02/27/17 11:16am
Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

We’re officially more than a month into Donald Trump’s presidency, and though there have definitely been plenty of challenges (terrible cabinet nominees, an uptick in deportations, an increase hate crimes across the country, you name it), the resistance continues, from small community meetings to (some of) the speeches at the Oscars.  This week offers plenty of opportunities to get involved and march forth. (more…)

01/28/15 9:55am
ponycon nyc

It’s time to party. via Facebook

If there’s one accusation that we can’t stand to hear people make about young adults in Brooklyn, it’s when they say we refuse to grow up. What, just because we enjoy sledding? And some people pay over $300 for adult preschool? And Ponycon, a My Little Pony Convention where grown men who love the show gather to talk about it, is setting up here? These all sound very adult to us. What’s more adult than planning and running your own conference? (more…)

08/28/14 9:38am
the weather man

Hey, it worked for this guy.

Hey, have you heard? New York City is dangerous again, and that means you need some protection. No sense in trying for a gun though, those are way too difficult to get around here, at least legally. So while you could go find some back alley in which to buy yourself a snub nose .38, allow us to suggest a different path: a good old fashioned bow and arrow. You might not know how to use one now, but there’s a Groupon out there for lessons right here in Brooklyn for half of what it usually will run you. (more…)

03/29/13 9:09am
It'll look a little something like this

It’ll look a little something like this

Did you think that just because we elected a president that you were done with people talking about it being an election year? Sorry skippy, there’s no escape for you yet. Next year during the midterms maybe, but that’s in the future. Here in the present, New York very much has a case of the electoral fever, with everyone with even a ounce of ambition trying to be the next mayor. Yep, that’s right, our mild billionaire mayor might believe he’s a king, but Mike Bloomberg will actually be gone next year. And next week is a chance for you to meet some of the people who may replace him. (more…)

The Blackbirds take the long walk over to St. Francis to take on the Terriers tonight. via LIU

The Blackbirds take the long walk over to St. Francis to take on the Terriers tonight. via LIU

Kansas/Missouri. Michigan/Michigan State. Duke/Everybody (everyone hates Duke). These are some of the most storied rivalries in college basketball, blood feuds that go back decades. Brooklyn isn’t always seen as a hotbed of college athletics, despite the LIU Blackbirds making the NCAA tournament the last couple of years, but you can change that perception tonight by checking out the Battle of Brooklyn, between St. Francis College and Long Island University. (more…)



More than a hundred years before Biggie Smalls graced the Brooklyn streets with his lyrics, another BK bard captured the hearts and souls of his contemporaries: the granddaddy of original poetic gangsterness, Walt Whitman. You know, of Leaves of Grass fame: “I SING the Body electric; The armies of those I love engirth me, and I engirth them.” To celebrate Whitman’s place in Brooklyn history, and his influence on the Beat generation (it apparently was quite an influence), St. Francis College is hosting a free weekend of events on Whitman and the Beats. Saturday, Mar. 27, will feature a full-on, open-to-the-public academic conference, followed by a Whitman-inspired chamber-music concert and cocktail reception. Sunday will be for two walking tours: “Whitman’s Brooklyn” at noon, and “The Beats in Greenwich Village” at 2:30. (more…)