06/24/15 12:34pm

If the prices were inflated, does that mean the water wasn't really "snow water"?. Photo by Madelyn Owens

If the prices were inflated, does that mean the water wasn’t really “snow water”?. Photo by Madelyn Owens

In what is perhaps the most un-shocking revelation of the year, Whole Foods, the organic supermarket you always thinks charges you too much, is actually overcharging you. The Department of Consumer Affairs conducted a sting operation last fall, going to every Whole Foods location in the city and weighing 80 different items. The operation, was to check that the priced matched “the accuracy of the weight marked on pre-packaged products.” Abby Lootens, an agency spokesperson, told the Daily News, that the labels for every item had inaccurate information, “with many overcharging consumers.” (more…)

04/27/15 10:06am
Keep that head on a swivel (or just brake at red lights). via Flickr user Juan José Richards Echeverría

Keep that head on a swivel (or just brake at red lights). via Flickr user Juan José Richards Echeverría

Getting a ticket for running a red light on your bike isn’t fun for anyone. You think it’s too expensive and hate having to pay it, people not on bikes hate you and wish you physical harm, the immortal dance continues unabated. If you’d like to avoid getting roped into said dance, we have some advice for you: stay the hell out of Fort Greene for the foreseeable future, because DNA Info reports police there are promoting a dubious crackdown on cyclists. Just in time for Bike Month! (more…)

04/21/15 12:38pm
The bouncers are especially wary of who to let in

Bouncers are especially wary these days

This weekend, Videology announced they can’t continue the Game of Thrones screenings they’ve been hosting for two years after receiving a cease and desist letter from HBO. Something about piracy, Northern Walls, and corporate lawyers. Videology’s not the only place around here that’s been illicitly showing Game of Thrones though, and we reached out to some of those other bars to hear what their plan was. The consensus: Winter is here and Game of Thrones viewings have gone underground. Welcome to the era of the Game of Thrones speakeasy. (more…)

04/15/15 3:46pm
broad city accountant

And it’s not that they’re not paying taxes because they can’t find a good accountant

It’s Tax Day. Most of you have already filed, which means you’re reading this with at least a general sense of relief. Some of you haven’t filed, and if you’re reading this then stop! Go do your taxes! But there are other people who are just sitting comfortably and watching tax day whoosh right past them: people who don’t pay their taxes, and don’t seem to be bothered too much by it. Curious who these people are? So were we, so we tracked down two Brooklynites who haven’t paid their taxes in a few years.

For obvious reasons, we’re giving them pseudonyms. You might have conjured up some image of money-eyed corporate tycoons who defraud the government year after year, but these women who decline to file fall on the opposite end of the fiscal spectrum: they’re broke. Each one has lived on taxed salary, and each one has lived on freelance income. And both have failed to file in both instances.

Are these two warriors against an unjust tax system, or just lazy? Read their stories and decide for yourself. (more…)

04/15/15 9:24am
Just let me pay the ticket and leave please

Just let me pay the ticket and leave please. via Flickr user istolethetv

No one likes getting traffic tickets, mostly because of the fines and because oh come on that light was definitely yellow/I was pulling my bike onto the sidewalk not riding on it and other reasons you did nothing wrong. Drivers at least have the option sometimes to skip a fine and go to traffic school where they pretend to learn, and soon cyclists might have that option if a new bill in front of the City Council gets passed. (more…)

nostrand bingo hall

The place where some grown ups were allegedly doing bad. via Google Images

Adam Sandler, a Midwood bingo hall operator who thought he could play big daddy is finding out that he might not be bulletproof after all, with the Brooklyn D.A. accusing him and a gang of grown ups of reigning over a $4 million gambling ring that was run out of the Nostrand Bingo Hall according to DNA Info. (more…)

01/21/15 9:17am
Hmm, we can't tell. IS this kicking? Or is it actually just gently petting?

Don’t you dare call this a kick, says Andre Robinson’s lawyer.

One of the most notorious accused criminals of our era (253,000 Google results) is Andre Robinson, the man otherwise known as the Brooklyn cat kicker. For those who need a refresher, he’s a 22-year-old Brooklyn man who was accused of attempted animal abuse after a YouTube video surfaced showing him punting a kitten into mid-air, which is the exact thing you don’t want to see go viral if you don’t want to become known as the “Brooklyn cat kicker.”

Despite video evidence showing him giggling after he brings his foot full-throttle into a little gray kitten’s chest and sends it flying like a championship pigskin Robinson hasn’t gone quietly in criminal court, and just yesterday turned down a plea deal offered by prosecutors, according to the New York Post. We’re thinking it’s because of the expert defense attorney Robinson has, whose parsing of legal terms and the English language has us wondering, “What is a ‘kick,’ really?”


10/30/14 11:12am
Just like the good old days. via Anchor Light

Just like the good old days. via Anchor Light

It’s been a little while since the days of landlords burning down their building in New York for fun and insurance money. After all, it’s much more fun and profitable to just jack up the rent, regardless of whether it’s legal or not. So we’ve gotta hand it to the building owner in Bed-Stuy who allegedly decided that he wanted to burn down a building he owns that’s being squatted in and then sell the land for profit, rather than the old timey reason of collecting insurance money. That kind of vintage move, but with a modern twist, is exactly the kind of thing that fits into modern day New York City. Also it fits because it’s people acting like goddamn monsters over real estate. (more…)

10/01/14 11:34am
prospect park cyclist

This fella ain’t too popular at the moment. via Flickr user Ahmed ElHusseiny

After a pedestrian in Central Park was killed by a cyclist using the area as his own personal velodrome, people started suggesting that cyclists going really really fast in Central Park wan’t the best idea. Unsurprisingly, that suggestion is being made for Prospect Park cyclists too. Instead of civilians doing the suggesting by shaking their fists at you, the NYPD is going to be the ones doing it, by stepping up enforcement in the park, according to Park Slope Stoop’s report from the latest meeting at the 78th Precinct. (more…)

09/12/14 1:56pm
rocka rolla

What’s a little listeria between friends though, really? Photo by David Colon

It’s not every day that Williamsburg gets an awesome new bar, especially since these days Williamsburg is fast becoming the domain of complete fucking assholes. Still, we were heartened to see the appearance of Rocka Rolla (486 Metropolitan Avenue), a rock and roll bar with a party vibe and gigantic beers for not much money. Sadly, the squares at the Health Department didn’t seem to share our love of the new bar and slapped the food truck in the back with a violation. This also supports our theory that the bar is clearly on a cursed corner. (more…)