate as I am to see the hit Broadway show that’s already sold out for the next six months, then you’ll probably be happy (as I was) to discover that entering the daily lottery just got a whole lot easier with this neat app called the Ham Lottery App. It might be your best chance to see the play short of becoming the president.  (more…)

06/26/15 4:26pm
There's something fishy about this play...

There’s something fishy about this play…

It is probably safe to say that the only thing playwrights enjoy more than writing about sex is the act itself. A true statement for every kind of writer, really, but it’s all so much spicier in the performance world, isn’t it? Writing a novel, after all, is solitary, introspective, often a pinnacle in the art of self-abuse.   A play is collaborative, exhibitive, and has a whole culture of fucking as its subtle perfume.   Theater can be masturbatory, sure, but at least it’s a circle jerk. And that’s to say nothing of the voyeu…I mean the audience. Conflict, sweat, hot lights, sexy French words like ingénue, and it’s all right there.   You see the actor playing Oedipus and the actor playing his wife-mother. You see Othello atop his doomed Desdemona in her bridal bed. You wonder about the writer who’s putting these people through this. You ponder the director who’s blocking the scene. You imagine things about the actors who are wrestling each other. Walk around any university drama department for a week, and you realize that the question is never “Will They Or Won’t They” but always “Are They Or Aren’t They…And If Not, When?”

I don’t have to pique your interest; you’re already interested. It’s sex.   And for the next week at The Brick in Williamsburg, well, it’s a F!CK FEST. (more…)

04/30/15 2:55pm
bushwick starr

This empty stage could be full of characters you created. via Facebook

We know what it’s like out there for a struggling playwright, vainly typing away on your typewriter while smoking cigarettes and adjusting your beret, wondering if anyone will read the work you’ve poured your heart and soul into. It’s the same conundrum facing any struggling creative around here. Lucky you then, that renowned Brooklyn theatre The Bushwick Starr wants to make things a bit easier for you by inviting you, the unknown playwright, to submit a piece for consideration in their Bushwick Starr Reading Series. Get picked, and you can see your script read in one of Brooklyn’s best small theaters. (more…)

12/11/14 3:36pm
sam corbin

Sam’s previous work explored patriotism, feminism and hulking out

What are you doing tonight? Well obviously you’re coming to the No Office Holiday Party, because you want to meet Brooklyn’s most attractive freelancers. Before that though, why not get some culture in your life so that you can sound smart while chatting up one of those attractive freelancers? You can do just that by checking out a play by our own apartment expert, Sam Corbin, who’s kicking off Fresh Ground Pepper’s Playground Festival tonight with her short play Condition. (more…)

04/17/14 1:43pm
Never Give Up, Bully Me Down

They put the “art” in “me harty”

In light of today’s sad announcement from Incubator Arts Project  that it will not be renewing its lease (due to rising costs of running a nonprofit), the theatre world sure could use a pick-me-up. And just in time, a ragtag band of artists known as the Letter of Marquee (LOM) Theatre Company are putting on a show. It’s Passover, so your reaction of course, is “What makes this show different from all other shows?” Well for starters, it’s free. And it’s taking place in bars across Brooklyn starting next Tuesday. And it also involves pirates. (more…)

02/25/14 9:26am

FutureMate hosts Matt and Pam stand in a wordstorm of characteristics you’re looking for in a mate. via Facebook

Now that we’re all totally over Valentine’s Day, you may be thinking that it’s a good time to bring up the old “fertility talk” with your significant other. In fact, maybe there are a lot of things you’ve wanted to talk about – how likely is your partner to survive in a post-apocalyptic landscape? How good are they at foraging? Do you “love” each other? If these are the things on your mind – or even if they aren’t – the very intimate Brick Theater‘s run of futuristic performance piece “Future Mate” about those very topics is a perfect time to confront whether your relationship could survive them. Or just find the love assigned to you. (more…)

03/25/13 10:42am
FUE _Skiball

Name that Brooklyn bar. Photo courtesy of F#%king Up Everything.

For purposes of this review, I am breaking Brokelyn’s number one, OK, only editorial rule: no using the term “hipster.” This transgression is required by the fact that new off Broadway musical, F#%king Up Everything, describes itself in press materials as a “Brooklyn hipster musical.” I know… When I received the press release for the show I cringed at the the flagrant use of that word and was curious to see how many ridiculous Brooklyn clichés could possibly be packed into song and dance numbers. The answer is a lot. But that didn’t stop me from loving it. Which is basically how I feel about Brooklyn.

F#%ing Up Everything premiered last night Elektra Theater in Times Square. I was skeptical, but I didn’t hate it. In fact, I smiled and laughed along with the rest of the audience through almost the entire show with very little eye rolling. If you can’t enjoy a lighthearted musical that doesn’t take itself too seriously, uses lots of dirty sex puns and includes campy indie-rock songs about bongs, areolas, jizzing your Superman undies and pooping yourself, well then you’re just dead inside. (more…)

03/13/13 8:58am
Something like this, maybe?

Something like this, maybe?

So you saw our roundup of Brooklyn’s thriving theater scene and were really into it. But then you remembered that you’re one of those people who has a job that demands your attention all the time, to the point when your phone buzzes in your pocket during a date you panic a little bit. You don’t have time to sit down and see a play! But, what if there was a play that was custom designed just for you? And would come to you instead of you coming to it? And it followed you around all day? Well, this could be a reality for you if you get lucky enough for theater group Odyssey Works to pick you as their recipient for a play about and delivered to an audience of one. (more…)