01/19/15 9:00am
me wedding

Heidi Vanderlee of Shark Party media.

Welcome to the first installment of our new weekly career focus, loosely called “get your ass in gear Mondays.” (You got a better name?) First up, some probing questions for Heidi Vanderlee, a publicist for Shark Party Media, a PR firm that represents all the funny people in Brooklyn and some musicians too. Heidi’s own clients include the “weird” teen book and zine publisher All Ages Press, Shonali Bhowmik, The Chris Gethard Show, The Cush, Brokelyn alumnae Sue Smith and Jo Firestone, the Snarky Sidekick webseries, Keisha Zollar and Sara Benincasa. She also helps out repping Reggie Watts, Wyatt Cenec, John Hodgman and others on Kathryn Musilek’s client roster at Shark Party. You can actually get paid for this? We asked Heidi how.  (more…)

12/26/14 3:06pm
Well, maybe not THIS offensive

Well, maybe not THIS offensive

You there, do a bunch of spending on Christmas presents for your ungrateful friends and family, and are now looking for a quick way to replenish that bank account? There’s always the blood bank, but we’ve got another idea for you: sitting through some of New York’s best comedians doing the most boring and offensive comedy they can think of for a soul-crushing five hours on Sunday. If you survive it, there’s a cash prize waiting for you. (more…)

12/08/14 3:46pm
high maintenance

High Maintenance, which follows the strange life of Brooklyn’s most famous fictional pot dealer is just one gift your comedy nerd friend will flip over. via Facebook

It’s that time of year again, the time where you feel the need to buy friends gifts even if you’re not entirely sure what they’d like. Why take the risk the gift you agonized over buying your friend will be met with a strained polite face and a request for the receipt when you can just take advice from some of Brooklyn experts on what your friends will love? Today, we’ve got some of Brooklyn’s best comedians telling you what you should buy for that comedy-obsessed friend of yours for Christmas. (more…)

sue smith

Sue laughing at the concept of adding some dudes to the line up. via Facebook

Female comics are making gains and causing laughter all over Brooklyn, with names like Jo Firestone, Charla Lauriston, Sasheer Zamata, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer standing out as some can’t-miss names in comedy. Our pal Sue Smith, who you might know from Brokelandia, her useful and informative posts or even Best Week Ever, belongs on that list too, especially since she hosts Tits & Giggles, a free show featuring the best female standups in the city every other Wednesday at Cobble Hill’s People’s Republic of Brooklyn (247 Smith Street). And hey, tonight is one of those Wednesdays. (more…)

05/05/14 9:15am
opera on tap

Opera on Tap takes center stage at Freddy’s Thursday night. via Facebook

1. It’s the end of South 4th Bar’s Cinco de Derby weekend, and they’re moving on to the Cinco de Mayo portion of it. Go celebrate with your amigos and drink some cheap margaritas (Monday)

2. Or celebrate it playing the traditional Mexican game of pinball. OK look, even if that isn’t totally true, who are you to pass up free pinball at Sunshine Laundry? You could even win a lawnmower (Monday)

3. See new Daily Show correspondent Michael Che in his natural habitat, NYC Broken Comedy at Matchless. As long as you see him before his first segment, you can tell people you saw him before he was famous (Monday) (more…)

03/24/14 2:01pm
liza dye

You can help get Liza Dye looking this healthy again

Getting hit by a subway car is probably one of the most calamitous things that can happen to someone in New York on any given day. If you’re lucky enough to live through it, you’re gonna have a long road to recovery ahead of you. Unfortunately for Bed-Stuy comedian Liza Dye, she did get hit by a train, and while she survived it at least, she also came away with a mangled leg and big hospital bills. But Liza has good, funny friends who are trying to help her pay her medical bills, and they’ll all be at Littlefield on Thursday telling jokes for money, money that goes to Liza. (more…)

12/02/13 9:00am
sue smith free cable

Our pal Sue Smith getting fit to deliver some ha-ha’s to you. Photo by Sarah Gainer

1. Celebrate the holiday with an edge of (funny) doom at standup show an Apocalypse Wow Christmas (Monday)

2. Mondays will be just a little funkier thanks to the Motown on Mondays DJs spinning the best of soul, disco and R&B at Brooklyn Bowl (Monday)

3. Brokelyn alum Sue Smith has Free Cable for you, but it’s a comedy show, not a way to watch Girls without paying. Eh, at least this way you aren’t waiting around all day for a technician (Monday) (more…)

08/19/13 11:32am
And they all did

And they all did

1. Gladys Knight and the O’Jays will take you back in time with the last free concert at Wingate Field. Just don’t get lost and stuck forever in the 70s (Monday)

2. Get prepared for the Afropunk Fest this weekend by checking out a documentary on people of color in the punk community. That or grow your afro, if you can (Monday)

3. Hey everybody, we’re all gonna get laid see Caddyshack at Red Hook Flicks! (Tuesday) (more…)

08/15/13 7:58am
Seize what's left of the summer

Seize what’s left of the summer

1. Legion hosts a comedy show that’s chock full of Brokelyn as our pals Jo Firestone and Sue Smith perform at Cool Show (not lame). Sounds cool (Friday)

2. Rooftop Films will give you a whole new pickup line after you see Fuck for Forest, a movie that asks the question “Can sex save the planet?” Our rockin’ van says yes, ladies (Friday)

3. Or stay off the roof and see a movie anyway when stoned teenagers Bill S. Preston and Theodore “Ted” Logan travel through time meeting luminaries like So Crates, in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Friday) (more…)