03/09/17 3:13pm
Something about the statue - via Wikimedia

Lady Liberty participated in the Day Without a Woman this week. Photo via Wikimedia

In a poignant (albeit random and totally unplanned) display, the Statue of Liberty went dark for a few hours Tuesday night due to a Parks Service lighting mix-up. Accidental or not, the blackout’s timing couldn’t have been better, coming days after the release of President Trump’s new travel ban (hell, The New Yorker even called it a month ago) and minutes before International Women’s Day, as if to say that Lady Liberty herself was striking alongside her sisters (early because she’s still on France time, obviously). But 2017 is a rough year for everyone, not just giant green women, so why should the Statue of Liberty be the only inanimate object protesting? Not to worry, we’ve got a few ideas of how the rest of the city’s non-human inhabitants might follow Lib’s lead and get in on the protest game. (more…)

01/25/17 12:47pm
Via Goodyearsarah on Instagram

Sunny passed away in March, but as of this week, his bar will live on. Via Goodyearsarah on Instagram

We’re all clinging to good news where we can find it right now, and we of course have a particular soft spot for good news that adds to the (admittedly very small) pile of old Brooklyn winning out over money and rampant new development. Yesterday, the Times reported that Sunny’s, arguably the best bar in New York City, the little misfit bar that could, a place trapped in time at the edge of the city, has won a three-year court battle to stay where it is and resist being sold off for development. Sunny passed away in March, but his widow Tone Balzano Johansen has ensured his memory won’t be erased from Red Hook as the neighborhood braces for redevelopment in coming years.

“I can’t let this be torn down for a view of the Statue of Liberty,” Ms. Johansen told the Times. “It’s ‘old Brooklyn’ wanting to hand it over to ‘new Brooklyn.’ Ironically, I am fighting to keep the story of ‘old Brooklyn’ alive.” (more…)

07/24/13 9:03am
The Wythe Hotel: when you want to pretend you're somewhere else. via Facebook

The Wythe Hotel: when you want to pretend you’re somewhere else. via Facebook

Summer is slowly leaking away, and oh wow, you haven’t even taken a vacation yet! What do you work for, if not to take time away from your job in a fancy fashion. Of course, you don’t have a car and you don’t want to drop $300 on airfare so… Wait! You live in Brooklyn, a place people come when they’re on vacation. So why don’t you just pretend you’re one of them, and go on vacation without really going anywhere? (more…)

voxpopcropThis might be the biggest Manhattan-to-Brooklyn nod since Miranda and Steve crossed the river on Sex and the City: The Daily News reports today that a West Village restaurant One if by Land, Two if by Sea has offered its own model Statue of Liberty as a replacement for the eight-foot lady liberty replica stolen from the Ditmas Park café Vox Pop on June 21. (more…)