04/17/12 11:21am

#shitnoonesays. Via Jamie NYC.

Paying your taxes is not equivalent to just throwing your money in the trash, according to a new study, because paying the gub’mint gives you a “warm glow” utility that makes “you feel good about helping others” or some such socialist claptrap.  Perhaps you’re particularly attuned to the oddness of our tax system after this year of Occupying and injustice that you don’t have your own car elevator to write off. Well too bad! There’s nothing to be done about it now except to dull the pain. This year’s tax day freebies include the usual roundup of fast food options from Arby’s, Hooters and IHOP, but also includes a relief program at Halyards that features free drinks! (more…)

04/15/11 8:26am

Hey kids, it’s tax day. And technically, Monday is tax day, too. We hope you’ve already tackled the challenge: Maybe you used a guy, maybe you used your brain, so long as you’re not sitting in front of your computer right now cursing at Turbotax’s back button. The upside of this time of year is that a lot of companies feel your pain, and they would like to give you free stuff over the next week. Want to wake up with some coffee? Get it for free! Maybe your financial-paper-carrying tote bag busted? You can get one for free, too! A comprehensive list of tax time 2011 freebies, below. (more…)