01/27/17 12:01pm
Price check: Downtown Brooklyn's brand-new Target is selling cheap produce and meat

Target has dropped some ‘duce on Downtown Brooklyn. Photos by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Brooklyn’s newest Target opened Wednesday in the City Point development, putting it in the same new vertical mall as Alamo Drafthouse and Century 21. Unlike the other Target a few blocks down the road at Atlantic Center, so far it’s not a devastating hellscape of empty shelves and unattended children playing out a Mad Max scenario with shopping carts (so far, at least). The store is clean and bright, with big windows overlooking the surrounding development so you can watch the gentrification of Fulton Mall happen in real time.

The store also offers something you won’t find in the Atlantic Center Target (though you will find it at the Brooklyn College one): a way bigger grocery section that includes fresh meats, produce, fresh (ish?) bread and more, all for pretty cheap prices. The cost on some things is similar to what you might pay at Trader Joe’s. But should you be buying your strawberries and ground beef at the same place you get a six-pack of undies and the extended director’s cut of Suicide SquadWe did a quick price check to find out: (more…)

08/30/16 10:22am
Target: Where the rent is too damn high, but so are these savings. Via Target.com.

Target: The rent is too damn high, but so are these savings. Via Target.com.

Target is known for being a big retailer that has the stuff you need, and also as a place you should also never ever EVER go to on a Saturday or Sunday unless you want to vacation in a Mad Max style hellscape of empty shelves and war boys riding down the aisles in blasted out shopping carts, trying to salvage the last two-pack of contact solution. They’re generally considered less evil than Walmart, and earned some progressive bonafides this year with their trans-inclusive bathroom stance. Over the past year, Target has been trying to tap into a local pride market by making clothing specifically targeted to areas like New York, Chicago and San Francisco. They’re by designer Todd Snyder, an Iowa native who lives in New York. Like any move by a retailer whose feet are too giant to see what it’s stepping on, it hasn’t gone over great with actual locals some places. Brokelyn’s Rachel Eve Stein spotted the above shirt this weekend at the Atlantic Center Target in Brooklyn over the weekend. It seems like making jokes about the dire affordable housing situation in the city is going after the wrong kind of local pride here. It’s not the only time the line has gotten some heat from locals across the country. (more…)

This block could be your life. Photo by Charlie Russell

This block could be your life. Photo by Charlie Russell

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Moving, be it from out of state or while you’re already living here, can be a real pain. What makes Brooklyn’s neighborhoods different from each other, aside from different levels of being expensive? Well, we’ve got people who’ve lived all over this borough and are more than happy to share their insider neighborhood knowledge with you. First up: the bucolic brownstone streets of Fort Greene! (more…)

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Tory Burch lunchbox, $19.99.

I know some of y’all are going to be like, what’s this Upper East Side looking thing doing on Brokelyn? OK so it’s not a WORD Bookstore tote, and about 95 percent of you won’t give a SHIT about this, but for the five percent who do, it’s essential public service on a par with no-insurance medical care or how to find an afforable lawyer or yay for free birth control! This classy little Tory Burch lunchbox is one of the 50 holiday gifts that drop in stores on Saturday (TOMORROW!) as part of the Target-Neiman Marcus holiday collabo. If you haven’t been keeping up with this, it’s where designers including Rodarte, Alice + Olivia, Skaist-Taylor, Phillip Crangi, Lela Rose, Marchesa, Marc Jacobs (don’t get too excited, he phoned it in) and yeah, Tory, came up with an exclusive line of limited edition gifts bowing at both stores. Here’s the whole freaking collection. And YES, I’m drinking that Kool-Ade, out of an Oscar De La Renta dog bowl in fact. Whether you order online or get behind me online at the Brooklyn Junction store at 8 a.m., there’s a limit of five items per customer. The Philip Crangi trinket box (#30) is for my mom, but you can have these Rag + Bone  shotglasses:  (more…)

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So why IS Target always a disaster? Quora users have answers. Photo via Brownstoner.

Have you used Quora yet? It’s a fun and sometimes fascinating question-and-answer service built on a social media backbone. The questions range from crowd-source help for tech geek stuff to all sorts of silliness, such as “Given our current technology and with the proper training, would it be possible for someone to become Batman?” which contains way more in-depth discussion from screenwriters and IT managers than you might imagine. The answers often come from experts, journalists, techies, professors and other folks who should Know What They’re Talking About. You can find out a lot about Brooklyn by poking around the site right now, from why Target is always a disaster to why BK is scientifically cooler than Manhattan. (more…)

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Marni for H&M collectionIf you thought you might outsmart the Manhattan mobs and get your Marni on at the Brooklyn H&M, you will find yourself sadly dotty dress-free tomorrow. The breathlessly awaited, Sofia Coppola-videoed Marni collabo is bowing only at six Manhattan stores tomorrow (March 8), RackedNY reports. Click RackedNY’s Marni rundown to find out which stores will be Marnified tomorrow morning, starting at 8.

Why all the fuss here over this line, especially after we crapped all over Missoni’s Target line? (Which incidentally, we saw gobs of yesterday at TJ Maxx in midtown on Tuesday.) For this fan, at least, it’s all about the bracelets and necklaces, which cost a ridiculous $400 and up if you’re getting the legit version, but $29.95 and up for the H&M look alikes. Check out the goods for yourself on RackedNY’s preview page. We could go on about modern tribal prints and groovy graphics, but let’s just say, if you’re not a believer, that’s cool too. Sleep in tomorrow.

02/06/12 11:07am

Do you have any of that noppy crunch?

Soon, the days when you could justify buying that big 2-liter bottle just marked “SODA” that was like $2 cheaper than Pepsi will be gone. Yes, even the lowly generic brands many of us rely on to squeak through under budget at the grocery store are getting pricier. Consumerist points us to this WSJ story that shows stores have caught on to us crafty consumers and are raising the prices of private-label goods: 5.3 percent on nonperishables and a huge 12 percent for perishables. Meanwhile, name-brand prices have only gone up 1.9 percent and 8 percent respectively. They still cost 29 percent more than the store-brand stuff on average, but the gap is closing in many areas: Target’s Archer Farms almonds cost  37 cents per ounce, a penny more than Planter’s version, for instance.

The nut (sorry) of the issue here is that you, the consumer, have become loyal to your Archer Farms,  365 Everyday Value or Key Food brand mustard, and the stores think you should pay for your loyalty. So tell us: do you have a favorite generic brand? And will rising prices make you go back to the big boys?

08/25/11 6:14am

The way the fashion-industrial complex is frothing over the Missoni Target collabo that drops in stores on Sept. 13, you’d think that Coco Chanel herself had risen from the grave to design a honeymoon line for Kim Kardashian.

From the preview photos, this ambitious collection does look pretty zig-a-zag ha (especially the bike), but then, they all do. Seriously, have you ever seen a Target collaboration that looked as good in real life?  The Rodarte stuff looked like goth skating dresses. Anya Hindmarch’s squeaky patent pleather bags didn’t whisper Anya Hindmarch so much as scream Target. And so on.

You’d think that a budget blog would be all over these high-low fashion smashups, but allow me to air a petty grievance: they’re patronizing. (more…)

08/09/11 7:30am

We'll be brief: buying a 9-pack saves you dough. Photos by Aulistar Mark.

Underwear. All men have been forced to throw a pair in the trash due to the waistband wearing out, holes becoming too big for comfort, or the skid marks too deep for even Oxiclean to get white again. For men with a particularly active crotch lifestyle, you can’t be bothered to go shopping every time a pair goes kaput. The answer: economies of scale! I traveled around Brooklyn on a quest to find a discount underwear goldmine. (more…)

07/15/11 1:19pm

This pool is on sale for $19.99, regularly $34!

Nuts be to the hyper retail world, they who force Santas in our faces long before the first pumpkin even shows up, and they who so callously abandon this young summer in favor of advertising the dreaded fall season (the words are too depressing to say, but rhymes with “hack to drool”). Their loss is your gain: even though pencils and notebooks are making their way to the front of the store, there’s plenty of time left for fun under the sun. We went digging in Target Atlantic Center today and found clearance sales of 50 percent off or more on fun harbingers from slip-n-slides, to dragon pools to water guns and bubble machines! It’s not even mid-July yet: plenty of time to make your own rooftop waterpark party. A sampling: (more…)