06/08/15 12:42pm
brooklyn navy yard

In the Navy (Yard)/There’s a bunch of stuff to see! In the Navy (Yard)/Open to you and me! via Flickr user Tracy O.

From hosting complainers during Fashion Week to being declared a national landmark, the Brooklyn Navy Yard has been getting plenty of hype lately. But unless you work here or live in the surrounding neighborhoods, chances are good you haven’t ventured to this pocket of our borough. Not unlike… almost all of Brooklyn, the Navy Yard has changed drastically in recent years. Once one of the most active military shipbuilding sites in the U.S. all the way back to the days the Revolutionary War, the Navy Yard is now a vast, urban industrial park dedicated to sustainability. It’s home to almost 330 widely diverse businesses which employ over 7000 people. Though non-employees can’t always access the secure confines of the yard, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore it! We’ve compiled a list of things you should do and see in the Yard, as well as just a sampling of the awesome work from this hotbed of creativity and innovation. (more…)

02/09/10 10:26am
The "pop tarts" at Ted & Honey, photo by Aaron Fedor.

"Pop tarts" at Ted & Honey, photo by Aaron Fedor.

The day that you love or hate is coming up. If you wake up Sunday morning with no one in your bed, stay there all day and eat garlic knots. It is a Sunday. If, however, you’re celebrating a new crush or a long-time love, here are some budget-friendly ideas from some of our favorite Brooklyn foodists. Bon appetit!, Brokelyn Luv Style.

1) Go for a sugar high. “I love the homemade Pop Tarts from Ted & Honey in Cobble Hill (264 Clinton St., 718-852-2212). They have absolutely zero in common with that beloved and most favored breakfast of my youth—they’re buttery rectangular tarts fashioned from paté sucre and they come filled up until swollen with fresh strawberry preserves, or peanut butter and homemade jelly, or the most decadent, chocolate and banana ($3.50 each). No toasting needed. (more…)