04/17/17 11:32am

Earth Day is this weekend, which is a great opportunity to remember that the President and his allies either think that climate change is a Chinese hoax or are too concerned with generating profit for massive corporations to care that we’ll all be wearing full-body heat repellant suits and /or living in underwater communes soon if they don’t do something about it. This week brings the Climate March, small, local meetings, a few sign-making events, and plenty of ways to make the world a better place. (more…)

12/06/16 1:41pm
Don't just sit there! Where to get bystander intervention training for Trump's America

Don’t ever forget it, NYC. via Hollaback on FB

Open hate is on the rise. Last week, a Muslim woman was attacked on the 6 train (Update: The NYPD now says this story was false). Yesterday, a Muslim transit worker was pushed down the subway steps. These incidents stand out not merely as a reminder that everything is terrible (which it is), but as a study in contrasts: In the former, no one intervened. In the latter, a good samaritan reportedly stepped in.

The difference between standing by and standing up may be just a few seconds’ difference in the event, perhaps an extra slur avoided, but remember that it affects victims disproportionately to how it affects you where trauma is concerned. Plus, the effect of bystanders who do nothing is well-documented in history.

But with a 35 percent spike in hate crimes in NYC, standing up for a stranger feels like a zero sum game. How can you de-escalate a situation where someone is getting violent? How do you know whether they’re armed and looking for a fight? In other words, how can you save someone from getting hurt without getting hurt yourself?

Luckily, there are courses for that being offered both in-person and online! It sucks that we need this kind of training, but them’s the breaks. And if you count yourself among the fragile white majority, you definitely owe it to yourself to study up. Start by listening to WNYC’s segment on what to do if you witness a bias attack, and then let the real training begin, young grasshopper. (more…)

09/28/15 10:18am
The scene from Friday night's fire at the venue. via Facebook

The scene from Friday night’s fire at the venue. via Facebook

After being shut down by the city and then robbed on back to back days, Bushwick’s Silent Barn managed to rebuild at a new space on Bushwick Avenue. Now though, the venue will have to turn to rebuilding again, because it was suffered a fire in the third floor apartment space on Friday night. According to a Facebook statement put out by the venue, no one was hurt, but possessions were lost and shows will have to be relocated while the people who lived at and ran the Silent Barn figure out how to rebuild the space. You can help with that part though. (more…)

08/24/15 8:22am
via Facebook

Sorry Boots, your revolution is in another castle. via Facebook

You know, usually Monday comes around and I’m all glum and tell you guys to enjoy the night in spite of the fact that it’s Monday. Screw that today though, holy crap did you see Jon Stewart hit John Cena with a chair last night? Attack the week like you’re making a vicious and unexpected heel turn, starting by going out and having a great time at one of these events pulled from the Brokelyn Event Calendar. (more…)

06/23/15 2:06pm
Oh yeah, that's the stuff

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff

Ah The Room, that legendary, baffling disaster of a movie that became a cult classic thanks to long slow pans of the Golden Gate Bridge, the unplaceable accent of its star/director/writer Tommy Wiseau, the most uncomfortable sex scene ever recorded and the immortal delivery of the line “You are tearing me apart, Lisa!” Of course it’s fun to watch the movie with a crew of Room-iacs, but Bushwick theatre troupe Title:Point is bringing the accents, the spoons and the classic story of betrayal off the silver screen and onto the stage with a free performance of The Room at the Silent Barn next month. (more…)

02/24/15 1:23pm

With friends like these

Hey, wanna know something that can warm you up? The pure fear that comes from seeing a really frightening movie. Forget all that “blood chilling” stuff, if you see the kind of scary movie that gets your heart pounding and blood flowing fast, you’ll be plenty warm. It’s just science. Tonight you can get just the kind of scare to warm you up, because The Silent Barn is showing The Babadook for the not-so-scary price of five dollars. (more…)

12/04/14 10:31am
Toss the pigskin around before you see it, maybe

Toss the pigskin around before you see it, maybe

1. The Disposable Film Festival at Videology features movies made with everyday camera equipment that could be made by any yutz off the street, like you!  (Friday)

2. Or check out a film festival with work with fancier film equipment as the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective presents short films at Screen/Sounds (Friday)

3. You’re gonna be doing a lot of unhealthy eating this season, so it’s important to do things like dance like a lunatic at funk parties like The Mess Around (Friday) (more…)

10/03/14 1:12pm
the outsiders

Whatever face that is that Patrick Swayze is making, that’s how you’ll feel if you miss this

If you grew up in the American public education system, you’re probably familiar with The Outsiders, the classic novel of class war told through the lens of teenage feels and sock hops. It made enough of an impact on America to get banned a few times and remains controversial because it’s about gangs and bad teens, but the folks at the Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Avenue, Bushwick) found a way to make squares uncomfortable with the book even more uncomfortable by hosting a marathon reading of the book done by drag kings this Sunday. Will it be better than the traveling play version of the book some of us had to see in middle school? Definitely. (more…)

09/18/14 9:19am
If you have any better ideas of how to get people to hold your hand we'd like to hear them.

If you have any better ideas of how to get people to hold our hands we’d like to hear them. via Facebook

1. Join the DJs, musicians and artists of Late Bloomers at 7 Dunham to help out the New York City Urban Debate League. (Friday)

2. Why contra dance on land like a mere peasant when you can dance on a barge? (Friday)

3. OK GO are spinning DJ sets at Glasslands, hopefully from the comfort of a treadmill. (Friday) (more…)

05/20/14 3:58pm
robot party

Horrible robot baby sitters will even take care of our children one day.

Since an early age, you probably couldn’t imagine the future without robots thanks to the robots that proliferate in pop culture and blockbuster movies, from Battlestar Galactica to Terminator to The Matrix. Now that we’re nearing the future, there’s more and more robots around us, taking control of us. You may have become part robot yourself, with your iPhone in one hand and tablet in the other, Google Glass on your face, your mind in the Cloud, and even the hand used to mix your drink will soon be robot hand… To prevent your electronic body part extensions from running out of juice, meet others of your kind at the 100% Robot Party at Silent Barn, (603 Bushwick Ave), tomorrow night. (more…)