03/27/17 12:35pm
(Gaby Del Valle/Brokelyn)

Photo by Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

If you keep up the hard work, maybe Paul Ryan will actually blast Papa Roach from his car one day—this beautiful New York Times screenshot is, unfortunately, Photoshop, but someday the image of Ryan listening to “Last Resort” as his life’s work falls apart will exist in more than just our dreams. (more…)

03/07/17 10:26am
The kids are all right. (Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn)

The kids are all right. Photo by Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

Thousands of women across the country (and around the world) are going on strike tomorrow. They’re not just taking the day off from work—women in more than 30 countries have pledged to not do any paid or unpaid labor on International Women’s Day, which happens to be this Wednesday. The strike, which is being billed as “A Day Without A Woman,” is a followup to the Women’s March on January 21st, and is intended to show just how much women contribute to the economy and the world, especially in the face of an administration that threatens our rights and bodies.

In New York City, women and allies are gathering in Washington Square Park for a rally and march. The rally kicks off at 4pm, and at 5:30, everyone will march to Zuccotti Park, with a few stops along the way, including the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory site, the Varick Street Immigration Detention Center, and more. (more…)

03/06/17 1:15pm
Ask her!

Ask her! Photo by Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

It’s finally here, y’all: the women’s strike. And while the strike is intended to show just how much work women do, and is ultimately one of the biggest shows of force this week, that doesn’t mean every woman has the ability or resources to take a day off work. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to take action against Trump before, after, and during this Wednesday. Without further ado, here they are: (more…)

01/23/17 4:12pm
March on: Keep the momentum going with these anti-Trump events and fundraisers this week

Signs of protest at the Women’s Marchers in DC on Saturday. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

You were in pretty good company if you marched in DC, Manhattan, Antarctica or just your own living room on Saturday. The trick now is to roll that energy and momentum into continued action to keep up the pressure on the Trump administration, and on other lawmakers to keep it in check. The good news is, NYC is continuing to give you plenty of chances to protest and raise money for causes like Planned Parenthood, which bodes well for the next four years.

Here’s our latest roundup of anti-Trump events and fundraisers this week; we’ll keep updating it as more come in. (more…)

01/28/16 1:54pm
These hallowed, art-filled halls are ripe for the picking. via Facebook

These hallowed, art-filled halls are ripe for the picking. via Facebook

If you like art, but you can’t afford a single damn piece of it, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a bonafide gallery in Bushwick giving away all of theirs for free. According to the Brooklyn Paper, The Living Gallery is hosting a show called “Free the Art,” and they mean it literally.

The Paper spoke to gallery owner Nyssa Frank about the choice to give away the artists’ works to the highest bidder (of zero dollars): “The goal is to …[liberate] artists from equating money with their work.” (more…)

11/30/15 4:17pm
Morgan O'Kane brings the ruckus (#) (pic by Eraj Asadi)

Morgan O’Kane brings the ruckus (#8) (pic by Christian Kropfmuller)

1. Who would possibly want to be at Art Basel where it’s all hot and gross when you could save your money and hang with endless artists right here? Celebrate your prudent decision to stay put by hanging up one of your works at the Living Gallery’s Not in Miami BYOArt fair. (Monday, $5 suggested)

2. The New York Obscura Society specializes in strange and fascinating things, from cemetery parties to unusual lectures. Tonight the group presents Sita Sings the Blues, and animated film about the Hindu text Ramayana via 1930s jazz music. (Monday, $12)

3. Storytelling shows are all the rage, but here’s a new spin: at Take Two, each story will be told twice—the way it actually happened, and then the way it should have. With Cassie J Sneider, Kelli Dunham, Elana Lancaster, and more. (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

10/19/15 9:38am
Who makes the neon signs? Find out tonight! via Flickr user anaxolotl

Who makes the neon signs? Find out tonight! via Flickr user anaxolotl

Ugh, it’s Monday. It’s Monday and it’s called. The only saving grace today is that the NL EAST CHAMPION New York Mets are ahead 2-0 in the NLCS and are two games from the World Series. That should give you a pretty warm feeling inside tonight that helps you go out and enjoy yourself, and with a bunch of great things to do found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar it’s good that something other than whiskey can put some heat in your chest. (more…)

03/18/14 1:19pm
this n' that drink and draw

Drink and draw at This n’ That is a relaxed atmosphere in which to hide your alcoholism behind some culture. via Facebook

Drinking is no doubt a great vice to have in moderation. Drinking and drawing is an even sweeter combination in a borough full of such artistic ambition. The proliferation of drink n’ draw in Brooklyn brings to mind when Picasso found friends in Henri Matisse, Joan Miró and George Braque and would meet with them to exchange ideas in his and their craft. I picture them in Paris, the capital of the arts, drinking…and drawing together every week. Here’s a roundup of drink n’ draws in Brooklyn, whether you’re Picasso or just Picasso in your own mind: (more…)

12/19/13 10:00am
the slackers

These nice young men would like to play you some ska music. via Facebook

1. Drop in to a writer’s clinic to get some real talk on your terrible manuscript and how to make it a little better (Friday)

2. Head to this Christmas party at Radio Bushwick, where if you bring Christmas lights you’ll get $2 off admission. Finally, they do something for you other than tangling you up in knots (Friday)

3. The Slackers’ annual holiday show features all the ska you can fit in a fedora, along with balls out reggae weirdo Uzimon (Friday)

4. It’s a burlesque/dance party/art exhibit called Dick the Halls and it promises orgasms. If you skip this, it’s your own damn fault (Friday) (more…)

11/29/13 10:21am
the great thinker kim jong il propaganda

Greetings, capitalist dogs and imperialist lackeys. Enjoy the music.

1. Greenpoint vintage store People of 2morrow are having a big sale and party, with free wine. Go help them out and buy something so they can finally afford the “to” in “tomorrow” (Friday)

2. It’s the end of Movember, so shave your silly freaking mustache and celebrate that you no longer look ridiculous, at an End of Movember party at Spike Hill (Friday)

3. Get a look into the hermit kingdom of North Korea by watching two propaganda films made by their government. Should be a real funky get down Juche party (Friday) (more…)