03/16/16 9:34am
Savoir Adore's founder, Paul Hammer.

Savoir Adore’s founder, Paul Hammer.

Hello, sweet reader babies, and welcome to another installment of Musicians Talk Making It. This one is particularly exciting because it’s the start of weekly installments, as opposed to every other week. We’ve gotten so many amazing local artists interested in being featured that we’re increasing our output. Keep ’em comin!

This week I sat down with Paul Hammer of north Brooklyn-based “fantasy pop” outfit Savoir Adore. We chatted on the phone before they left to bring their dreamy pop sounds to Austin for a certain music festival this week. He told us how he went from being an “an emo acoustic kid,” listening to Dave Matthews Band and Usher to having a huge following, getting invited to play SXSW, and gave advice for musicians who are just starting out.

“Most successful people think about their art 24/7,” he said.  (more…)

03/15/16 1:04pm
This venue might have been your life.

Sound man/venue manager Edan Wilber gets transcendent in a scene from the Death By Audio documentary.

After beginning with the suggestion that “This movie should be played loud,” (and with its frequent concert footage, it certainly couldn’t hurt), Death By Audio documentary Goodnight Brooklyn: The Story of Death By Audio opens on a scene you might recognize. DBA resident Stephanie Gross explains to the hopeful crowd, in a line stretching around the block, that they probably won’t be able to get in to the already packed last show ever held at the venue on Nov. 22, 2014. No one leaves though, holding out hope that they can say goodbye and take part in a small piece of Brooklyn history. What could possibly inspire people to stand on a line in the cold with almost no hope of getting into a hand-built music space? (more…)

03/08/16 8:00am
Dead Stars 4_by Mia Min Yen (1)

Dead Stars are stocking up (on cake frosting?) for their upcoming tour to SXSW. Photo by Mia Min Yen.

Exciting things are happening in Brooklyn music these days. For one thing, we’re quickly approaching South By Southwest, that mecca of music that happens in one of the cooler parts of Texas (because there are cool parts of Texas). One of the bands serving as our Brooklyn music ambassadors at SXSW this year is Greenpoint’s own Dead Stars, whose new album, Bright Colors, came out Friday via Old Flame Records.

Bright Colors is the trio’s second album since they formed in 2011, but their sound hearkens back to that most magical time for scuzzy guitars and flannel: the 90s. They’ve been compared to Pavement, Dinosaur Jr. and especially early Weezer (before they started playing cruise ships). All three members of the band have names beginning with “J”— Jeff, Jaye and John — but much to my dismay, not a single one of them is named Jonas. (more…)

03/05/15 4:55pm
Choose wisely

Choose wisely

Brooklyn duo Ex Cops faced a classic dilemma this week: should they play a free showcase sponsored by McDonald’s at South by Southwest, that annual conference in Austin where #buzz is forged in the fires of a Mount Doom-like industry volcano? Or should they turn down the exposure to dozens of fish-filet stained faces in lieu of something with no buzz factor, like artistic integrity and refusing to be part of a brand’s attempts to be a hip brand? Ex Cops turned McD’s down, and wrote an open letter explaining why they wouldn’t play for free for a company worth $90.3 billion. McDonald’s responded in with the text equivalent of finding a chicken head in your box of McNuggets. Anyway, should you find yourself in a similar dilemma, we made a quiz to help you decide what to do. (more…)

03/24/14 4:31pm
diane coffee

Diana Coffee was at SXSW, being cool, eating tacos and playing in people’s yards. Photo by Maria Gotay, via Bushwick Daily

Hey, speaking of music festivals, as you may have heard, SXSW just went down. The festival, also known as “Austin’s Northside Music Festival” draws bands and music lovers from all over the country for a few days of kicking back with free booze, rock and roll and breakfast tacos. Official site of Brooklyn Youngs Bushwick Daily went there, as young people are wont to do, and came back with a ton of pictures and a playlist of who they think you should listen to. (more…)

03/07/13 1:00pm
Aim to have a good time this weekend

Aim to have a good time this weekend

1. Do your best MJ or Madonna impression at Union Hall’s sing-a-long. By singing, not be being a rampant egoist or tragic weirdo (Friday)

2. The big soda ban starts Tuesday, so this could be your last shot to see the Big Gulp Comedy show before it becomes subject to a fine (Friday)

3. WOOO spring break! WOOO vegan goodies! (Saturday) (more…)

02/25/13 8:54am
Paradise found. via Flickr user luca.sartoni

Paradise found. via Flickr user luca.sartoni

Real talk: short sleeves, warm weather, cold beer, and free shows with your friends is hard to beat. But it’s still winter. If, like me, you are too broke to afford even thinking about Coachella without a collection agency potentially calling you, but desperately need warm weather and music, you might think you’re out of luck. There’s always South by Southwest, but the annual industry showcase/rolling boozefest requires an expensive flight, an expensive hotel, an expensive badge and expensive food. Or does it?

Allow me to offer you the potential to go to South by Southwest for little over the price of a month’s rent. Now, for declamatory purposes I must state from the outset that all expenses were accurate at the time of the research, prices go up closer to the time, the snooze/lose correlation is as inescapable as death or taxes. But enough about taxes and onto Texas, and how to get there. (more…)

08/19/11 2:54am

sxsw logoIn late August, our minds naturally turn to end-of-summer beach bonfires, brainy fall pursuits and the South by Southwest interactive conference only seven short months away. OK, it may seem a little early for most of us to start thinking about Geekstock, but not for the organizer elves, who are faced with selecting dozens of panels from hundreds of applications. And what do you know, there’s one about Brooklyn in the pile! Erica from Fucked in Park Slope has put together a pitch on How the Internet Made BK Famous, featuring speakers from the likes of Brownstoner, Brooklyn Based, and some blog about living big on small change in Brooklyn. The competition at SXSW is fierce — and we need your vote if we wanna bloviate, Brooklyn-style. Please pick our panel, and we’ll buy you a beer in Austin. (Long as they have Brooklyn Brewery.)

03/12/10 5:52pm
Find out how she got a huge room in Windsor Terrace for $200.

Find out how Emily Farris got a huge room in Windsor Terrace for $200.

We’re down in Austin for SXSWi interactive this week, on a panel called The Broke Diaries. (Thanks for inviting us, Nichelle!) One of our fellow misers is Emily Farris, the lifestyle editor of the Kansas City Free Press who used to live in Brooklyn and now rents a room in Windsor Terrace for $200 a month. Better still, she found this crazy deal on Craigslist.

Here’s a pic of her ridiculously spacious room, and how she wangled it: (more…)