01/24/17 3:00pm
Puppies to the rescue. Via Puppy Bowl Facebook.

Puppies to the rescue. Via Puppy Bowl Facebook.

The news is terrible, and even those of us who once loved the escapism of sports have had to come around to the fact that football is also terrible. What are you to do on Super Bowl Sunday when your friends will be gathering to watch Donald Trump’s favorite quarterback take on the team from John Lewis’s district? That’s a fairly compelling reason to watch the game actually, but if it’s not your thing, don’t worry: Prospect Heights bar Saint Catherine will again be streaming the ultimate comfort television: the Puppy Bowl.

The bar will be showing the adorable-a-thon all afternoon on its two big screens, with drink specials starting at happy hour. It’s a good time to get blackout drunk while staring at puppies living their carefree puppy life, which you should enjoy while you can before Trump outlaws puppies next year. UPDATE: South 4th Bar in Williamsburg is also showing the Puppy Bowl before the Super Bowl. (more…)

02/04/16 1:17pm
Cecil would like to be your man (#)

Cecil would like to be your man (#3) (pic by Jen Houston)

1. Get in the Black History Month groove with the kickoff of the monthlong Black Artstory series: Meet Me at the Gym, an evening of cultural expression and community building featuring the Ingersoll Youth Drumline, Gospel Group Manifest, Sophia Dawson and her Roller Skating Crew, and more. (Friday, Ingersoll Community Center, FREE)

2. See a new side of the Boys in Blue at To Protect, Serve, and Understand, a series of semi-improvised monologues and scenes performed by a group of both civilians and police officers. (Friday & Saturday, Irondale Center, FREE)

3. Fall goofily in love at Griff & Joe’s Valentine’s Day Lovetacular, with comedy and performances by ventriloquist Carla Rhodes and her paramour Cecil, “how-to” expert Matt Beacon, and musician Andy Shernoff. (Friday, Union Hall, $10) (more…)

02/02/15 11:02am

Last night’s Super Bowl had many highlights: Chris “Hardball” Matthews coming out of nowhere to almost be MVP, Katy Perry’s confused sharks, possibly the worst football call of all time and on top of all that, Budweiser coming out and declaring they fucking hate microbrews, mustaches and people who want their beer to taste like something. So much for Bud’s hipster outreach program. (more…)

01/30/14 8:09am

You don’t have to dress like this, but it helps.

1. Duke’s Liquor Box is holding a tasting of a 10-year-old rye whiskey from Masterson’s, and it’s not like we’ve ever known you to turn down a drink (Friday)

2. Head into Black History Month by going to a talk on the book The Invention of the White Race. In this instance, the answer isn’t “Yakub did it.” (Friday)

3. See Eli Smith and Peter Siegel perform the songs of the American labor movement at the Jalopy Theater, because the unions deserve your support more than the plutocrats (Friday)

4. A pop-punk and emo dance party at Glasslands is a perfect place to feel a bunch of feels and sweat them out with vigorous dancing (Friday) (more…)

01/29/14 1:35pm
richard sherman interview

We’re as excited for this as Richard Sherman

Even if you’re not from Washington or the great state of Colorado (JOHN ELWAY WILL RISE AGAIN!), this Sunday’s Super Bowl warrants your attention. Be you diehard football fan, winner of your fantasy league, advocate for the legalization of marijuana or just a gosh-darn American, there aren’t too many days a year when one can yell and eat and drink for hours (in daylight! in PUBLIC!) and watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers wrestle with a bajillion dollars worth of production values…plus, Bruno Mars. The commercials are conversation-starting, the wing sauce is all over your hands, and your apartment is simply too miserable a place to celebrate in. So do what we all do best this Sunday: go to a bar! (more…)

12/30/13 10:26am
the warriors

Your typical New York City resident, in the eyes of a potential Super Bowl visitor

As we all know, Mayor Bloomberg has been going around on a victory lap in his last days, touting his achievements on keeping New York City’s crime rate low. It sounded silly at first, but maybe we really does need to get the word out, because a poll of potential Super Bowl visitors found that their biggest fear was violent crime. Even weirder, a quarter of them said they wouldn’t feel safe on public transportation. This 80s nostalgia is taking a real weird turn, you guys. (more…)

11/21/13 8:34am
h. jon benjamin

Meet him in the bathroom at Union Hall. Go on, do it. via Facebook

1. Prove you know the most about Doctor Who and impress the nerd guy/girl of your dreams at Doctor Who trivia at powerHouse Arena (Friday)

2. Cool Show (not lame) is a variety show at Legion that’s gotta be cool, just look at the name! (Friday)

3. The WB Film Festival has nothing to do with Warner Brothers and everything to do with Videology and independent filmmaking in Williamsburg (Friday)

4. Jon Benjamin, who’s only the voice of Sterling Archer, is going to be at Union Hall, and he wants you to meet him in the bathroom and tell him all your secrets (Friday) (more…)

01/31/13 3:15pm
These are the kinds of people you want to watch football with

These are the kinds of people you want to watch football with

So what are you doing for the Super Bowl? Heading to a bar to watch it? Eating vegan wings in your friend’s apartment and gambling on every single play? Those aren’t bad plans, but we’ve been alerted to a new place to watch the game that just might blow all that out of the water: Brooklyn Brewery is having a private party with Tumblr and Food Republic. Ordinarily we’d all be out in the cold for this one, but they’ve decided to hold a contest with the prize being two tickets to the party. (more…)

01/31/13 8:11am
King Charles the Martyr rocks the Rock Shop

King Charles the Martyr rocks the Rock Shop, Saturday

1. Live your dream of singing in front of a live band, pray it doesn’t become a nightmare, at live band karaoke (Friday)

2. Go see a show for a $1. $1! That’s cheaper than 16 oz. of soda. Probably healthier too (Friday)

3. Freddy’s kicks off their second birthday celebration. Ah, the terrible twos. We feel bad for their neighbors (Friday)

4. Don’t go dancing at just any hall, go dancing at Arsenio’s Hall (Friday) (more…)

01/29/13 11:15am
They're calling it the Harbauwl this year. True story

They’re calling it the Harbauwl this year. True story

The problem with throwing a Super Bowl party in Brooklyn apartments is one of simple logistics: it requires space you don’t have. Even if your Bushwick loft does have the capacity to host a couple dozen drunks and a fifteen-foot hoagie, chances are you and your nine roommates haven’t gone in for basic cable, and maybe even a couple of them loathe sports and the average loud, loyal football fan. You’ve already shelled out to learn about football, so what do you do to keep your investment from being a waste? As with so many Brooklyn conundrums, where-to-watch-the-Super-Bowl is a question best answered with a trip to the bar. Here’s a list of spots showing the Big Game. (more…)