05/25/16 9:00am
All photos by K. Hartnett / Brokelyn

Just like a wrestling match, but cleaner. All photos by K. Hartnett / Brokelyn

Dishwashers: they clean among us, unseen.

Whether you’re a concerned roommate tidying up at home, a guest helping out a party host after things clear out or a professional sudser working back-of-house at a restaurant, you know that “doing the dishes” is thankless endeavor. It’s tedious, silent and occasionally gross, depending on whose dishes you’re doing. And yet, the need for proper dishwashing becomes absolutely clear once you’ve pulled a plate from your cabinet and seen the remnants of your boyfriend’s lasagna from Tuesday night.

The best dishwashers marry finite technique with maximum efficiency to get the job done. And this past Sunday, The Diamond Bar in Greenpoint set out to find the best of the best at a Brooklyn Dishwashing Duel.

Billed as “a high-octane domestic event staged in the glory of the only beer bar left in the once-thriving neighborhood of Greenpoint,” The Diamond’s dishwashing duel pitted neighborhood restaurants Le Gamin and Motorino against one another, and each restaurant put forth their champions for a three-round battle that would measure the dishwashers’ skill, efficiency and artistry.

While the competing teams got into pre-match mentality, dirty dishes from the morning’s $5 brunch were rounded up and placed in separate dish soakers. Host Jamie Hook kicked off the event by sharing a heartbreak and trumph-filled story of his time as a dishwasher in Maine, canonizing the unsung heroes of the service industry.

“Without dishes we’re not having a meal, we’re just having food,” said Hook.  (more…)

beach bazaar the diamond

The Diamond want to take you here this weekend. via Flickr user greenplasticamy

If you’re in dire need of a winter escape, but find yourself inconsolably stuck in town, the folks at The Diamond (who just so happen to be in Beer Book 5) have just the thing for you: a “Winter Beach Bazaar” this Saturday at 4pm. There, you can do the limbo and eat fish tacos and merrily delude yourself among the fellow wintery-weary. We know, snow. But check it: it’s free to just show up, and your first drink free as long as you’re sporting a Hawaiian shirt/tropical-themed attire over those layers. (more…)