11/05/13 9:42am
Daily Show Joe Lhota

When they’re right, they’re right.

This mayoral election has not exactly not lacked for drama. Or to put it more simply, poor Joe Lhota never really seemed to have a chance. An absence of drama though, also means an absence of comedy, so we haven’t seen The Daily Show check in on the election in its backyard, until they did last night. Their takeaway? We’re trading an exceptionally tiny mayor for an “implausibly tall” one, who’s won the race before it was over. (more…)

06/07/13 1:05pm
Look at this brownshirt. Pinkshirt. WHATEVER, GIVE BACK THE PARKING

Look at this brownshirt. Pinkshirt. WHATEVER, GIVE BACK THE PARKING

CitiBike: Nazi-Muslim plot? Autocratic government run amok? Or just, y’know, some bikes, that everyone can use? The Daily Show was has occasionally checked in with things that are relevant to our interests wanted to talk to the citizens of New York City about bike share, and what did they find? Well sure there was some cherry-picking going on, but mostly they found petulant old white people. And a couple bad-asses from Bed-Stuy. (more…)

Smile if you deserve to be voted out of office!

Smile if you deserve to be voted out of office!

You may have heard that professional aggrieved person/member of the New York State Assembly Dov Hikind recently found himself in a little hot water. And for what, just a little blackface during Purim? And saying things like “someone gave me the hair of the actual, you know, sort of a black basketball player.” Oh and then abjectly refusing to apologize and saying things like “maybe I would be a gay person . . . by the way, would that be okay, Zev? If I played a gay person next year?” Well, the Daily Show noticed too, covering it by going over Hikind’s record of standing up against intolerance (of Jews) and then with their official Purim correspondent dropping Yiddish bombs left and right. (more…)

01/25/13 12:40pm
Crafter slam!!

Wait till they find out about Regretsy.

Remember Paul Ryan? He was that child actor the Republicans hired to try to run in between Barack Obama’s legs while he was carrying pork to the socialist BBQ, only to watch him suplexed by Joe Biden and fade away. Until this week, when Obama’s inaugural speech reminded us of Ryan’s oft-repeated “takers vs. makers” catch phrase. Jon Stewart on Wednesday used that as a chance to take a swipe at the most notorious “makers” in the world: Brooklyn-based Etsy. See the clip below: (more…)

05/02/12 2:15pm
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Sick of artisanal mayo, gourmet mustard and hand-crafted double-churned organic tweed-covered session marmalade? So is Lewis Black. “Oh what a surprise, a trust fund hipster talking out of his ass.” Guess we won’t be seeing him at The Great Googamooga, huh? [Via Eater.]

In case you missed it from last night, because you were too busy considering a two-shelf solution to the Park Slope Food Coop’s Israeli products crisis. This video was made before the vote last night, where coop members decided not to boycott the products (or not to vote to boycott the products, whatever).

Via The Daily Show. (more…)