03/02/17 9:00am
Say konichiwa to JK Pop with The Lothario (#5)

Say konichiwa to some JK Pop with The Lothario (#5)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Get in formation and head to Puppet Playlist #23: Beyoncé, where a dozen puppeteers have prepared short puppet skits to the tunes of the one and only Queen Bey. (Friday, Triskelion Arts, $15)

2. Learn a new way to groove at Brooklyn Contra Dance, a cross between swing and square dancing, with a live 10-piece band. Beginners welcome. (Friday, Camp Friendship, $15)

3. Get funny chills at Comedy Electric #10, with Justin Williams, Alvin Irby, Maria Heinegg, Elsa Waithe, Boris Khaykin, Clark Jones, and a surprise guest. (Friday, Franklin Electric, FREE) (more…)

11/12/15 3:03pm
OPERA FIGHT! via Facebook

OPERA FIGHT! via Facebook

Thursday night’s alright for fighting, so get a little action in. That’s the old song they sing, right? So anyway, you could stay home and watch the new Missy Elliot video on repeat the whole night, and I could respect that. On the other hand, it really would be good if you looked on the Brokelyn Events Calendar, called some friends and decided to do something. They miss you. (more…)

10/09/15 11:58am
You can see Life Size Maps up close and life-sized, for free at CMJ. Photo by Narumi Iyama, via Facebook

You can see Life Size Maps up close and life-sized, for free at CMJ. Photo by Narumi Iyama, via Facebook

This year marks the 35th anniversary of CMJ Music Marathon, one of the best platforms for new music in, well, America. It just so happens to take place in New York City, and you too can own an access badge to the whole thing for the low low price of most of your rent for the month. Alternatively, if there’s a show on this list that really appeals to you, you can buy an individual ticket for that show. OR, you could check out OUR handy dandy list of shows, chock full of up and coming artists hand picked by CMJ, that are all totally FREE! You are reading Brokelyn, after all. We know our audience. So here we go! Free shows! Yeah!

Note: Some of these shows require an RSVP, so we’ve let you know which ones. We’re helpful! (more…)

02/04/15 2:41pm
tinder live

Now with more prison! via Zoomin.tv

It seems that you can’t even have a conversation without the mention of Tinder, the seedy characters involved and the bizarre narrative that usually follows. You may have also seen Lane Moore tear it apart on the site in a web-based version of her cheap comedy show, Tinder LIVE. If you haven’t made it out to the actual show though, this time around she is bringing you a version of it that could really kindle your flame, by doling out love advice and Tinder zingers with the all-star cast of Orange is the New Black including that trigger-happy Yoga Jones (Connie Shulman, who is also the voice of Patti Mayonnaise!) and nun-gone-bad Sister Jane (Beth Fowler).  (more…)

11/08/13 10:49am
Comic Arts brooklyn

It’s like they took your life and made it art! via Facebook

You love comics and want to do something cool this weekend, but you’re short on cash because you blew all your money on comics bills. Well we’ve got something FREE for you! Presented by Desert Island, Comic Arts Brooklyn is a comics festival in Williamsburg that offers something for everyone, whether you want to talk about comics, buy comics or just look at them. (more…)

07/25/13 1:00pm
T-t-t-t-t-t-touch me

T-t-t-t-t-t-touch me

1. It’s a free screening of either Rocky Horror or Labyrinth, the choice is yours: the time warp or uh, that thing from the movie we never saw. Choose wisely! (Friday)

2. Comedy troupe Sylvan is doing a free secret show with free beer, but they won’t tell you the address until you text them. Is this a plot by the Joker? Or that dude from Saw? Only one way to find out! (Friday)

3. Speaking of murder, Brooklyn Launchpad is hosting a murder mystery beach party (Friday)

4. Or stay away from murder entirely and watch some short animated movies at Rooftop Films’ Animation Block Party in Gowanus (Friday) (more…)

I Am The Heat, playing for Haiti tonight

I Am The Heat, playing for Haiti tonight

Combine the high-stylin’ festivities of Fashion Week with doing some much-needed good, and you get what we call an unmissable night out. Tonight, Sept. 14, at the Knitting Factory, the W’Burg brand Brooklyn Royalty is throwing Fashion Rocks for Haiti, a back-to-school fundraiser and indie gogo launch party. It’ll be an evening of live music, exclusive BKR fashion and dollars to help educate girls in Haiti. (more…)