10/10/14 2:53pm
caleb kola

Just you and your buds and some flannel and some totally not PepsiCo-brand refreshment. via Facebook

Hey all you totally cool dudes in your flannel and you rad girls wearing cut-off jeans with tights under them, you love soda, right? How about we all sit down and rap about the new Imagine Dragons album and argue about whether or not The Lumineers or Mumford and Sons are a better band while drinking some Caleb’s Kola? It’s totally unaffiliated with any PepsiCo products, because we here at Caleb’s Kola know that big soda is lame (kids still say “lame,” right?). (more…)

03/13/13 3:19pm
Drink up, for freedom!

Drink up, for freedom!

Jesus have we been thirsty lately. Ever since Nanny Bloomberg told us that we couldn’t drink soda in 48 oz. Big Gulps, the way that nature intended, we’ve been avoiding liquids in general. Of course, that makes washing down various Doritos-flavored tacos a little harder, and is constantly drying us out. But what else were we going to drink? What else was there?

Then an angel, in the form of a judge, told the Mayor he could sit and spin on his soda ban and gave freedom back to New Yorkers. But while we were watching the news, we heard something strange: people advocating other forms of liquid to pour into your mouth? This was news to us! So we set out on a price check: what do these things that are not soda cost to drink? (more…)

08/31/12 2:00pm
Lone Wolf in Brooklyn

Dive bars of Brooklyn, we drink to you. Lone Wolf photo by Emily Paup.

A sports bar conjures up images of chads chowing down wings and sexually harassing waitresses who laugh it off for a decent tip. Beer bars have all the brews in our solar system, and bartenders who can write you a dissertation on each one. Gay bars have jukeboxes containing only Robyn. What is a dive bar though?

It definitely shouldn’t be defined by the terrible old cliche of “a place where hipsters rub elbows with [INSERT BLUE COLLAR TROPE]” because that veers dangerously close to giving a cop or a sanitation guy mystical features. It shouldn’t be a place that is cheap above all else, because a hellhole with cheap beer is still a hellhole.

A dive bar is a place that should have cheap beer, yes, but also decent service and some sense of being permanently etched into the landscape. If it’s baffling or intimidating to newcomers, all the better. If you walk into a bar, sit down with your beer and are suddenly being lectured on the terrible decision the Rangers made to trade for goddamn Phil Esposito 40 years ago, you know you’re in the right place. Or at least I know I am. A dive bar, more than any other kind of bar, is a place that acts as a bulwark against a world that is more often completely shitty than anything else.

Some of the bars on this list have existed as bars since seemingly the beginning of time, others are new but well on their way to permanence. Several reject the slummy dive bar aesthetic for something a little snazzier. Due to the sometimes anonymous nature of the dive, this list is far from all encompassing. Still, all these spots share an edge and patrons who don’t give a fuck what you think when you walk in the door. And Brooklyn is all the better for them. — Dave Colon (more…)

McBrooklyn photo by MK Metz.

While you may have given up buying drinks from vending machines after one too many $4 (seriously) Dasanis from the UA Court Street theater, those eagle-eyed bloggers over at McBrooklyn have found what they say is the cheapest soda machine in Brooklyn: 50 cents for water, 65 cents for soda! Did anyone spot Marty McFly around this thing? And it’s not out in some end-of-the-line wasteland either: the machine is smack in the middle of DUMBO at the Pearl Street Triangle. So what say you Brokelynites: is this actually the cheapest soda machine in the borough? (But remember: while some people insist on paying for it, water remains free, in every borough, all the time.)

circular-heartYou know that annoying bag of circulars and coupons that lands your stoop every week? Don’t throw it away without at least a cursory glance. This week, you’d be missing out on this week’s top deal: FIVE Pepsi 12-packs for $11 at Stop & Shop, on Flatbush between Tilden and Bedford. What, is there a vending machine near you that accepts 18 cents a can? (more…)