04/07/16 9:42am
Eat your heart out, Mission Dolores. Photo by Etienne Froussard / BBPC

Eat your heart out, Mission Dolores. Etienne Froussard / BBPC

You’d think summer might never come, what with this unfortunate springtime chill and day after day of rainy skies. But hey, you know what they say about April Showers? That’s right, April Showers Bring Free Movies. And we loooove free movies. There’s nothing quite so definitively “summer” as picnicking on park grass or sidling into rows of folding seats to sit back and yell at watch movies on a giant screen under the starry night sky, a warm breeze at your back and fellow Brooklynites (or people you dragged kicking and screaming from Manhattan) by your side.

The countdown to summer starts now, because Brooklyn Bridge Park just released its 2016 schedule for free movies! With live DJs from Brooklyn Radio at 6pm and movies screening at sunset, BBP’s Pier 1 is about to get turnt up for a glorious two months of cinematic summer haze. Here’s the movie schedule, curated by a committee of volunteers.  (more…)

A rendering of the amphitheater shows  the Childs Building lit up at night. Via Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment.

A rendering of the amphitheater shows the Childs Building lit up at night. Via Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment.

Coney Island has gone through some fits and starts of rebirth in recent years. Some parts are only exciting if you love waiting in line for chain hamburgers or shoving food-scented bread down your throat. But here’s one major development that could (probably) be a good thing: The boardwalk this summer will get a huge new 5,000-seat semi-outdoor amphitheater that’ll host concerts, sports, family events and comedy, and become the new home for the annual free Seaside Concert series. Set to open in July, it’ll finally put use to the old historic old Childs Building, which has been sadly sitting vacant for years. The seating arrangement will allow crowds to expand into a space next to the boardwalk, for some summer shows with an ocean breeze. There’s no word on who will appear there this year, but beachside summer entertainment at the boardwalk is something has been sorely lacking for years. Don’t let anyone tell you NYC isn’t a beach town.  (more…)

03/04/15 12:48pm
run the jewels

Run the summer. via Facebook

You there, sadly looking out at window at the piles of slush and ice you were gingerly walking over today, stop doing that this instant. Instead, start cutting up pairs of jorts, get your Latrell Sprewell jersey out of the back of the closet and start thinking about how you’re going to complain about how hot it is in a couple months, because we bring you another herald of summer today. The Northside Festival just announced their headlining bands, and they somehow managed to get all of your favorites, like Run the Jewels, Built to Spill, Neko Case, Against Me! and Best Coast. (more…)