02/09/17 4:57pm
Here's why Brooklynites lined up at 10am yesterday for these Planned Parenthood tattoos

A patron gets “choice” tattooed on their arm during the Part to Protect Fundraiser yesterday. Photo by Tony Falcone.

Never underestimate the allure of cheap tattoos in Brooklyn, especially when those tattoos are killer feminist designs that benefit Planned Parenthood. Dozens of eager tattoo subjects lined up outside Magick City in Greenpoint yesterday for the Tattoo to Protect Your Parts fundraiser yesterday. The event didn’t start until 2pm, but if you weren’t in line by noon, you were out of luck. About 80 people total got the chance to pay $40 for a tattoo, with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood NYC Votes. The event was the brainchild of Party to Protect, a group founded in the post-election malaise to help raise money for things under attack during the Trump administration like reproductive rights and basic human decency.

“I think we’ve all spent a few nights just on the couch with a blanket just crying about the state of the world,” Laura Matthei, one of the group’s organizers told us. “This is obviously something that’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. The framework is being laid out. I thought we were immune to stuff like that and we’re no longer immune. And that’s really terrifying and we want to do everything we can to combat this.” (more…)

11/30/16 4:31pm
Just your regular day getting tattooed in NYC. via IG user @puritythroughobscurity

Just your regular day getting tattooed in NYC. via IG user @puritythroughobscurity

Once upon a time, tattoos were the kind of life-affirming mistake you could afford to make. It was practically a rite of passage for rebellious teens and nihilistic adults alike to walk themselves into a tattoo parlor after a drunken, debaucherous night out and get inked, or at least widespread enough to inspire those verboten signs you see in most parlor shop windows today.

Not so anymore. Nowadays, tattoos are a luxury you’ve got to be especially conscious and sober to make in New York City, and the results of a new study by video marketing app Yeay confirm it. According to their Global Tattoo Trend Index, New York ranks as the third most expensive place in the world to get a tattoo, at an average cost of $224/hour to go under the needle. The only cities more expensive than ours are San Francisco ($280/hour) and Tokyo ($253/hour). We’re so expensive, in fact, that we don’t even make it onto Yeay’s index for “tattoo tourism” — top city for that is Denpasar, Indonesia, fyi — presumably because even the dumb tourists slow-walking through the city know they have it better elsewhere.

Guess we can just add this to the trash pile of things getting too expensive to be worth it in NYC, along with real estate and breakfast cereal.

06/08/16 1:44pm
Show off your tattoos to get free drinks at this new East Village bar

Black Rose love tattoos, just like bartenders worldwide (this pic is from Spain). Via Flickr user jclabarca.

Tattoos are great for scene cred but that and a bag of nickels still aren’t enough to buy you a tube of Bacitracin to take care of your ink. They can cost a lot but they’re also a way to shortcut your fear of commitment and do something you’ll be forced to live with for the rest of your life, however long it will take to explain that Mooninites tattoo to your grandchildren. So to celebrate the body-art-positive people of New York City, newly opened East Village spot Black Rose is offering a “free drink with your ink” tattoo tuesday specials.  (more…)

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You have to do the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done at some point in your life. May as well be today. via Facebook

Despite all the damage George Lucas did to the mythos by introducing things like midichlorians, child actors and Jar Jar Binks to the universe, people still love Star Wars. And why not, it’s great! People also love memes and wordplay, so May the 4th (see it sounds like “May the Force”) has become an unofficial holiday on the internet and in real life. If tweeting “May the 4th be with you” isn’t going far enough for you, might we suggest getting one of the special Star Wars tattoos being offered today only at Tattoo Wonderland. It’s easier than making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, we know that much. (more…)

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citizen ink friday the 13th tattoos

Citizen Ink is feeling lucky, are you? via Facebook

Check out our updated list for offers happening on Friday the 13th in March 2015

Don’t look now, but Friday the 13th is fast approaching once again. Some folks may like to mark the occasion by sitting back and watching Jason Takes Manhattan for the umpteenth time, while others might dive under their beds at midnight, crippled with fear for the ensuing 24 hours. For those of us who are not stricken with triskaidekaphobia, and are not crazy about the eighth, not-very-good installment of an 80s horror franchise, how’s about a sweet tattoo deal? If you’ve finally decided to get that flaming bag of poop, UFO, or shattered mirror, but were waiting for the price to be just right, check out these eight spots for $13 Friday the 13th tattoo specials. This will be the very last Friday the 13th of 2014, so why risk living out the next several months in regret? (more…)

04/15/14 4:21pm
tattoo removal

This will never wind up being a mistake!

Say, like New York Times executive editor Jill Ambramson or certain employees of Brokelyn LLC, you once went out and got a tattoo of the place that you work for. But then you end up getting fired in disgrace and you’re stuck with the tattoo forever, like certain employees of Brokelyn LLC constantly fear. What do you do? You get this Groupon for tattoo removal and fix your terrible mistake. We can’t help you with the rest of the ways you’ve screwed your life up, but we can at least help with this. (more…)

01/13/14 5:49pm
We'll ink to that.

We’ll ink to that.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is what would have been the original Sailor Jerry’s birthday, and you know what that means? Lots of jokes about crusty seamen! Sorry, couldn’t resist: it actually means free tattoos and cheap rum for you and all your adventurous ilk. And when we say “adventurous,” we don’t mean because of the tattooing: we mean you’ll have to go into Manhattan. (more…)

01/03/14 4:04pm
brokelyn tattoos

Happy customers. Photo via Mikee Kwasnik

It’s 2014 guys. It’s time for the year that will make a permanent mark on your life. Not with something like marriage or kids or home ownership, which all end in failure disappointment and disaster respectively, but with a tattoo. For better or worse, you’ve got one of those until you die! And then it’s still there! Where to go get one though? If you’ll allow some tattooed bloggers to make the recommendation to you, we say go see Mikee Kwasnik at New York Hardcore Tattoo (127 Stanton Street). (more…)

12/11/13 7:00am
brooklyn friday the 13th tattoos

Williamsburg’s Magic Cobra has plenty of unlucky tattoo options for you

This Friday the 13th – notably the last Friday the 13th in 2013 – why not face down your own demons and get that star tattoo on your wrist that you’ve been waffling over for months? While a tiny tat any other day of the year can run you $50.00 and up, several Brooklyn shops are honoring this auspicious day with plum deals. This is Freaky Friday, and it means $13 tattoos (plus tip!), y’all. And what better way to kick off the holiday season than wincing your way into cheap, wonderful, entirely one-of-a-kind permanent art? Go forth, get lucky!

10/30/13 12:50pm
gucci mane face tattoo

Well, it may end up regrettable, but at least it’ll be cheap

So you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo, but you want to do it your way and not just pick something off a flash sheet. First, a tattoo, really? What would your mother think? Anyway, once you get past that part, use this Groupon that gets you $100 worth of credit at East Village tattoo parlor Addiction NYC (27 Saint Marks Place) for just $49. Because that stupid Banksy tattoo should at least be cheap. (more…)