Who says the Baseball Furies aren't child-friendly? Photos by Andy Zou

Who says the Baseball Furies aren’t child-friendly? Photos by Andy Zou

Hundreds of fans and their families came out to play-ay this past Sunday at the Warriors’ Reunion in Coney Island. With the $20 ticket price, the event promised opportunities to take photos with the cast, live music, a movie screening and more. And to be fair, all of that did happen, eventually. But the scene was otherwise kind of grim, as entrants stood dazed in the heat for most of the morning and afternoon, waiting in a winding queue without much sense of what they were waiting for.  (more…)

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Bushwig cofounder Hororchata, who is very shy. [pic by Maro

Bushwig cofounder and delicate flower Hororchata. [pic by Maro]

1. Go back to simpler days at Booklyn’s Last Squat City, an exhibit of zines and comix by Fly, an artist, activist, squatter, and Lower East Side icon. (Friday to Sunday, FREE)

2. The BEAT Festival is on all weekend, with great events like Fertile Grounds, an “immersive performance exploration” of the Weeksville Heritage Center. (Friday & Saturday, $20)

3. Embrace the past at 5th Estate with Music Video Time Machine, showing videos from the ’70s to the ’90s all night long. Just don’t get too nostalgic. (Friday, FREE) (more…)

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Recreating the Warriors' famous trip, leather vest optional.

Recreating the Warriors’ famous trip, leather vest optional.

I am not a bike messenger and I have never touched a “fixie.” When one of my tires goes flat, I stare at it for a while, and then I take it into the shop and pay a professional to repair it. So why did a girl like me pay $5 on a recent Saturday night to ride in a three-borough, 30-mile, sundown-to-sun-up Warriors-themed bike ride? Because it sounded like an adventure, and an excuse to stay up really, really late.

The Warriors is the 1979 cult action film that follows New York City gangs in an overnight chase from a park in the Bronx all the way down to Coney Island. For its 25th anniversary, Track Or Die and Cycle Hawk organized a ride that more or less replicated the film’s route, only on bikes, and with checkpoints and challenges along the way. The city we live in today is not quite the dystopian crime world depicted in the movie — for example, in real New York, turns out you can’t throw a baseball bat at a cop’s knees and then just walk away like it never happened — but one thing the movie gets right is that this city has secrets you can discover only if you get out of your home turf. Here’s some of what I discovered on the ride: (more…)

the warriors

Warriorssssss…don’t miss your trainnnnn

Ever catch your friends complaining about how the subways have no character anymore? First of all, remind them that riders are now just as terrified of picking up bedbugs as they were of being mugged back in the day, which has to count for something. Second, direct them to BAM’s “Retro Metro” film series starting in late September, which will trace the history of the subway system in film, from the 30s to the 90s. Opening the series? The Warriors! (more…)

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Group costume idea for you and your closest 100 friends. via Acid Midget

1. Get the pants scared off of you at Gowanus ’73, Nights of Horror or Dirty Works at the Wax Works. Just uh, be sure to get your pants back afterwards, it’s getting cold out there. (Friday)

2. For an actual non-spooky event, check out some performance art, in the form of a happening. They were big in the 60s, so it’s like time travel! (Friday)

3. The Halloween Spooktacular is a family-friendly Halloween event, unlike say, accidentally bringing your kid to Paranormal Activity 4. (Saturday)

4. Oh sweet, a chance to ditch the kids at arts and crafts and go drinking with the youngs and see their slutty costumes for a few hours! And encourage your child’s creativity, we guess. (Saturday) (more…)