12/09/14 2:37pm
Photobooth photo by Bibi Booth, returning this year!

Photobooth photo by Bibi Booth in 2012′s party, returning this year!

It’s time to rifle through your laundry pile and find some pants, freelancers: the No Office Holiday Party is this Thursday! Sure, the annual tradition, which we co-host with our buddies at the skint, is a chance for the freelancers, work-from-homers, unemployed and otherwise itinerant workers of Brooklyn to gather to feel appreciated and get drunk on holiday cheer (and cheap drinks). But even if you have a real, adult office type party, we think the odds are pretty good that our party will be more fun. Find out why, and see what else is in store at the party, in this 10-point memo below. For one, we can tell you this party definitely does not require an etiquette guide of any kind.  (more…)

10/09/14 3:41pm
romy and michelle's high school reunion

Dress to impress, your old high school crush just might be there

So it turns out we’re not the only kids on the block celebrating turning high school memories from youthful regrets to grown up good times. Our pals over at the skint are giving beloved ugly ducklings to beautiful swans movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion the dance party tribute it deserves with Time After Time: Romy and Michele’s Tribute Dance Party at Littlefield on Saturday night. Torn at the idea of paying $5 in advance or $7 at the door, but then not being able to buy a nice guy a drink? Well check it out, you can win a pair of tickets from us! (more…)

11/21/13 12:57pm
Santa shares secrets at last year's No Office Holiday Party. Photo by Sarah Gainer.

Mrs. Claus shares secrets at last year’s No Office Holiday Party. Photo by Sarah Gainer.

Be you naughty or nice, employed or un, freelance or free-spirited, we can all agree that holiday parties should not be the sole provenance of desk-chained office workers. So polish off your karaoke caroling voice, lube up your mistletoe lips and hang your jeggings by the chimney with care, because the No Office Holiday Party is back for a third year on Dec. 12! Brokelyn is partnering with blogging buddies the skint and Greenpointers this year to bring our seasonal party back for an evening of holiday cheer, live-band karaoke, comedy and dancing that’s guaranteed to be so fun, you’d be embarrassed to go to work the next day if this was your real office. Details below! (more…)

Mario was a stooge of the monarchy, actually. Fun game though

Mario was a stooge of the monarchy, actually. Fun game though

There is, basically, nothing to look forward to on Mondays. Even if your birthday is on a Monday, you’re more likely to do something the preceding weekend than expect people to enjoy themselves the day after the weekend ends. So aren’t we surprised to be looking forward to this coming Monday, when the skint and Union Hall join forces to provide three hours of free old-school video games at Our Princess Is In Another Castle. (more…)

01/16/13 11:00am
Can you do better than Clementine's cinnamon rolls? We bet you can.

Can you do better than Clementine’s cinnamon rolls? We bet you can.

As we’ve previously discussed, Brooklyn is home to plenty of vegan stick-to-your-ribs goodness. Of course, why should we let professional chefs have all the fun of making food? What, they know better than us just because they’ve devoted their whole lives to it? Our buddies at the skint are giving you the chance to prove your vegan red velvet cake is just as good as a pro’s by entering their Vegan Bake Off, at the Bell House. (more…)

Who's got two thumbs and is ready to party with bloggers? via the Brooklyn Chem

The scene at last year’s party. Who’s got two thumbs and is ready to party with bloggers? via the Brooklyn Chem

So it’s bright and shiny outside when it isn’t gray and rainy. It’s still really close to Christmas, even if the weather thinks we’re in the middle of spring in Scotland. And there’s nothing better about Christmas than the parties. One of which is being held by ourselves and our bloggers-in-arms, Fucked in Park Slope, the skint and Brooklyn Based, Thursday at 7:30 at Littlefield. Oh, did you think I was gonna say the gifts are the best part of Christmas? Yeah, I’m Jewish, so I wouldn’t know. (more…)

12/13/12 8:00am

He doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice, just that you’ve been smashing the state

1. Check out a punk rock holiday benefit show at the Trash Bar. It benefits punk rock people like drug users and sex workers. (Friday)

2. Head to Videology to meet the Feebles. They sound friendly, but the Feebles are actually puppets on drugs. (Friday)

3. Go folk yourself. By which we mean enjoy a lovely evening of folk music. What did you think we were talking about? (Friday)

4. Nothing says Christmas like fuzzed-out, wailing rock music. Wait, we’re sorry. Nothing says war on Christmas more than that. (Friday)  (more…)

03/23/12 1:01pm

get a preview of the brooklyn folk festival (5/18-20) at jalopy with elizabeth butters, 4 o’clock flowers, the whiskey spitters and the dust busters, $10.

8pm: lush rock band bird of youth play the rock shop, $8.

8pm-3am: the red and black masquerade ball promises buto, aerialists, projection installations, and live music. red and black formalwear strongly encouraged. house of yes, $12 admission includes a drink. (more…)

03/16/12 4:00pm

7pm: musician/author and former soul coughing leader mike doughty discusses his book the book of drugs: a memoir at book court, free

8pm: new skaters get assigned to their teams at the gotham girls roller derby annual blow-out: the derbytaunt ball. free brooklyn brewery beer 8-9pm (while supplies last), $4 mixed sailor jerry cocktails and $2 sailor jerry shots all night long. littlefield, $15.  (more…)