sunset park

Go up Sunset Park’s hill a bit and play ball with all the locals, while they still exist. Photo by Dave Rosado

Following through on his campaign promise to do so, Mayor de Blasio is ready to funnel $100 million into some heavy duty development in Sunset Park, planned for the Brooklyn Army Terminal, Industry City and Liberty View Plaza which includes high-budget sequels to DUMBO and the Chelsea Market.

Affectionately known at one point as Gunset Park by those who grew up there (like me), and slapped by those who lived in neighboring sections of Brooklyn with the derogatory moniker Gunset Park, it’s is still a place where you can get some of New York’s best bahn mi and tacos, and where you can enjoy an amazing view of Manhattan from the highest point in Brooklyn, in the actual park itself. Sunset Park is, for now, still known as an affordable place that’s just barely resisted the fast moving gentrification of Murray Hill East, Park Slope and countless other neighborhoods. Now though? It’s on the fast track.

In case you haven’t visited Sunset Park before, might I suggest you do so now, while it’s still in its twilight days? This way, when the transformation to Sunset Park 2.0 is complete and nobody will be able to afford to live there anymore, you can at least say that you saw it before the change over to yet another place people write stupid hacky lazy hipster-related jokes about. Make sure to hit up some of these old local favorites now, before they’re bulldozed to make room for luxury housing. (more…)

Matomoros tacos. Photo by Vallen Leigh

Tacos Matamoros. Photo by Vallen Leigh

Que onda guero!  You ready to talk tacos? It appears that you’re already well-versed in the finest tacos of Bushwick, but everyone will eventually be priced out of north Brooklyn and end up in Sunset Park. It’s cool though, because Sunset Park is pretty awesome. It’s filled with tacos and tortas and tres leches and one of the coolest little parks in the city (dumplings too, but that’s another story). Being from Southern California, I have eaten many, many tacos. So for educational purposes, I went down to Sunset Park’s taco town to judge all the tacos against one another. Twelve tacos enter, one (eh, two) win! (more…)

07/26/12 3:18pm

Brooklyn Taco’s Guac Taco is best when enjoyed on a vintage bicycle seat. Photo via New York Magazine.

Tacos, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. You can be bought for pocket change, you’re beloved by meat eaters and vegetarians alike, perfect at parties, small enough to snack on but big enough to make a meal of, endlessly varied, best when served with beer… that’s at least 33 reasons, which, as it happens, is the number of taco joints in Grub Street’s roundup of knockout New York tacos. Brooklyn makes a strong showing, accounting for 13 of the “tortilla triumphs” on the list, which range from old-timers to brisket and spicy tuna takes. Then there’s Whirlybird’s potato-chip-topped egg and stewed vegetable breakfast taco (# 33), which defies genre altogether. After the jump, all the Brooklyn places that made Grub Street’s top tacos list, plus menu picks from Grub Street editors. How did they do? Did NYMag’s salsa sleuths track down the best in Brooklyn, or did they miss your favorite taco truck / stand / restaurant / dealer?  (more…)