03/16/17 11:13am
Let dancers cast a spell on you (#)

Let dancers cast a spell on you (#15)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Have a lucky weekend with St. Patrick’s at Irish Haven: corned beef and cabbage with your beers on Friday, Irish rock ‘n’ roll revue on Saturday, and live traditional Irish music on Sunday. (Friday through Sunday, Irish Haven Bar, FREE)

2. Empower the ladies at ¡Manifest! Women’s History Month Celebration, with two days of forums, workshops, vendors, art, and performances. (Friday & Saturday, El Puente, FREE)

3. Have a very queer time at Kweendom, a night of comedy and storytelling that’s “sure to make Mike Pence uncomfortable.” (Friday, Pete’s Candy Store, FREE) (more…)

12/22/16 10:01am
Slash your way through the holiday weekend (#)

Slash your way through the holiday weekend (#9)

1. Get in the (un-)holiday spirit with a screening of Bad Santa — and if you want to redeem yourself with a double-feature, catch It’s a Wonderful Life next. (Friday, Syndicated, $3 ea)

2. Mix and mingle with artists and neighbors at the Open Source Soup Kitchen, a volunteer-made one-pot meal for all comers. (Friday, Open Source Gallery, FREE)

3. Learn how to stand up for others in this frightening new world at an interactive workshop on Bystander Intervention and De-escalation Training. (Friday, Silent Barn, by donation) (more…)

10/31/16 2:00pm
Bend some genders with drag king Goldie Peacock (#4)

Bend some genders with drag king Goldie Peacock (#5) (pic by Michael Wakefield)

1. Spook yourself silly at Are You Afraid of the Dark?, a scary storytelling show with chilling tales and then an open mic for you to add your own. (Monday, Precious Metal, FREE)

2. Cast some spells at the Samhain Ritual + Celebration, with live music from Espejismo, Mandy & The Mandys, and Coven of Mima Good, plus interactive art, cursed cocktails, and more. (Monday, Catland, $15)

🎃 For plenty more Halloween events, check out our ghoulish roundup🎃

3. Learn a lot about a very strange food at Tasteless: An Illustrated History of Jell-O Salad, with a presentation of a variety of salads followed by a lecture on their jiggly, colorful history. (Tuesday, Morbid Anatomy Museum, $10) (more…)

01/28/16 3:31pm
Get silly with the Idiots (#) (pic by Alix Piorun)

Have a ridiculous time with the Idiots (#9) (pic by Alix Piorun)

1. See the light at The Lamp Show, a group exhibition where 30+ artists will be showing their illuminated works. (Friday, 99¢ Gallery, FREE)

2. Feel the drama at the One Catches Light festival, featuring three short plays by three solo artists. (Friday & Saturday, Jack, $15)

3. Embrace your inner bohemian at the Title:Point SalON!, with a presentation by photographer Walter Wlodarczyk, tunes from pianist Carter Catchcart, a reading by novelist Kegan Zema and more. (Friday, Silent Barn, FREE) (more…)

07/20/15 7:00am

They never say die, so maybe you can learn to stop giving up too.

Welcome to the start of another week, R.I.P. weekend. If you didn’t melt into a puddle on account of the oppressively hot and thick air this weekend, congratulations! You deserve to celebrate, maybe by taking advantage one of these fun things to do that we found for you on the Brokelyn Events Calendar. And if you did melt into a puddle, hey go out and celebrate anyway because you’re a sentient puddle and what a weird miracle that is. (more…)

12/23/14 2:35pm
shilpa ray

If your friends are home with their families, it means they can’t see Shilpa Ray at Glasslands tonight. But you can! via Shilpa Ray

So it’s the day before Christmas Eve, or as it’s popularly known, Christmas Eve Eve. If you’re still in town and at work, you’re not doing anything besides reading Brokelyn dot com and telling people how wrong their year-end lists are, and when you leave, you’re facing the bummer of a situation that all your friends have gone to see family for Christmas.

Well, don’t just stay home and drink and leave angry comments on more year-end lists. While your friends are stuck with their terrible, loving families, it’s time for you to go out tonight and make some new friends, on the cheap, because Brooklyn is still full of awesome things to do when half the city empties out. (more…)

11/07/14 4:03pm
ebola syndrome

This should be a meditative, not-at-all panic-driven approach to the disease

It’s more or less receded to the background (in New York, anyway, we should quickly point out), but maybe you’re one of those people who are still fascinated by Ebola. Or you’re terrified of it and have been walking around in a hazmat suit for like a month. Either way, if you can’t get enough of Ebola, 1996 called and they’ve got the perfect movie for you. Nope, not Outbreak (that was ’95), we’re talking Ebola exploitation movie Ebola Syndrome, which is infecting the screen at Spectacle Theater (124 South 3rd Street, Williamsburg) tonight. (more…)

10/30/14 9:50am
Will you be this year's zombie prom king or queen? Or will they just eat your brain?

Will you be this year’s zombie prom king or queen? Or will they just eat your delicious brains? via Facebook

1. If you don’t want to buy a halloween costume just go get it drawn on you at these tattoo shops for $31! (Friday)

2. Go liquor treating at a rye whiskey with rock candy syrup tasting at at the Greene Grape. (Friday)

3. Eight of Swords is celebrating Halloween and their third anniversary with music, dancers, costume contests, and the opening of their newest art show, Arise O’ Ancient Ones. (Friday)

4. Spend Halloween with bands covering Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, Queens of the Stone Age, The Cure, and Pantera at Spike Hill. (Friday) (more…)

10/08/14 2:49pm
The roller disco at Lola Star will be like this, but on roller skates. So really, really scary

The roller disco at Lola Star will be like this, but on roller skates. So really, really scary

‘Tis the season to put out the pumpkins, deck the halls with boughs of cobwebs and stir your cauldron pot, because Halloween is in our midst. In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Brooklyn World, Halloween is the occasion to party and no other boroughs can say anything about it. So don your creepiest outfits and head out to the hottest happenings in BK. (more…)