06/17/14 8:22am
triplets of kings county

Setting up a scene on the set of The Triplets of Kings County. Looks pretty professional, huh?

If, like me, you graduated with a degree in the arts, you probably know at least one person who’s made a web series. Maybe they shot it, or they acted in it, or maybe they just made tiny quiches for it and got to add “craft services” to their resume. You probably also at some point wanted to dip your own hands into a web series. You thought “Why not?” or “Maybe this will help me get laid,” or “I made all these tiny quiches and no one is here to eat them.”

So, with the surge of made-for-internet TV and online content coming out of Brooklyn and New York City that actually looks and sounds praiseworthy (not to mention Broad City getting picked up on Comedy Central), we got ourselves to thinking that someone should find out exactly how it’s done. After all, Brokelyn is nothing if not a highly curated panel of experts posing as your local news source. Just kidding, we talked to real experts who made acclaimed web series, from The Better Half, The Outs, Drunk Girls in Heels, Roomsies and The Triplets of Kings County. (more…)

04/29/14 2:53pm
triplets of kings county

They’re identical triplets, just 18 years old

It’s a rite of passage for so many people: you move to the Big City with hopes and dreams (and a sweet job in the Office of the Bronx Borough President), only to have the hard world destroy your dreams. In the case of the eponymous triplets of new web series The Triplets of Kings County, you move to the city after your dead parents die in a Grease fire, only to wind up in a haunted apartment. Oh, and your landlord is Punderdome 3000’s Jo Firestone. (more…)