06/22/16 10:44am
Star Wars: The Editor Strikes Back.

Star Wars: The Editor Strikes Back.

Put down that fan fiction you’ve been working on that ships Rey and Leia and that weird slash porn of Chewbacca and BB-8 you should probably keep to yourself anyway. Here’s your chance to turn your love of the Star Wars extended universe into a real job. Disney, the sweatshop factory pumping out Star Wars-related merchandise until the heat death of the universe, is hiring a “Star Wars editor,” which is probably the coolest name for an editing job to come along since Highlights magazine’s dinosaur editor. The gig is based in San Francisco and involves working on comics, magazines, books and other tie-in materials that will put your red lightsaber editing pen to much use. (more…)

12/17/15 11:51am
At least the Empire made the trains run on time. via reddit user peanutpickle10

At least the Empire made the trains run on time. via reddit user peanutpickle10

As we all know, the subway is overcrowded all the time these days, especially during rush hour. And especially the L train, which gets so crowded that you might mistake it for New York’s hottest club as opposed to a vital public transportation lifeline. Also Star Wars is finally out TONIGHT, so in an attempt to either do some viral marketing or alert the MTA to the problem of the Sith hiding among us, some brave anonymous poster maker has warned the MTA that all of these overcrowding issues could lead to the New York being turned into the ancient Sith capital, Kaas City. If you want it fixed, call the governor, call the mayor, tell them to work their dumb bullshit out and fix the dang subways. (more…)

12/15/15 10:46am
Hey what's one more free Star Wars movie for you?

Hey what’s one more free Star Wars movie for you?

As that famous Irish band Bono and the Bono Bono Boys once sang, “It’s a beautiful dayyyyyy/don’t let it get awayyyyy/maybe check something out on the Brokelyn Events Calendarrrrrr.” Who am I, who are you, to argue with the world’s most beloved Irish crooner and his hit songs about the weather and how to enjoy it, especially on a nice day like this? So check out these picks, which are the best of the batch, and then put on your short pants and your sundresses and go have some fun tonight. (more…)

12/09/15 2:34pm
We are approximately this excited

We are approximately this excited

Star Wars is more than just a series of movies. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together. Or you’d at least think that based on all the hot Star Wars content around here lately, from ice cream to musicals to Machete Order celebrations of it. Well, with the premiere of The Force Awakens a mere eight days away, here’s another way to get some of that sweet space action in your life: A venue in Gowanus is doing an all-day marathon of all six Star Wars movies this Saturday that’s cheaper than the cost of a single movie ticket. (more…)

12/03/15 3:50pm
Little-known fact, this was Lucas' original vision

Little-known fact, this was Lucas’ original vision

If Star Wars ice cream and Star Wars in Machete Order isn’t enough to break your Star Wars fever, you’ve got our sympathy. We can’t wait for The Force Awakens either. That being said, we’ve come across an event so crazy it just might make you forget how close we are to a new Star Wars movie: next week, a theater group in Williamsburg will be turning Episode One: The Phantom Menace into a musical, using the songs from Annie(more…)

12/01/15 3:13pm
The ability to destroy a planet is nothing compared to the power of the Dark Side ('s ice cream flavor profile). via Ample Hills

The ability to destroy a planet is nothing compared to the power of the Dark Side (‘s ice cream flavor profile). via Ample Hills

Star Wars fever: huge swathes of America have caught it, throwing any caution we might have learned from the last time we got excited about a new movie to the harsh winds of Tattooine and embracing this shit like an offer of safe haven from our old pal Lando. As you know, Halyards is showing the films in Machete Order (you can catch the unfortunate Attack of the Clones tonight), and adding to Gowanus’ space cachet, you can now pick up Episode VII-themed ice cream at the Ample Hills Gowanus location, provided you order it online first. (more…)

Spend some time with hit young Han Solo before you spend some time with old hot Han Solo

Spend some time with hit young Han Solo before you spend some time with old hot Han Solo

After all the hype and the counter-hype and the fear and the hope about what it could wind up being, we’re just one month away from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A new Stars Wars movie for the first time since Revenge of the Sith  is coming, and we should all get ready for it. What’s the best way to do it? Well you could get your costume together alone in your apartment OR you could head to Halyards every Tuesday from this week until December 15 for a screening of each film in the space saga in Machete Order. What is Machete Order? Only the nerdiest out of order way to watch all of the films, including two of the prequels. (more…)

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You have to do the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done at some point in your life. May as well be today. via Facebook

Despite all the damage George Lucas did to the mythos by introducing things like midichlorians, child actors and Jar Jar Binks to the universe, people still love Star Wars. And why not, it’s great! People also love memes and wordplay, so May the 4th (see it sounds like “May the Force”) has become an unofficial holiday on the internet and in real life. If tweeting “May the 4th be with you” isn’t going far enough for you, might we suggest getting one of the special Star Wars tattoos being offered today only at Tattoo Wonderland. It’s easier than making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, we know that much. (more…)

06/30/14 8:40am

We have a feeling a lot of folks die in the end.

1. Hear how storytelling and immigration reform go together with artists at the Brooklyn Public Library. (Monday)

2. Supercollider screens Leni Riefenstahl’s Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will. Learn from history so that we don’t end up repeating it. (Monday)

3. Float away at Coney Island with a screening of Gravity. (Monday) (more…)

05/01/14 8:34am
adam yauch

You don’t just have to mourn, you can party too

1. What Cheer? Brigade and The Reverend Vince Anderson are bringing horns and religion to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, and all you need to do is show up. Not so hard, is it? (Friday)

2. Help raise some money for a gender affirming surgery at a cheetah print prom fundraiser bash at Littlefield, because it’s better than anything your money for your high school prom went to (Friday)

3. The Devil’s Sword is an Indonesian fantasy movie about a young prince fighting a Crocodile Queen and her army of half-men, half-crocodiles. We can’t imagine you need to know anything more (Friday)

4. Help weave some nice designs into the fence at Havemeyer Park. Because why stare at a bunch of chain link when you can look at bright colorful designs? (Friday – Saturday)