09/21/15 4:27pm
Meowza. All photos by Maria Travis

Meowza! All photos by Maria Travis

There were already people queuing up foe entry to The Cat’s Meow when we arrived, at 11am on the morning of its grand opening this past Saturday. It was quite the fee line, with everyone waiting to pony up their $5 for half an hour of playtime with some twenty furry creatures inside the space. Some folks had even made reservations. But regardless of walk-up or appointment, everyone donned labels with a time stamp indicating when they’d first come in.

For our part, we chatted, petted, and got some pretty adorable pictures of the whole affair. While the borough’s first-ever cat café is certainly not the best of its kind, it succeeds as an adoption initiative and a space for cuddling—and that’s something we can get behind. So, with that said, here’s our rundown of The Cat’s Meow (354 Myrtle Avenue).  (more…)

They're already fitting in purr-fectly

They’re already fitting in purr-fectly

As we all know, Manhattan has not just one, but two cat cafes. The nerve of that expensive borough hogging all the cat cafes in this city just makes our blood boil. But oh what’s this? A pop-up cat cafe is coming to Brooklyn starting this weekend, just in time for cuddling season. So long Manhattan, we don’t need you for a damn thing anymore (except most of your jobs we guess)! (more…)