04/17/17 9:27am

Feel fabulous AF with Emi Grate (#2). Photo by Jessye Herrell Photography

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Show off your nostalgic smarts at Totally ’90s Trivia, with questions ranging from music to TV to film to pop culture, plus themed prizes and drink specials. (Monday, Way Station, FREE)

2. Have a fabulous time at Grate Night Show, a new weekly theatrical talk show starring Burmese drag star Emi Grate, this week joined by Crimson Kitty and Jessica L’Whor. (Monday, Starr Bar, FREE)

3. Hear about how to clean this borough the heck up at Superfund Brooklyn, where Executive Publisher of City Limits Jarrett Murphy talks to a panel of experts about three major BK environmental remediation projects. (Tuesday, Brooklyn Historical Society, $5) (more…)

04/03/17 10:06am
Vamp it up with Took Edalow (#6) (pic via Facebook)

Vamp it up with Took Edalow (#6) (pic via Facebook)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Learn about all the good graphic novels can do for the world at Comics as a Force for Social Change, with authors John Jennings, Damian Duffy, and Thi Bui. (Monday, Greenlight Books, FREE)

2. Watch weird animation late at night at Dirty Morning Cartoons, with dozens of strange shorts by Sick Animation, Leah Shore, Nick DenBoer, Felix Colgrave, and many more, curated by Cartuna. (Monday, Lo-Res Bar, FREE)

3. Hear a host of nontraditional voices at A Path of Their Own: Asian American Creatives, with presenters including producer Jaeki Cho, curator Hawa Arsala, composer Kavita Shah, content creator Jaysn Kim, and many more. (Tuesday, BRIC, FREE)  (more…)

02/09/17 10:19am
Save the last dance for The Mad Doctors (#4) (pic by Marisa KM)

Save the last dance for The Mad Doctors (#4) (pic by Marisa KM)

Stay informed about fundraisers and other anti-Trump events across NYC in our weekly activism roundup here.

Note: Check with organizers to see if any of these events are affected by the snowstorm.

1. Listen to a new frequency at Work x Work On Air, four days of curated programming celebrating the art of storytelling, podcasting, and experiential audio. (Friday through Sunday, Wythe Hotel, FREE)

2. Bring the gals to Eve Productions’ Queer Bingo Mingle, with hot numbers action followed by drink specials and dancing for queer ladies and their pals. (Friday, Club Xstasy, $5 per Bingo board)

3. Learn about dudeliness at It’s a Guy Thing, where Ziwe Fumudoh, Meaghan Strickland, Lucy Randall, and Hamm Samwich explain manly stuff to the womanly hosts. (Friday, Union Hall, $6) (more…)

01/30/17 10:52am
Get fierce with HaraJuku Queen (#10)

Get fierce with HaraJuku Queen (#10)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here. If you just need diversion for your week, read on.]

1. Freak out in some strange corners of the internetz at D E E P, Chris Osborn’s curated night of weird and wild web videos, described as a “public internet K-hole.” (Monday, Videology, FREE)

2. Get wasted while gaming at Super Trashed Bros East, where comedians, merrymakers, and the audience battle each other at video games while also battling their own inebriation. (Monday, Way Station, FREE)

3. Participate in a vibrant discussion at A Community Conversation About Culture in Brooklyn, helping NYC develop its first-ever New York City Cultural Plan. (Tuesday, BRIC, FREE) (more…)

10/27/16 10:10am
Rozay Labeija will slay you at Cryptkeepers (#4)

Rozay Labeija will slay you at Cryptkeepers (#4)

1. Start your Halloween weekend artfully with Norte Maar’s Beat Nite Greenpoint, with 10 galleries around the neighborhood open late. (Friday, Greenpoint, FREE)

2. Be a relaxed witch at Chick Flicks & Coloring, with Halloween-themed coloring books, group tarot readings, a screening of Practical Magic, midnight margaritas, and more. (Friday, Threes Brewing, $13)

3. See a slew of musicians in costume at the Halloween Cover Bands Bash, with performances of everyone from MC5 to Green Day to Marvin Gaye to Sonic Youth. (Friday & Saturday, The Gutter, FREE) (more…)

10/03/16 9:08am
Geek out over gorgeous gals (and guys!) like Stella Chuu (#6).

Geek out over gorgeous gals (and guys!) like Stella Chuu (#6).

1. Have your delicate sensibilities shaken at Mystic Circus: Fly or Die, a touring act that began in Coney Island, starring sideshow performer Rush Hicks, lyra performer Shauni Fatale Deveaux, and a slew of others. (Monday, Bizarre Bushwick, $5)

2. Scare yourself silly at Horror Mondays, with free horror movies all night — from The Descent to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre — plus free popcorn while it lasts. (Monday, The Gutter, FREE)

3. Suds it up at It’s Brewing in Brooklyn, a panel discussion with heavyweight beer folks including John La Polla, co-owner of Bitter & Esters; Greg Doroski, co-owner of Threes Brewing; and Jason Sahler, owner and head brewer of Strong Rope Brewery. With beer tastings, of course. (Tuesday, BRIC, FREE) (more…)

07/21/16 1:50pm
Rock out with the Starlight Girls (#4)

Rock out in a new spot with the Starlight Girls (#4)

1. Learn how to protect yourself at the CryptoParty, a hands-on evening of email encryption, cyberpunk geniuses, and digital defense — plus snacks. (Friday, NYC Resistor, FREE)

2. Get farcical at Spiegelworld comedic circus extravaganza Vegas Nocturne, “the worst night of the greatest show that nobody ever saw.” (Friday, House of Yes, $20)

3. Laugh it up at Sasheer Zamata: Party Time!! Outdoors! with guests Jermaine Fowler, Yamaneika Saunders, and Molly Austin, and now in a new spot in Industry City. (Friday, The Landing, $10) (more…)

08/01/14 9:34am
afropunk festival

If it’s August, then it’s time for the Afropunk Festival. It’s also time for a bunch of other things, but mostly Afropunk. via Flickr user Marques Stewart

Wow, it’s August already? It seems like just yesterday we were bundled up like an Eskimo making that dreaded trek to the subway only to get on the train and start undressing by layers in a pool of our own sweat, then starting the process all over five stops later when it was time to get off and face the elements again. And although there has been more than enough excitement to be had, so many of those beach days are now somehow in the rear view.  Before we start focusing on what was and could have been, though, let’s focus on all the good times to come, all the sweat and hot garbage and barbecues and rooftops you’ve yet to indulge. It’s summer in the city and we’ve got more than enough time to sizzle and swelter in style.

A little over a month ago, we gave you the first third of our 93 Days of Summer guide, which suggested the best ways to spend June and July. So, here we are with you in need of an affordable agenda for an accelerated August and us having just that. Funny how things work out that way. So without further ado, get out there and get your shine on! (more…)

11/25/13 1:13pm
dive art


Most people go into bar bathrooms for only three purposes: having sex, doing coke or actually answering nature’s call. And sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you do the first two options together. But it turns out there’s a fourth reason to go into a bar bathroom: to see art. Or at least two videographers managed to make it seem like Brooklyn’s dive bar bathrooms are lovely art exhibits as well as places to pee, in their video Dive Art. Between this and ToiletFinder, clearly toilets are New York’s new booming industry. Typical de Blasio’s New York. (more…)

It's like Russian Roulette tattoos!

It’s like Russian Roulette tattoos!

Hey, it’s time again for what is quickly becoming one of the most popular brand tie-in giveaways in all of Brooklyn: Free Sailor Jerry tattoo day! On June 12, the dark rum brand will be giving out 102 free tattoos at The Gutter in Williamsburg, in honor of the actual Normal “Sailor Jerry” Collins, the tattoo artist for whom the brand is named, who would have turned 102 this year (Collins died on June 12, 1973). It’s first-come, first-served, so there will probably be a line well before the 7pm start time. And there’s a twist this time: you choose your tattoo by throwing a dart at a dart board, which seems a bit risky, but you’re already getting a free rum-sponsored tattoo, so why stop there? And afterwards, a free shot of rum for the tattooed, and Sailor Jerry drink specials and free food from Bark hot dogs for the rest.  (more…)