02/23/17 11:26am
Ruthie Darling Vintage Clothing

We are living in a vintage world, ladies. Photo by Ruthie Darling/Brokelyn at Risk

Vintage shopping has long been the perfect way for millennials to stay chic and save money. As a part-time fashion blogger myself, I love to create new outfits, but being a financially challenged freelancer, I have to find clothing on a seriously low budget. I’ve been hitting up some Brooklyn neighborhoods in search of the coolest vintage at the cheapest prices. This week I’m in Bushwick, and here is what I found. (more…)

02/21/17 4:40pm
Street Style

Keeping cozy in an oversized cardigan and bright blue turban. I love how this fashionista sat in front of a restaurant that perfectly complemented her outfit! As they say in Jurassic Park “clever girl.”

With New York Fashion Week finally over in Manhattan, we can focus our attention back on the best fashion runway there is — the streets of Brooklyn! If Manhattan’s fashion week is all about high end, expensive designers, then the Brooklyn streets are the antidote, with their vintage looks mismatched stylings. One thing that all New Yorkers can agree on is their love of black. Black is chic, always on trend and doesn’t show the dirt in this grimy city.

On this week’s street style post, we see plenty of Brooklynites in black with some pops of color starting to emerge. Check out the uber-cool looks below. (more…)

06/13/16 9:57am
Pity Sex. Photo by Mary Dorn/Brokelyn.

Pity Sex. Photo by Mary Dorn/Brokelyn.

As far as kickoffs to summer go, you can do a lot worse than spending a weekend saturated in the music, art and street style that takes over north Brooklyn for the annual Northside Festival. This year’s fest wrapped up last night and featured four days of events spread across Bushwick, Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Musical highlights included the reunited Wolf Parade rocking a free show at McCarren Park on Thursday night and Brian Wilson bringing the beach to the city on Sunday and King Khan and the Shrines showing us that every band needs more capes.

On Sunday, as the nation reeled from the news in Orlando, Brooklynites expressed their feelings in paintings and other street art in the middle of Bedford Avenue, which was shut down for the weekend for the annual Williamsburg Walks in conjunction with the festival. Here are some of the best scenes from the weekend; stay tuned for our wrap up of breakout bands from the fest to watch, coming shortly. (more…)