12/15/15 10:46am
Hey what's one more free Star Wars movie for you?

Hey what’s one more free Star Wars movie for you?

As that famous Irish band Bono and the Bono Bono Boys once sang, “It’s a beautiful dayyyyyy/don’t let it get awayyyyy/maybe check something out on the Brokelyn Events Calendarrrrrr.” Who am I, who are you, to argue with the world’s most beloved Irish crooner and his hit songs about the weather and how to enjoy it, especially on a nice day like this? So check out these picks, which are the best of the batch, and then put on your short pants and your sundresses and go have some fun tonight. (more…)

12/14/15 1:31pm
We don't care if you've been naughty or anything else—come party! (#)

We don’t care if you’ve been naughty or anything else—come party! (#8)

1. If you’re of the poetical sort—or longing to be—check out the Brooklyn Poets Yawp, a workshop and open mic in one. Come at 7 for the workshop with Bill Zavatsky, or show up at 8 and sign up to read. (Monday, $5)

2. The consistently fabulous Franklin Park Reading Series closes out the year with a bang, with readings from Chinelo Okparanta, Jamie Iredell, Ryan Britt, Niina Pollari, Annie Liontas, and Rachel Sherman. (Monday, FREE)

3. Want to tell the world about your adorable / insane / wonderful / horrible pet? Head to the Soda Bar for Show & Tale: Tails, Paws, Beaks & Claws, where you’ll get 3 minutes to share your best stories (and pictures!) of your puppy, kitty, cockatiel, or anything else. All proceeds go to Badass Animal Rescue. (Tuesday, $12.50) (more…)

09/30/15 3:26pm
The West has everything a freelancer needs for success: free wifi, coffee, space AND beer. via Facebook

The West has everything a freelancer needs for success: free wifi, coffee, space AND beer. via Facebook

Working from home is hard. You get distracted by your roommates, your cat feels neglected and sits on your computer, you get the insatiable urge to catch up on the latest episode of whatever you’re binge watching, the next door neighbor is rehearsing with their experimental Satanic grindcore band and your walls are made of paper. So, you go to the local coffee shop, but how long can you really hang out in a coffee shop before succumbing to the caffeine jitters and going into debt from all that expensive fair trade coffee? Wouldn’t it be great if, instead, you could bring your laptop to a bar with a great happy hour? Somewhere where instead of getting distracted by your cat, you could take work breaks where you shoot the shit with a bartender, who are known to provide great inspiration?

GUESS WHAT? You totally can do that, because there’s a bunch of Brooklyn bars with wifi, happy hours that start early and best of all, plenty of space for you to get some work done. (more…)

07/06/15 9:53am
This is so exciting we're standing on our basses. via Flickr user The All-Nite Images

This is so exciting we’re standing on our basses. via Flickr user The All-Nite Images

Its summer festival season, and as we’ve gone over before, that isn’t really that exciting because summer festivals are often expensive, far away and ultimately involve disappointingly watching ants play your favorite songs on a stage one mile away from where you are. However, people seem to be figuring out you can do this in Brooklyn and have it not be bad. Joining Northside and Out in the Streets, The Way Station is leading the, uh, way, in their neighborhood with a multi-venue, 75 band extravaganza this month called the Prospect Heights Music and Arts Festival. Finally, a music festival where you can cap off the night by visiting Neptune Diner at 3am. (more…)

04/10/15 1:52pm
No need to be sad, you don't have to miss Game of Thrones if you don't have a TV

No need to be sad, you don’t have to miss Game of Thrones if you don’t have a TV

So winter is no longer coming, with more promising forecasts are on their way. One thing that should be on your cultural relevance radar though is the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere this Sunday. And whether you are a Lanister lover, Stark supporter, Dinklage devotee, or just want to creep on that fine ass piece of dragon tail, Khaleesi — you along with the majority of people will be tuning in Sunday at 9pm to see the debut. Oh, but is there a looming Northern Wall that is getting in way? Say, no TV? We’ve got you covered with a list of places that will be showing the premiere in true Iron Throne style. (UPDATE: Please check individual locations before going in case HBO has shut down the screenings.) (more…)

03/31/15 1:33pm
They'll be so happy if you come

They’ll be so happy if you come

We knew the power-drinking, chain-smoking, secretary-harassing 60s would have to come to a bitter-sweet end eventually, but we also know we can’t let them go too peacefully. While our pilot for a disco spinoff of Mad Men hasn’t taken off yet, we supposed we’ll have to start saying goodbye to our favorite well-dressed, self-destructive advertisers. Here are some spots in Brooklyn (would they have even associated with this borough?) that will be screening Mad Men this Sunday at 10. (more…)

04/10/14 2:19pm
mad men season 7

One last chance for you spend time with these racist, sexist, alcoholic fossils

All good things must come to an end; yes, even the booze, cigarettes, and misogyny of the mid-century establishment had their day in the sun–although we suppose those weren’t really all good things. If popular culture’s obsession with Mad Men is any indication, though, their heyday continues to fascinate and entertain well into the 21st century, so here are a few places in our beloved borough to see some of our favorite friends interact with one another like real adults this Sunday at 10pm. (more…)

02/08/12 7:02am
franklin park

Franklin Park. All photos by Emily Paup.

If you live within two subway stops of Tom’s Diner, you may have gotten into a long, whiskey-breathed argument about where Prospect Heights actually is. At the very least, you’ve likely cringed at the phrase “ProCro.” Smartphone lookups only blur the boundaries—Google Maps includes the Barclay’s Center in the postage stamp-sized area, and an old NY Magazine article suggests that that a block-wide sliver on Prospect Park west is part of the neighborhood. I object vehemently to both assertions, and I’m not even drunk right now. One thing’s for certain: there are some really solid happy hours in the region arguably known as Prospect Heights. Here’s a list of places where you can get tipsy and then try to figure out where the hell you are. (more…)

10/21/11 2:10pm

Where everybody knows your Twitter handle

Where do you go to tie one on after you’ve been laid off? Our friends over at FiPS have a good debate going on today — although one we hope you won’t have a need for anytime soon! — on this very topic. It’s a specific alchemy of elements you need: a place that’s comforting and friendly (Norm!) but not too rowdy that you can’t still drown your sorrows, with beers cheap enough to afford with your non-existent paycheck (free bar food helps too). Kerri at FiPS says her pick is High Dive, for its free popcorn, Boss-filled jukebox, chalkboard walls on which to scribble your unemployment rage and, most importantly, a drink board where friends can pre-pay for your drinks. What’s your pick? Team Brokelyn weighs in with some of ours below, several of which are sadly drawn from real experience. (more…)