06/23/16 11:41am
Now serving: Piping hot memes. Via @NoMe_Simpatizas

Now serving: Piping hot memes, trending playlists. Via @NoMe_Simpatizas

“Brunch” and “Williamsburg” are two New York City things lots of people who have nothing better to argue about get irrationally passionate over. There was a time [he said, scratching his long and tangled gray beard] when “Williamsburg” was used synonymously with “hipster,” then the neighborhood changed, became scary to Omar from The Wire, got less weird, got more condos, and now when you say the word Williamsburg, it conjures up images of the neighborhood’s transition into becoming the new Soho.

So I’m not sure what scene is even meant to be invoked by calling a Spotify playlist “Williamsburg Brunch” any more, but it’s definitely a hit: The playlist, made by an arm of Sony, has more than 8,400 followers, a huge number that even President Obama’s playlists can’t match.  (more…)

11/04/13 3:15pm

Haim, demonstrating what their music does to the author. via Facebook

The thing about new Brooklyn being flooded with new people and getting more expensive was that it was at least supposed to be because Brooklyn was cool. But have we overstated that coolness? It’s not just about getting chased out of Philadelphia, it’s about Brooklyn making choices as a borough that are just bafflingly uncool. For instance, Spotify shared New York City’s Top 10 songs played on their service, broken down by borough. Brooklyn’s number one? The bland, vanilla shlock is that Haim’s “The Wire.” (more…)

01/17/12 10:42am
Vintage jukebox from eBay

Or you could always buy this thing on eBay for $18,500.

Maybe you’ve been enjoying the era of all-you-can-pirate music and how plugged in to the culture it makes you feel. Problem is, now you’re running out of hard drive space and you just know everyone’s going to be talking about how bad Lana Del Rey’s debut album really is when it comes out in two weeks. The Internet, as usual, can fix your problem with its variety of big-music sanctioned streaming sites, which have popped up like mushrooms now that all those labels are getting a cut of the action. Which one is the best? We compared free and paid plans at Spotify, Grooveshark, Pandora, Rdio and Rhapsody. Read on to find out which one wins. (more…)