04/17/17 11:32am

Earth Day is this weekend, which is a great opportunity to remember that the President and his allies either think that climate change is a Chinese hoax or are too concerned with generating profit for massive corporations to care that we’ll all be wearing full-body heat repellant suits and /or living in underwater communes soon if they don’t do something about it. This week brings the Climate March, small, local meetings, a few sign-making events, and plenty of ways to make the world a better place. (more…)

09/10/14 11:27am
Time 2 learn

Time 2 learn

If you’re suffering the wave of back-to-school nostalgia that Target commercials and Old Navy window displays forces on the post-grad crowd, you’re not alone. You may be done shopping for dorm supplies (take a minute to celebrate never needing a shower caddy again) and composition books may never be in your life again, but you’re never too old to continue learning.

College classes are tempting, and expensive, to broaden your education, but there are plenty of university-less classes in New York that will teach you valuable, and practical lessons, like new languages, how to further your career, make a ceramic bowl, code an app, and much more, and you shouldn’t have to take out any loans to do it! Plus, you may learn a new marketable skill. Etsy always has room for another liberal arts grad… (more…)

You know how your grandmother could take a tattered piece of clothing, apply needle and thread and then, in a blur of old-world legerdemain, the thing was suddenly better than freakin’ new? Well, time to dredge up some of that innate garment-reclaiming handiness and save yourself a trip to Goodwill. Tonight’s the first-ever Mending Circle, a free monthly workshop at the Textile Arts Center in Park Slope. Along with the Sewing Rebellion, the center’s bringing together menders, sewers and stitchers to share their almost-lost arts and help you save your most “lovingly”-worn stuff. (more…)