10/06/16 3:50pm
Union Hall is for indulging your inner Belle's library fantasies.

Union Hall provides ales and ambiance, perfect for getting lost in a novel.

We often can’t help ourselves from buying a book whenever we pass a bookstore. We’ll save money for beer, of course, because we want to devour our literary haul with some lagers in one of our favorite reading venues: a bar! Not all bars are equal in the eye of the reader, naturally. Who wants to read where jaeger bombs are the norm? To save you the time searching, we compiled a list of fifteen places we think are the best Brooklyn bars to read in, along with suggestions on what to read.

Since most normies converge on pubs when night falls, these places are best read in during the day. But a good number of them remain quiet enough on weeknights to take in some text. Just remember to take care of your bartender if you’re going to spend a lot of time there.  (more…)

The Gate

The Gate
321 Fifth Ave. at 3rd St, Park Slope

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What is it: Park Slope’s original craft beer pioneer, now in their 19th year. Huge beer selection, specialty bottles, vintage ales.

Why we love it: When you first enter the Gate you wonder where the bartenders went – turns out you couldn’t see them behind the row of beer taps. Their selection is enormous and they have a beer for any craving you may have, whether hoppy, light, malty or stout. The bar is peopled by friendly locals. When the weather’s nice, the spacious outdoor deck is the place to be – if you can find a seat. Wide-open people watching and views of the historic Old Stone House where the Battle of Brooklyn raged 239 years ago.

What to order: The beer selection rotates often and seasonally, but if you’re looking for something special, try the vintage ales in their legendary stock cellar. 

Regular tip: The Gate is definitively a “local” inspired by the owners love of the pubs in Ireland’s Slieve Anieran mountains where the “eternal peat fire” burns.

02/17/15 1:13pm
nyc beer week

All those glasses are ready for you. via Facebook

There are a lot of weeks in winter. Presidents Week, Restaurant Week, New York Fashion Week, all those other weeks in between that are vaguely cold and unimportant. But there is one week, above all, that lifts our spirits every February, and that is NYC Beer Week. The 10-day celebration of New York beer is kicking off this Friday across the boroughs, and we’ve sifted through to find you the best free and cheap events happening in Brooklyn.

The 7th Annual NYC Beer Week begins Friday, February 20 and ends Sunday, March 1—yes, that’s right, the precious week is so epic, it miraculously lasts for ten days instead of seven—and though it includes a lots of events that we can’t afford (the Opening Bash on Feb. 21, Brewers Choice on Feb. 24 and the Closing Beer and Brass Brunch on March 1, to name a few) but there are also lots of free events to enjoy throughout the extended week.  Pro tip: bring your Beer Books! (more…)

the gate brooklyn

That’s a whole lotta fives. via Facebook

Ah, 1997, a much simpler time. The economy was humming along, built on a rickety claptrap of cheap money that would in no way come back to bite us. AOL was king of the internet. Our mayor stood behind the police when they killed a guy, instead of mildly suggesting they were wrong sometimes. And in Park Slope, a dog-friendly bar was opening their doors and their yard to the world. That bar was The Gate, and to celebrate their 19th year in business, they’re rolling back prices on 20 of their draft beers to $5 all month, just like they were pricing them in 1997. (more…)

the gate

Who could object to this? via Facebook

There’s nothing like a dog-friendly bar, at least for most of us out there. Drinking and beer and petting dogs, it’s just a great way to live. Some people apparently can’t handle that kind of awesomeness though, as Park Slope Stoop and DNA Info reported, some monster called 311 to complain about the fact that Park Slope’s The Gate lets people bring their dogs in. Obviously there are worse people in the world, but we’re gonna put you in the top 5 this week, anonymous 311 narc. (more…)

07/07/14 10:17am
saint catherine trivia night

You can use that smart brain of yours to win stuff like cheese at The Saint Catherine’s trivia night. via Facebook

You can pretty much find trivia any night of the week in Brooklyn. Sure it’s great to win a round or two of drinks, but sometimes we want to feel like we’re on a game show and take home a grand prize—besides a hangover. Here are eleven bars that offer more than a bar tab. (more…)

02/22/13 1:53pm
These guys are traditionalists

These guys are traditionalists

If your liver is still functioning after three-month Hurricane Sandy-to-Drynuary holiday of sad winter intoxication, then you have one final chance to finally kill it off. The 5th Annual NYC Beer Week starts today! The New York City Brewers Guild has taken over 120 venues across the city (32 in Brooklyn) for all kinds of sudsy New York beer-related events through March 3rd. The big kick-off party is tonight from 7-10 p.m. at Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo, and we’ve included some hot BK events below. Just remember, when you gaze long into a beer glass, the beer glass also gazes into you.