03/27/17 10:00am


It’s little wonder why owning a small business is often compared to pushing a boulder up a mountain: owners often do everything themselves–sales, marketing and operations, customer relations, payroll and accounts payable. That includes washing dishes and taking out the garbage.

With the launch of CatchSmart, a digital platform that provides social networking, data, and IT tools to help independent makers grow their businesses, the 30,000+ self-incorporated owners in Brooklyn should get some help pushing that boulder. (more…)

03/22/17 9:30am
Is posterboard a tax write-off ? via flickr.

Is posterboard a tax write-off ? via flickr.

Time is running out to file our taxes, which means it’s time to stop using our W-2s and 1099s as coasters and try to get our act together. There’s just one problem: We have no idea what we’re doing.

If you’re like us and have been cobbling together your income from various freelance assignments, dog walking jobs, cater-waiter gigs and competitive tickling videos, doing your taxes can feel overwhelming. Rather than risking the tax man’s wrath trying to DIY our own financials, we turned to the pros at Donofrio Inc.

We stopped by their Brooklyn office, where they were kind enough to answer some of our most pressing (and preposterous) tax questions. (more…)

03/20/17 12:37pm


Brooklyn foodies are in for a great time, as Dine in Brooklyn is back for 2017, from March 20 to 30.

Borough President Eric Adams stated he hopes the borough-wide restaurant week will encourage Brooklynites to discover a new Brooklyn dish, or fall in love with their favorite Brooklyn food all over again.

“It’s a win-win for those who enjoy eating out with a bunch of friends and for those who are invested in the growth of our local economy. Nothing is more indicative of the transformation in Brooklyn than the various restaurants you see from neighborhood to neighborhood; it truly defines our ‘Brooklyn fusion’,” said Adams.

Here are three of our favorites from this year’s list of more than 80 participating restaurants: (more…)

03/10/17 2:54pm
Sure, money doesn't grow on trees, but we've got a quick trick to start planting seeds for a more fruitful financial future. via pexels.

Sure, money doesn’t grow on trees, but we’ve got a quick trick to start planting seeds for a more fruitful financial future. via pexels.

With warm weather coming soon, it’d be nice to have some extra cash for summertime spending – here’s a way to pad your wallet, and fast

Would you be interested in making money, quickly, by giving your feedback on some everyday products?

Marketing research data collection company Focus Pointe Global is seeking people aged 18- to 65-years old – especially those of whom plan on buying a laptop or tablet in the coming months – to talk about technology with them at their Manhattan office.

All you need to do is register online at www.focusgroup.com  and create a free profile. Then you can browse the studies that might interest you, take a screener survey, and wait for someone to contact you!Then, fill out the following survey here.

Hundreds of companies are looking for consumer feedback on upcoming products and have research firms like Focus Point Global conduct focus groups to see what people like and don’t like. By participating in this research group you’ll not only make fast cash, you’ll help give important consumer feedback to companies.

Also, remember to like Focus Pointe Global’s Facebook pages (in NYC and Global) for the newest studies so you can have an opportunity to make more $$$.

02/14/17 12:44pm
Don't let bad weather ruin an otherwise good date. via ReachNow.

Don’t let bad weather ruin an otherwise good date. via ReachNow.

Typically, Brokelyn would be the first to decry the rampant corporate nonsense driving up M&M prices at Duane Reade every February, but these days, Valentine’s Day is looking like a welcome distraction. What’s a better way to let loose than treating yourself and your significant other/possible Tinder date to a fun outing? Sure, it can be hard to plan with how unexpected the weather has been (insert reminder that climate change is real here). There are lots of things to take into consideration when it comes to Date Night (outfit choices, location, travel times). Hopping over 5-ft deep slush pools can be treacherous (especially in heels), so walking is out, leaving you with the subway and buses. Nothing kills *the mood* faster than the smells, mysterious moisture, lack of seats, delays and the dreaded “It’s showtime!” we encounter on the MTA every day.

But! What if we told you there’s was a new option when it comes to travel, without public transportation or weathering the weather?

Enter ReachNow, a new-car sharing network from BMW that’s recently come to Brooklyn. This free-floating car service gets you from Point A to Point B with their one-way rentals and without the usual hassle of car rentals. You’ve got your choice of ride from the BMW 3-series or the MINI Cooper depending how cozy you want to get. Right now you can waive the membership fee and using the code “BROKELYN” and you’ll get $15 driving credit. (more…)

11/23/16 12:06pm

Park Slope Santa prefers gluten-free cookies and almond milk. Via Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID

Thinking about tree lightings in New York often triggers memories of that one time you intentionally (or unintentionally) got swallowed up by the tourist mosh pit around the Rockefeller Center tree. That’s not something you ever want to do again.

The Park Slope 5th Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) has the Brooklyn-based antidote. At their annual Small Business Saturday event, they will be lighting a (real) 22 ft. tall Christmas tree with yards on yards on yards of lights that you won’t need an electrical engineering degree to appreciate. The ceremony is from 6:30 p.m to 8 p.m. at JJ Byrne Park, at 5th Ave. and 4th Street, smack dab in the middle of events and discounts all up and down the avenue. And unlike a tree you keep in your fifth-floor walk-up, you won’t have to deal with mouse poop “presents” under the tree or thinking too deeply about the decaying object in your living room. (more…)

10/25/16 1:36pm
bric brooklyn events

“Dad Day” photo via BRIC TV

Sponsored By BRIC.

BRIC is a nonprofit arts and media cultural organization that presents free and low-cost programming to the community.

Created By BlankSlate

Ever wonder what it would be like if CBS comedy Two and a Half Men were set in Brooklyn? Dad Day, debuting this week on BRIC TV, will give you an idea as it follows an anxiety-ridden family man named James, his 5-year-old son Henry, and self-assured bachelor Craig as they navigate an ever-changing Brooklyn and the demands it places on friendship, career and fatherhood. (more…)

09/23/16 1:10pm


Sponsored By 2016 NYC Dumpling Fest.

We return this year with the message: There's a Chef in EveryONE. Our 6th year is about more than dumplings, it's about you. Proceeds benefit Food Bank for NYC.

Created By BlankSlate

Kids love dumplings. They also love learning new things and playing around in a kitchen. Here’s a chance to combine all three at the Chef One NYC Dumpling Fest, happening Sept. 24 from noon till 5pm in Sara D. Roosevelt Park (on East Houston Between Chrystie and Forsyth in Manhattan).

After all, the theme of this year’s fest is “There’s a chef in everyONE.” The cost of the event is $20, with 100 percent of those proceeds benefiting Food Bank for NYC, which provides 1.5 million meals to hungry New Yorkers each year. (more…)