05/06/15 8:55am
tk. Photo by William Wiedmier

Worth the schlep. Photo by William Widmaier

Weekend days can be a lot of fun, especially when you skip the traditional drunken brunch routine and go for an adventure packed outing. Even if mimosas and bloody mary’s call for you every weekend, you sometimes need more than just day drinking to get you through – especially when it’s nice out. If being broke has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need to spend a lot to do a lot, and Red Hook is great place to practice that mantra. Gather your friends and follow this guide to get the most out of a Red Hook adventure day. (more…)

08/28/13 9:30am
Don't let the sun set on your summer without getting lucky

Don’t let the sun set on your summer without getting lucky

You work hard, you play hard, simple as that. Labor Day weekend commends the other 361 days you bust your ass at that 9 to 5, bus tables in that smelly bar, or sell bougie dresses in TriBeCa. We’ve compiled a list of affordable activities for you to fill your Labor Day weekend with relaxation or complete debauchery, your choice. (more…)

08/19/13 2:37pm
Here is a place you can drink again (via flickr user waywuiwei)

Here is a place you can drink again (via flickr user waywuiwei)

No one ever said owning a bar in Brooklyn was easy. You’ve got people stealing your life preservers and urinal ornaments, lousy kids with their fake IDs and also hurricanes. Fortunately for all of us, legendary Red Hook bar Sunny’s has conquered that last one and will be reopening later this month after two successful crowdfunding attempts. Hooray for the providers of alcohol! (more…)

05/01/13 12:40pm
Sunny's in better days (via flickr user waywuiwei)

Sunny’s in better days (via flickr user waywuiwei)

Six months after Hurricane Sandy, Red Hook staple Sunny’s Bar is still shuttered, which sucks for everyone in the neighborhood, and for pretty much most breathing, thinking human beings capable of feeling love, too. But they’re doing their best to get back on their feet, launching an Indiegogo campaign and feting it with a May Day celebration/benefit at the Bell House in Gowanus. (more…)

11/29/12 8:03am

You have to choose one because they’re both on Friday. via DeviantArt

1. Check out some magic-inspired art and drink free home-brew. Beats trying to do magic after drinking prison wine. (Friday)

2. There’s a new monthly comedy show called For Science! which, coincidentally, is the same reason we give people for why they should go home with us. (Friday)

3. Dance your ass off at MAGNUM, when it returns to Tandem. Just in case you were, you know, wondering where it went. (Friday)

4. Go to the Fort Greene holiday market so that you don’t have to Christmas shop at Target. Hell, you can probably get a handmade flatscreen TV there. (Saturday) (more…)

11/20/12 11:00am

There’s something undeniably great about getting a fresh haircut. It’s a quick way to boost your confidence, forget how you felt about yourself prior to taking a few inches off the top and reveling in the brand new person you’ve become. That same confidence can just as easily come from finishing your first beer, and coincidentally enough, there are two events coming up to help Red Hook, that can give you that confidence and a charitable glow. (more…)

10/14/10 8:25am

The Shadow Monster, Saturday, Oct. 16

This weekend you can see lightning-strike victims, a corpse dumping ground, a half-naked Bushwickian and a battle for water rights in Michigan all in the same place. It’s the Red Hook International Film and Video Festival we’re talking about, a two-day showcase of shorts and features, Brooklyn-centric documentaries, fiction and experimental films hosted by Red Hook’s Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. Best yet, it’s all free, and that includes the popcorn and Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie. (more…)