09/22/15 11:10am
Aw. Photo via Craigslist

Aw. Photo via Craigslist

What price can you put on memories and life lessons, when those lessons are things like “never to try and pinch a fat skinhead’s nipples, and always get under a short ex-con when stopping him from throwing a cue ball at his girlfriend”? The more sentimental among you probably think memories are priceless, but hey, this is Hypercapitalist New York City, so your priceless memories of say, The Trash Bar could be preserved. Provided of course, you have $20,000/month. Damn you Cuba Gooding Jr.! (more…)

10/02/13 9:49am
This guy knows what we're talking about

This guy knows what we’re talking about

Star Trek, through a combination of George Lucas’ missteps, JJ Abrams’ reboot and Patrick Stewart’s Brooklyn phase, is getting a kind of public acceptance nerdy Trekkies in the 80s could have only dreamed of. And with almost fifty years of history composed of six TV series and twelve movies, Lord knows there’s plenty of useless crap for people to have learned watching Star Trek. So why not put it to use tonight by competing for free alcohol at the Trash Bar’s Final Frontier: Star Trek Trivia tonight? (more…)

07/05/13 2:29pm
Has this ever worked for anyone?

Has this ever worked for anyone?

1. Out of 25,000 photographs he took between 2005 and 2010, photographer Robert Madruga is displaying only 25 for an exhibit in Gowanus. Try not to think about all the photos you don’t see (Friday)

2. The Brick Theater is hosting an intersection of video games and performance art. We’re thinking Lara Croft delivering a piece from the Vagina Monologues, but we’re probably wrong (Friday)

3. Wasabassco Burlesque invites you to the Bell House to keep celebrating America the only way they know how to: with asses everywhere you look (Friday)

4. Mellow Pages moved over to a space that’s much, much larger than their old one, so they’re inviting you over to celebrate it. No readings, just hanging (Friday) (more…)

01/29/13 11:15am
They're calling it the Harbauwl this year. True story

They’re calling it the Harbauwl this year. True story

The problem with throwing a Super Bowl party in Brooklyn apartments is one of simple logistics: it requires space you don’t have. Even if your Bushwick loft does have the capacity to host a couple dozen drunks and a fifteen-foot hoagie, chances are you and your nine roommates haven’t gone in for basic cable, and maybe even a couple of them loathe sports and the average loud, loyal football fan. You’ve already shelled out to learn about football, so what do you do to keep your investment from being a waste? As with so many Brooklyn conundrums, where-to-watch-the-Super-Bowl is a question best answered with a trip to the bar. Here’s a list of spots showing the Big Game. (more…)