03/16/17 5:33pm
We love you too, potato

We love you too, potato

St. Patty’s day is commonly treated as an excuse to get very drunk very early off deplorable drinks like green beer without actually paying homage to Irish culture in any way, but why should booze define a day that could belong to everyone’s favorite tuberous crop and Irish staple, the potato (“prata” in Irish)? We love beer here at Brokelyn, but potatoes, potatoes! Not only can they create alcohol, they can create fries, they can create candy, they can create utensils, and they can sustain an entire country on their nourishment. So tomorrow, even if you do decide to guzzle disgusting quantities of green juices that have virtually nothing to do with Irish culture, take a moment to honor the cash-crop that brought us bangers and mash, vodka, hash browns, and which casually supported the Irish people and economy for centuries (I mean really, you never see potatoes bragging about all they’ve done for humankind. The king of starch is humble indeed).

On the real though, the history of potatoes in Ireland is rooted in poverty and poor policy and many people will, with good reason, automatically think of “famine” after hearing “Irish” and “potato”. Still, there’s a lot of great Irish recipes that are potato-based, certainly a lot of Irish history that revolves around the potato, and it’s just a generally better place to focus your energies tomorrow than getting wasted and acting like a frat bro in the name of negative stereotypes. (more…)

03/18/16 12:57pm
Do these things bring lotto luck? Irish they did! Photos by Sam Weiss.

Do these things bring lotto luck? Irish they did! Photos by Sam Weiss.

The luck of the Irish: Is it a real thing or just a Disney Channel movie where a leprechaun plays basketball? We’ve all heard of our Celtic friends’ good fortune (fortune that didn’t prevent famine or centuries of oppression), a claim that apparently came from Irish American success in the Gold Rush (and it was kind of a “screw you” at that). Well this St. Patrick’s day, rather than go into Manhattan for LepreCon, I stayed home and used the power of science to investigate this so-called Irish luck.

Now, as a half-Jewish American of mostly Eastern European origin, I’m not exceptionally Irish but I’ve been to Ireland and I own a green hat and certainly Irish culture has been appropriated for less. So, I bought every $1 scratcher at Duane Reade and I embraced someone’s Irish heritage to see if I could leverage it into cold, hard cash. I scratched and I scratched and I wore green and ate dry Lucky Charms and when things weren’t going great, I upped the ante, drank some whiskey and pulled out the old James Joyce to put the luck of the Irish to the test. Here’s how it went: (more…)

03/17/16 2:13pm
What could be better than Piano Man puppetry? (#) (pic by Marielle Solan)

What could be better than Piano Man puppetry? (#5) (pic by Marielle Solan)

1. Let les bon temps roulez (a little belatedly) at New Orleans Crawfish Boil, with music from Bro Jo Full Moon Swamp Revue and plates full of bayou crawfish and shrimp. (Friday, The Hall at MP Taverna, $15)

2. Take in some local cinema at the Greenpoint Film Festival, with a range of movies from the experimental to the educational. (Friday–Sunday, Wythe Hotel, $10/film)

3. Calm it down with some classical at the Halcyon Chamber Series, this month featuring Haydn Duo Sonata for Violin & Cello, Ives Piano Trio, and Faure Piano Quartet No. 1. (Friday, Scholes Street Studio, $15) (more…)

03/15/16 3:00pm
Don't let them catch up to you. Melody Joy Kramer / Flickr

Don’t let them catch up to you. Melody Joy Kramer / Flickr

Oh no. It’s almost Saint Patrick’s Day again.

One of the most reviled day-long bar crawls in recent human history (second only to SantaCon), St. Patrick’s Day can only be a source of ire for us New Yorkers, who suddenly have to contend with the bridge-and-tunnel population getting sloshed and vomiting onto our neighborhood streets, or with our favorite bars getting mossed in green-clad revelers, or with the bros thinking that it’s okay to just come out in broad daylight like the rest of us.

In an effort to counter the St. Patrick’s day mayhem, our friends over at satirical women’s webmag Reductress are putting together a Wellness Retreat at the Bell House on St. Patrick’s Day to “rejuvenate, revitalize, reproduce” and “refill” the spirit with comedy, life advice, Sixpoint draft specials and period panty giveaways. Performers include Michelle Wolf, Lane Moore, Akilah Hughes and Julio Torres, the space prince himself. And since these self-proclaimed wellness coaches already seem to know what they’re talking about, we asked some of the show’s performers and comedians to offer up their tips on how you, too, can avoid having a horrible St. Patrick’s Day.

(Your number one tip being, of course, to actually attend the event.) (more…)

03/16/15 1:35pm
tk. Photos by Daniela Ramos

What’s better than gummy bears? Gummy bears full of vodka! Photos by Daniela Ramos

St. Paddy’s Day is synonymous with pub crawls, Irish car bombs, and drunken good times. Or a nauseous green blur. Either way, we face the very real struggle of getting piss drunk without breaking that annoying open container law or burning holes in your already shallow pockets.

The answer to your tipsy Saint Paddy’s Day needs are drunken edibles, easy to make liquor-filled treats that will probably lead to a mouthful of cavities. But it’s so worth it. Eat responsibly. (more…)

03/16/15 9:48am
Just sit back, we'll handle the planning

Just sit back, we’ll handle the planning

1. Hear about Hollywood’s ritzy olden days as Kate Alcott discusses her latest novel A Touch of Stardust. (Monday)

2. Mondays feel like purgatory anyway, so step them up with We’re Going to Hell Comedy at Bar Chord. (Monday)

3. Get folksy with some singer-songwriters at Union Hall Song Club. (Monday)

4. Videology’s local filmmaker showcase brings you Days of Grey, a dystopian film to remind you things here may not be so bad after all. (Monday) (more…)

03/12/15 1:15pm
Flann O'Brien will be there. Well, his books will be there.

Flann O’Brien will be there. Well, his books will be there.

Whether you’re the kind of person who’s going to grit his teeth and just try to get through St. Patrick’s Day or you’re the kind of person who’s going to put on green and go to all of the bars on the Grand Street pub crawl, there’s one thing both of you fictional archetypes can agree on: free books are good. The Irish Arts Center agrees with you on that one, and so to promote Irish culture and remind people that the holiday isn’t only about Americans drunkenly singing “Danny Boy” and cursing the vile English, they’re going to have volunteers stationed around the city to give you free classics of Irish literature. (more…)

03/14/13 7:22am
Nice hat

Nice hat

1. Start your St. Patrick’s Day weekend off early by drinking until you’re an emotional wreck, at The Charleston. Or as we like to call it “Friday” (Friday)

2. Get a double dose of Kurt Russell at Videology, courtesy of 2 Tickets to the Gun Show (Friday)

3. The Brick Theatre gets into bracketology with Improv Madness (Friday) (more…)

03/13/13 1:05pm
Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Even Jews.

Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Even Jews.

It’s a glorious thing when St. Patrick’s Day falls on a weekend. And a Sunday St. Patrick’s Day? Even better. There are not only more weekend hours to reflect on the snake-banishing ways of Ireland’s patron saint (or the real contributions of Irish immigrants to Brooklyn) but double the time to enjoy more live music, more corned beef, and more green beer. So, Beannachtam na Feile Padraig! And here’s a roundup of the cheap, free, and noteworthy happening in Brooklyn this weekend. (more…)

03/16/12 4:00pm

7pm: musician/author and former soul coughing leader mike doughty discusses his book the book of drugs: a memoir at book court, free

8pm: new skaters get assigned to their teams at the gotham girls roller derby annual blow-out: the derbytaunt ball. free brooklyn brewery beer 8-9pm (while supplies last), $4 mixed sailor jerry cocktails and $2 sailor jerry shots all night long. littlefield, $15.  (more…)